Wind River Launches Wind River Studio Linux Services to Address the Challenges of Linux-Based Intelligent Systems

March 16, 2022 — From Alameda, California — Wind River, a global software leader for critical intelligent systems, addresses the challenges of using community-based, open-source software, such as security, faults, compliance, and ongoing management of critical intelligent systems. service, Wind River Studio Linux Services (*1).

Amit Ronen, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Wind River, said, “The requirements for critical embedded systems are very stringent and have been in operation for many years, so the team in charge must build the system and then maintain it for many years. Security and compliance are important. In the future of critical intelligence systems, it is a huge challenge. Wind River Studio Linux Services is a service that responds to changing market needs, such as development , deployment and maintenance of embedded systems. Studio Linux Services is robust. Helps build and deploy reliable and secure Linux-based smart devices and systems, reducing the burden of monitoring and maintaining your platform, which maximizes profitability for developers.You can focus on developing innovative and differentiated intelligent edge systems that become increasingly popular. “

As market needs grow, there is an even greater need to rapidly develop innovative, stable, and easy-to-deploy embedded Linux solutions. At the same time, system complexity poses new challenges for security, compliance, fault recovery, and ongoing maintenance of these new platforms. Finding flaws (especially security flaws), fixing them and applying patches can cost more than 100 times more than in the development stage. This is a heavy burden for development teams trying to innovate while meeting tight deadlines.

Additionally, the resources, expertise, and time-consuming costs of upstreaming these fixes and collaborating with the open source community can be overwhelming for many organizations. However, if these efforts are neglected, technical problems will accumulate and existing products will eventually become obsolete and new versions will not be developed. Therefore, Wind River will provide a new managed service to address these challenges by building on its track record of helping customers build, deploy and secure their Linux systems for nearly 20 years.

Studio Linux Services provides the following five services.

Security and compliance analysis(Security and Compliance Scan)
–Professional-grade scanning service to identify common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) and licensing issues on Linux platforms
Security and compliance analysis and remediation(Security and Compliance Analysis and Remediation)
–An in-depth analysis of existing CVE platform and licensing compliance issues that directly impact the project’s open source software
–Recommendations for fixes and license compliance fixes for critical CVEs
Life cycle security(Life Cycle Security)
–Ongoing monitoring, mitigation, and management of CVEs throughout the software development and deployment lifecycle
Life cycle performance assurance(Life Cycle Performance Assurance)
–Full lifecycle management service for Linux platforms and card support packages
–Provide technical solutions and support to keep your software up-to-date throughout the lifecycle of the device, ensuring security and stability
Architecture and implementation(Architecture and implementation)
–A detailed architecture assessment based on hardware and software needs throughout the project life cycle. It includes interpreting system requirements, options for building platform systems, and presenting recommended goals for completing a business, technology, or program.
–Continuous evaluation of the technical solution for new requirements as the project progresses

Support Linux efforts in the ecosystem

“Our software ecosystem for Linux systems based on Yocto Project and devices running on AMD processors has been joined by the new Wind River Studio Linux services. AMD, together with Wind River, will meet the various challenges of our customers. High-performance processors , open-source software and services enable a successful development ecosystem.”
-Surya Hotha, Senior Director of Product Marketing, AMD Embedded Business

“To adapt to a smarter, more autonomous connected world, customers must be able to handle complex computing workloads with a variety of intelligent systems. This new reality is coming to life through open source innovation. It will continue “The close collaboration between Wind River and NXP will enable new services to join our ecosystem and provide our customers with the security they need for smart new use cases across multiple industries. Now.”
— Jeff Steinheider, General Manager of Industrial Edge Processing, NXP® Semiconductors

Toshiba Global Business Solutions
“The TC x SKY Retail operating system leverages more than one million payment lanes in a particularly demanding retail environment. Customers are the next generation of microservices that define the retail experience of the future. We rely on Toshiba Global Commerce Solution for robust stability and security to enhance our IoT edge workloads.The reason we chose Wind River as our partner is because of our mission critical solutions. great track record.”
―Mike Yeung, Executive Vice President and CTO, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

A strong track record in service and standards compliance

Wind River helps a large number of customers achieve functional safety certifications for software design in areas such as embedded systems (DO-178C), automotive (ISO 26262), industrial equipment (IEC 61508) and medical equipment (IEC 62304). I did it. Wind River’s Professional Services team is CMMI Level 3(*2) certified and the Global Support team is responsible for resolving issues and getting the most out of the Wind River technology introduced by customers. We provide online support and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Wind River’s Customer Services and Support is highly regarded for its TQM, IP expertise and professional support across many industries, and is certified to the prestigious Service Capability and Performance Standards (SCP).

As an innovative and pioneering company for 40 years, Wind River developed the Mars rover (*3), achieved the world’s first 5G data session (*4), and built the world’s largest OpenRAN network (*5) . big role.

See below for more information on Wind River Studio Linux Services.

See below for more information on Wind River Studio.

About Wind River
Wind River is a global leader in intelligent edge software. Since its inception in 1981, the technology has been installed in the world’s most safe and secure devices and has been used in billions of products. Wind River offers a comprehensive portfolio backed by world-class global professional services and support, as well as a wide range of ecosystem partners. Wind River’s software and expertise accelerate the digital transformation of critical intelligent systems that demand better compute and AI capabilities while providing the highest levels of safety, security and reliability. For more information, please visit the Wind River website.


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* This press release is an excerpt from the press release issued on March 16, 2022.

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