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Published by the Sendenkaigi on March 29, “Will the advertising industry change? The future of technology, marketing and media” (written by Motohiro Ando) includes trends in the advertising industry at abroad, the movement of platforms that are increasing their presence in the advertising sector such as GAFA and the consideration since the origin of the Japanese advertising sector. It will guide the direction of the transformation of the economic model necessary for the survival of the advertising industry.
Here I will introduce the contents of this book while extracting part of the “Introduction” from this book.

What will “advertising” look like in 10 years?

I like “advertising”.

In the 1980s, advertising rose to the forefront of culture and became part of economic growth. I aspired to the world of advertising and started working for an advertising agency. Since then, I have worked in the midst of the economic bubble and the “lost 20 years” that followed, the maturity of the consumer society, the rapid changes in society and life due to the diffusion of digital, and drastic changes in the environment surrounding paddy advertising.

Even me, who loves “advertising” and got into this industry, I think that “advertising” is at a major turning point. The Japanese advertising industry has flourished with the development of the modern market society, but if you spend your time despite the current situation, you may lose weight one day… I think I am in this situation.

But I believe in the power of “advertising”. Rather, I believe that “advertising” can even play a leading role in the future economic society by fully exploiting its potential. But to reach this potential, the advertising industry must change.

Let’s ask some questions to think about the “should” change. How is the advertising industry made up? How did it happen? Why do we have to change? How should it change? What is an “advertisement” in the first place? What role does resurgent “advertising” play in the new economic society?

I come from the advertising industry, but I specialize in marketing, and especially for the past ten years, I have worked in the field of media and the use of technology. Moreover, it has the appearance of aspiring to engaged research in the history and future exploration of market society. I wrote this book because I wanted to share what I had experienced and thought there and find the answer together.

Advertising has played a major role in consumer society from the second half of the 20th century to the present day. A full-scale campaign broke out and there was a copywriter boom which was also talked about as a culture. The terms “trend” and “concept” used in the advertising industry have taken hold in the general public, and the concept of branding has also taken hold in the industrial world.
Advertising companies are popular in the ranking of student employment desire, and “advertising” as a business continues to grow steadily, establishing a strong position in the economy and society.

However, many people think that “advertising has lost its luster like before”.
With advances in technology, new IT services will emerge one after another and will be a hot topic. The viewing time of ad-free format content that does not include ads even if paid is increasing, and in a so-called information overload environment such as the appearance of paid ad-blocking applications, how how consumers interact with ads has changed There may be some aspects that have come.

You may even hear the rhetoric that “the publicity is over” from advocates sensitive to the changing times.

The advertising industry has grown rapidly with the growth of the consumer market, but now it seems difficult to maintain the same momentum as before.

Where is the advertising and where is the advertising business going?

I believe that the realization of the concept of “advertising as a service” is essential for the advertising industry to play a major role in the economy and society of the next era. So why is such a change necessary? In this book, I would like to explain the concept of “advertising as a service” which I consider to be one of the solutions at present, after discussing the reasons why the advertising business is forced to change.

The advertising industry probably won’t look like it does 10 years from now. The meaning of the word advertising will also change. However, even if the form changes, the objective of “advertising” to create value for the consumer will lead to a new life for all advertisers, media companies, advertising agencies, and for each of the consumers who make up the society…
I would like to aim for that with everyone who reads this book.

Let’s all enter the new world of “advertising”.

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【Table of Contents】

・ What will “advertising” look like in 10 years?
・ The conversion of goods into things is also necessary in the advertising industry.
・ The GAFAs and the new advertising industry that dominates the world
・ What is an “advertisement”?
・Let’s enter a new world together

Chapter 1 The advertising business “transforms” into a “service industry”

・ Where are the ads now?
・ Does “advertising” no longer teach a new way of life?
・ Breakdown of “information asymmetry” between businesses and consumers
・ New players entering the advertising industry one after another
・ Is the DX business model not progressing even if digital advertising costs exceed TV?
・ What should the advertising business with “DX” aim for?
・ Transformation of the company from “things” to “things” that happen in all industries
・ In the digital world, there is nothing static and fixed.
・ What is the DX required for the advertising industry?

