You can attend the latest Disaster Prevention Seminar for free! Strengthening measures against the giant Nankai Trough earthquake in the western region of Japan. June 15(Wed)-16(Thurs) Notice of 9th Osaka Seminar “Earthquake Disaster Countermeasure Technology Exhibition” (Mydome Osaka): Current

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41 sessions will be held to reduce damage in the western region of Japan, such as countermeasures against the giant Nankai Trough earthquake and active volcanic activity, promotion of disaster prevention storage in companies, outdoor disaster prevention x and the correct methods of acquiring disaster information using SNS.

[Vous pouvez écouter gratuitement les derniers séminaires sur la prévention et l’atténuation des catastrophes]Registration for the 9th Osaka Seminar “Earthquake Disaster Countermeasure Technology Exhibition” is scheduled for mid-April.
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The 9th “Earthquake Disaster Countermeasure Technology Exhibition” Osaka-Natural Disaster Countermeasure Technology Exhibition – will be held at Mydome Osaka for two days from June 15 (Wednesday) to June 16 (Thursday), 2022. * Photo shows the scene of the venue where the 8th Seminar of Osaka “Earthquake Disaster Countermeasure Technology Exhibition” was held last time.

During this technological exhibition, 41 sessions of conferences and exhibitor presentations will take place in 2 days. You can listen for free to the seminar to strengthen BCP’s measures against the giant Nankai Trough earthquake and the compound disaster of the new corona virus and natural disasters, as well as the latest seminars on disaster prevention measures organized by governments national and local. the disaster policies of national and local governments when formulating BCPs for each company and for disaster prevention measures in each region. * Online seminars will also take place.

At around 11:36 p.m. on Wednesday, March 16, an earthquake observed an earthquake intensity of 6 above in Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture and Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture. The epicenter is off Fukushima prefecture and the magnitude of the earthquake is estimated at M7.3. Due to this earthquake, 20 cm was observed in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and according to JR East, the Tohoku Shinkansen Yamabiko 223 descent derailed between Fukushima and Shiroishi Zao, and according to TEPCO, a maximum of 2 million homes were temporarily out of service. Damage has been reported to every lifeline, such as the spawn of.

Continuing from last year when many natural disasters occurred, in 2022 there was a tsunami with an earthquake intensity of 5 higher in Oita and Miyazaki, a tsunami caused by a large-scale eruption off the Tonga and an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 more in Miyagi and Fukushima in March. .. Damage has been reported in various parts of the country, and it is expected that disaster preparedness plans for each company and region, including national and local governments, will be reviewed and stocks strengthened.

In addition, the occurrence of huge earthquakes such as the Nankai Trough earthquake, eruptions of volcanoes such as Mount Aso, Mount Kirishima and Sakurajima, as well as the huge typhoon and heavy rains of the guerrillas after June, raise concerns. need for disaster countermeasures in the western region of Japan. Promoting Osaka’s disaster prevention and mitigation measures in western Japan at the Osaka “Earthquake Countermeasure Technology Exhibition” for earthquake countermeasures for the offshore earthquake of Nankai Trough, frequent guerrilla storms and countermeasures against natural disasters such as typhoons. your visit.

9th “Natural Disaster Relief Technology Exhibition” Osaka -Natural Disaster Relief Technology Exhibition-Seminar Introduction * Partial Introduction

Title: Clarifying Emergency Provisions in the Constitution to Prepare for National Disasters
Affiliation: Specially Appointed Professor at the Faculty of Social Security, Kansai University
Speaker: Kawada Keizaki
Lecture content: In order to overcome a national disaster, it is necessary to first specify an emergency clause in the Constitution and show the preparedness of the government for disaster prevention. This allows effective initial civilian control of the Self-Defense Forces, Police and Fire, and the Cabinet Disaster Management Department can also perform their duties, and disaster mitigation measures that use phase transitions can significantly reduce damage.

Title: Disasters in the Kansai region caused by a large-scale volcanic eruption in the Kyushu region
Affiliation: Professor, Institute for Disaster Reduction, Kyoto University
Speaker: Masato Iguchi
Course content: The Kyushu region is the most active volcanic region in Japan. Disasters caused by volcanic eruptions are often considered local disasters, but they are not. Volcanic disasters are extremely complex disasters, and among the causes, volcanic ash and tsunamis affect places over 1000 km away. In this lecture, I will explain remote disasters.

Title: Individual Evacuation Plans and Issues for Ensuring the Feasibility of Revising the Basic Law on Disaster Countermeasures
Affiliation: Kinki University Faculty of Economics Department of Global Economic Policy
Conference: Yosuke Muranaka
Course Content: The Basic Law on Disaster Countermeasures was amended in 2021 to establish provisions for the formulation of individual evacuation plans. After giving an overview of the system of the list of people requiring support for evacuation action and individual evacuation plans, which are the premises, we will examine issues such as individual evacuation plans and the problems legal issues that must be overcome in order to formulate an effective evacuation. plan.

Title: Communication method that can be used even in the event of a disaster! The MCA radio has evolved into a type of smartphone!
Affiliation: General Incorporated Foundation Mobile Radio Center Utilization Promotion Department Kinki Center Director
Conference: Yoichi Yano
Lecture Content: Introducing “MCA Radio”, which is used by many people as a disaster-resistant radio due to its history of use during large-scale disasters such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake. “MCA Advance” which launched the service last year. Introduce communication methods that can replace mobile phones as crisis management and BCP measures, such as MCA’s unique communication network and terminals (smartphone type).

Title: Real-Time AI Disaster Prevention at the Time of Disaster Changes Disaster Response
-The cutting edge of disaster prevention and crisis management that challenges with the latest technologies-
Affiliation: Representative Director and CEO of Spectee Co., Ltd.
Speaker: Kenjiro Murakami
Content of the conference: “Spectee Pro”, which analyzes and visualizes disaster situations through AI analysis of SNS, has been adopted by many local governments and enterprises. At the seminar, we will showcase Specty’s efforts to transform the field of disaster prevention with AI, such as real-time flood range prediction technology and digital twin damage situation simulation. , as well as examples of use.

Title: Collaborate with Outdoor Disaster Prevention for More Fun and Practical Countermeasures
Affiliation: Honorary Advisor to Risk
Conference: Mr. Andorisu
Content of the conference: The outdoors is popular. The integration of outdoor disaster prevention into products, events and urban development has led to the appeal of products that are both fun and practical, and the appeal of local governments where life is good. We’ll tell you about the charm of outdoor disaster prevention while showing you real-life examples like car manufacturer car parties and outdoor collaboration with portable power supplies.

* Applications for the 9th Osaka Seminar “Earthquake Disaster Countermeasure Technology Exhibition” are expected to start in mid-April.

9th “Natural Disaster Relief Technology Exhibition” Osaka -Natural Disaster Relief Technology Exhibition- Preview

Duration: June 15 (water) to 16 (wood) 2022
Hours: 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Meeting place: Mydome Osaka 3rd floor
Number of visitors: 6,000 to 7,000 * Estimated number of visitors
Venue planning: 41 sessions Seminars on disaster prevention measures, planning using disaster prevention foods, exhibiting local government panels, etc. * Including timetable

Continuing from last year, we will implement stringent infectious disease measures at the site, implement stringent infectious disease measures in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of Japan, Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka, and we will strive to achieve a safe and secure event. .

We sincerely look forward to your visit.

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