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A few days ago, I put on Parcel’s unique wearable glasses and teleported to Party, Grimes’ headlining DJ. To celebrate the success of the first Metaverse Fashion Week, digital fashion brand “Auroboros” threw a gorgeous party away from the real world.

The space, designed entirely in 3D, was full of avatars dressed in fashionable looks and avatars quietly snooping around. The braided Grimes who reached the ground wore a “Mistique” bodysuit from “Auroboros”. This bodysuit is a digital wearable item that can be purchased in limited quantities. My avatar in a simple black jumpsuit looks inferior to Grimes, but I danced according to the choreography I chose for my avatar, so I was free to exist in a chaotic space.

metaverse fashion week

Courtesy of MVFW

Two years ago, when the novel coronavirus was rampant, the fashion industry was challenged to best showcase a brand’s story and collection in the digital arena. Since then, luxury brands have been the first to adopt NFTs and cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies) and to use virtual landscapes. We’ve been culturally relevant, curating experiences, expanding our influence and reaching a whole new digitally savvy online audience.

“The pandemic has made digital technology more important and nimble,” said Keith Wong, COO and co-founder of Charles & Keith. “I think the Metaverse, which resonates with our belief that we must continue to innovate, is a great opportunity to express our creativity and our identity in new ways.”

“Balenciaga” in collaboration with the popular online game “Fort Knight” and “Gucci”, which unveiled the “Gucci Garden Architype” in collaboration with the online game platform “Roblox”, are positioning themselves as luxury brands in the digital world. examples. Other brands are following suit. The virtual reality space sweeps over the real world. Hosted by blockchain-based platform Decentraland, the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week hosted an intriguing combination of fashion, art, talk, music and commerce, emphasizing its sustainability.

metaverse fashion week

Courtesy of MVFW

Giovanna Grazioshi Casemilo, ‘Decentraland’ Event and Community Producer, said, “Digital fashion houses The Manufacturer and Placebo are involved in both digital and physical fashion. Looking back, I felt 2022 was a particularly important year for digital fashion, and I realized that our community was ready to accept that fact and that designers were ready to work with the brand. I did.”

During this Metaverse Fashion Week, alongside virtual real estate market “Pacel” and digital fashion brand pioneer “Auroboros”, real-world brands “Dundas” and “Dolce & Gabbana” “Gabbana”, “Etro and “Tommy Hilfiger” participated. In one week of Fashion Week, more than 60 brands unveiled 500 looks. Some were digital-only wearables, but some brands offered physical items. Fashion Week is free for all, with over 30,000 visitors on the first day, more than 6,000 of whom traveled straight to the luxury brand district. So here are the highlights of the first Metaverse Fashion Week to commemorate.

Digital flagship of “Selfridges”

Fashion Week kicked off with the Digital Flagship Open of “Selfridges”. The futuristic look with its iconic curved frame is a reproduction of the Birmingham store. Launched the day before the official opening of Fashion Week, raising expectations for upcoming events.


Beginning with an immersive exhibition that mirrors the actual exhibition at London’s Selfridges, the virtual store draws inspiration from Paco Labanne’s archive from 1966, in collaboration with op art artist Victor Vasarely. Twelve limited edition NFTs were exhibited.

“‘Selfridges’ is known for crossing borders, and it’s a new quest,” says Jenny Lee, Selfridges Chief Womenswear Buyer. “We started this project to learn about this area and to educate ourselves and our customers.” According to Jenny, “Selfridges” gauges people’s reactions here before deciding whether or not to pursue a future revitalization.

Luxury Fashion District

Inside the Metaverse, there is a “Luxury Fashion District” inspired by Avenue Montaigne in Paris, where luxury brands such as “Dolce & Gabbana”, “Etro” and “Franck Muller” set up virtual boutiques. But it was more like the Miami Design District, where all the stores looked more like modern architecture and the goods inside were presented as craftsmanship, rather than Avenue Montaigne.