Chapter 2 The Japanese Advertising Industry with a Unique History

・ What is the difference between the Western advertising industry and the Japanese advertising industry?
・ Who is the “advertising agency”?
・ The Japanese market where advertisements were likely to generate sales

Chapter 3: Who will be competing with advertising networks in 10 years?
-The era of technological competition

・ Now world advertising companies
・ The world’s number one digital agency seller is a consulting firm
・ The role of walled garden and platform game built by GAFA
・ With the progress of digitalization, an unprecedented internal agency has appeared
・ Hybrid type of internal specialized organization and external knowledge
・ A “one to one marketing” lie?
・ “Technology” which must be provided because it is a comprehensive advertising company
What do tech professionals and advertisers have in common?

Chapter 4 From the advertising department to the marketing department
-The “marketing” of a company changes

・ The “promotion department” is disappearing from businesses!?
・During the period of great economic miracle, it was inhabited to effectively harvest the rapidly expanding demand.
· What is marketing?
・ “Geocentric theory” and “Heliocentric theory” marketing
・ The advent of a “consumer-driven economy”
・ Communication becomes the “entrance” to marketing

Chapter 5 Why was it difficult to do advertising as a “service”?
-Innovation called AaaS

・ Media diversification indicators and advertising effectiveness
・ Is “I understand everything numerically” true?
・ The value of Japan’s own TV advertising
・ Why was “advertising as a service” not done?
・ “planning” “purchase” “follow-up” divided
・ “AaaS” which conducts advertising business as a “service”
・ KPIs of the Advertising department and KPIs of the Marketing department
・ What is “MMM” that landed from the United States?
・ Points needed for MMM practice
・Make advertising an “investment” rather than an “expense”
・ Future of “advertising business as a service”
・ What is required of marketing in a mature market environment
・ “Advertising” and the role advertising agencies should play

Chapter 6 “Creativity” for living in the advertising industry that realizes DX

・ What is the role of the “single” advertising agency?
・Total digitization of life and changes in the character of the “media” business
・ What is creativity in the advertising industry?
・ Are creativity and data in conflict?
・ Data and creative “emergence”
・ A new methodology called “digitalography”
・ “Emergence” created by the system and creativity

Chapter 7 “Value creation market” created by “advertising”
– Let’s send new model from Japan, the world’s third largest advertising market

What does it mean to work in the “advertising” industry?
・ Thinking about the future of the advertiser’s “professional competence”
・ The power of “people” to accelerate DX-based advertising business
・ The role and importance of “advertising” in economic society
・ Boom period of post-war consumer society – What is advertising and marketing?
・ See the transition of marketing and “consumer society” from a long-term perspective
・ “Value creation” function of advertising in the merchant society
・ What you can do because you are a unique “comprehensive” advertising agency in Japan
・Ask a new model of “problem developed countries”
・ I want to think together about new models, beyond the borders of advertising agencies.
・ Conditions for “adperson” to survive 10 years

[Présentation de l’auteur]

Managing Director of Hakuhodo DY Holdings
General Manager of Hakuhodo
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Managing Director
Motohiro Ando

Joined Hakuhodo in 1988. Since then, he has been involved in business/product development, integrated communication development, and global branding for numerous companies, and led the central organization of “customer-driven” marketing. consumer data”. Currently, he oversees the technology area of ​​Hakuhodo DY Group. He has received numerous awards including ACC (Grand Prix), Asian Marketing Effectiveness (Best Integrated Marketing Campaign). He has been a judge for ACC Marketing Effectiveness and Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival. He co-authored the book “To Japan, a Marketing Nation-The Key to Regeneration in the Digital Era is the CMO Function” (Nikkei BP) and “The Basics of Digitally Changing Public Relations and Communication” (Sendenkaigi). Completed the master’s program at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo (Social Computing).

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