Yukai Engineering “Yukai na Picohan Robot Kit” is now on sale!Pico Pico Hammer moves dynamically-Battle is possible with two units-Robosta

Yukai Engineering Inc., which plans and develops many communication robots and IoT products under the banner of “Making the world Yukai with robotics”, has released the “Yukai Picohan Robot Kit” of the 2022 “kurikit” educational series. Announced that it will be released on March 30, 2014 (Wednesday). The price is 9,900 yen (tax included).

Can be assembled and played with smartphones and programming

The “Yukai Picohan Robot Kit” is an assembly-type robot kit consisting of parts such as acrylic plates, tires, characteristic plastic hammers, and motors. The robot head is based on the picopico hammer, and the assembled robot can be easily operated or programmed with the remote control on the tablet or smartphone screen.

The “Yukai na Picohan Robot Kit” was developed and marketed after 6 years, triggered by an engineer from a Robocon technical college working on a prototype as a problem during a student internship. In addition, the block tournament and the final tournament were held online at the “Zero One Grand Slam 2021 Tournament” competition-style programming tournament (sponsored by the Junior Programming Promotion Organization) for all elementary school students studying programming in Japan. Thus, the “Yukai Picohan Robot Kit” was adopted as a competition robot, and we cooperated in the development of robot events.

The status of the tournament will be featured on March 31 (Thursday) on “Oha Suta” broadcast on the 6-station TV Tokyo Network.

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