“Dolce & Gabbana” and “Dundas” used their respective spaces to display their clothes and sold there after the show presentation. “Erie Serve” exhibited the dress in the given virtual space and allowed access to the online site by clicking.


“Nicholas Kirkwood” is one of the funniest spaces in the area, a pop-up shop that has collaborated with artist White Rabbit. While taking advantage of the brand’s signature silhouette, an updated design with a cartoonish silhouette for the Metaverse has been unveiled.

Regarding the presentation method, Nicholas said, “In the spinning video, bubbles come out of the ground and shoes float. Such a scene cannot be experienced in the real world.”

The shoes created in this collaboration will be developed in three different aspects. The first is that you can wear it in an online game, the second is that you can collect illustrations of white rabbits wearing the same shoes, and the third is the shoes AR which will be announced in a few weeks. a plate. The choice is yours. You can choose one or all of them. This is the real thrill of Metaverse.

metaverse fashion week

Courtesy of MVFW

Goods in the Metaverse

The wares seem to be popular among the metaverse. While some brands offer digital wearables for free, some are bigger than others.

For example, Purcell’s unique wearable glasses made Metaverse Fashion Week an infinitely seamless experience. Navigating the Metaverse is difficult to say the least, but if you can get these glasses from the kiosk, you can easily teleport to the area you want to go. This is much more efficient than finding the coordinates of the area you want to go to on the map.

For those still hesitant to invest in digital wearables, “Charles & Keith” is giving away goods for free. The first 1,000 avatars who visited the pop-up store received a “Core” wearable bag and “Alex” sandals.

In addition, “Estee Lauder” was the only beauty brand to participate in this Fashion Week. Giving Avatar a free virtual glow, he spotlighted one of the most popular products, the “Advance Night Repair Serum.” Creative director Alex Box designed the so-called “Radiant Aura”, in which Avatar can stand under a special brown bottle that has been scanned to a very large size to test full-body radiance.

An art gallery where fashion and art intersect

Web3 agency “Cash Labs” curated a multimedia gallery space that emphasizes the intersection of fashion and art. A futuristic fusion of two realms, including Crysta Kim x “The Fabricator” and Karl Lagerfeld x “The Dematerialized”, featuring over 20 artists in a series of NFTs. The addition of digital elements opened a new era of collaboration. As the topic of NFTs engulfs the entire industry, this space will provide a space to showcase new pioneers of digital artists. Nick Knight’s fashion film website “SHOWstudio” also participated and screened videos such as “Alexander McQueen”, “Chanel” and “Lanvin” from Nick’s archives.

Parade “Dundas”

As you can imagine, a successful digital fashion show is not easy, but “Dundas” is a perfect show. Many avatars have gathered in the fashion arena, which has a specially created soundtrack for the show. On the catwalk, a model wearing a sparkling dress parades. “We took a real-world approach and tried to mirror that as closely as possible in the digital world,” recalls Evangelo Busis, Dundas’ image director.


For those struggling to watch, all 12 looks from the Dundas collection were on display at the Luxury Fashion District pop-up store prior to the presentation and were even available to purchase online. Evangelo said, “I thought this attempt would give people a better understanding of the metaverse and how digital fashion works. The next step is digital and physical merchandise after the show. It will be possible to buy together,” a- he declared.

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To be honest, Metaverse Fashion Week takes a lot of effort to fully understand. It wasn’t a perfect start as I felt technical issues everywhere. It was far from intuitive, as the site was crashing and the page was taking forever to load. It is also true that it takes a long time to get used to moving smoothly through a complicated space. There were many fashion shows, but few were completely successful. As expected, I couldn’t touch the magic of a physical show that immerses me in the brand’s collection and makes me emotional. Decentraland’s game world is still a far cry from luxury fashion fantasy and craftsmanship, and the avatar model wasn’t exciting either.

But Metaverse Fashion Week gave us a glimpse of the possibilities of how brands can create stories within the Metaverse. It provided an immersive experience and an innovative way to extend the product beyond the physical. At a time when fashion should look to the future, not the past, Metaverse Fashion Week definitely means something.

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