Virtual Bishoujo Nemu “Metaverse Evolution Theory” obi commentary by VR Society President and note Takayuki Fukatsu –

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) ・Beautiful girl virtual sleepingHowever, the Metaverse manual “metaverse theory of evolution(Technical Review), Professor Osuka, President of the Virtual Reality Society of JapanMieko OsugaAnd note the companyTakayuki FukatsuObi’s comment by M. has been published.

Manga artist Yuki Hotate’s cover art has also been lifted.

In response to the response, it was decided to significantly increase the number of pages from the originally planned 250 pages to 320 pages.

In addition, the NHK program “Reiwa’s network theoryAnd also announced a cooperative poster promotion campaign targeting Metaverse’s native peoples.

The banning of obi comments by Professor Osuga & note Fukatsu, President of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan

A commentary from the group of Ms. Mieko Osuga, a specially appointed professor at the Osaka Institute of Technology / President of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan (2020/21), and Ms. Takayuki Fukatsu, a rating society, has been published .

In this book “Metaverse Evolution”, the manual “The Virtual Reality Society of Japan”virtual reality studies]is repeatedly cited as the most important material for considering the definition of the metaverse. Also, in last year’s note, “VR Social CensusIs related to this book creation project.

Mieko Osuga “The survey of 1,200 people and the logical development based on a wide range of knowledge is wonderful.”

Takayuki Fukatsu “If you want to understand the Metaverse, listen to the live voices of people living in the Metaverse.” From the comment on the group “Metaverse Evolution”

■ Japan’s virtual reality company
A university society created in 1996 with the aim of contributing to technology and culture related to virtual reality. We also hold seminars to systematically study “Virtual Reality Studies” and “VR Engineer Certification Exams”.

■ CXO rating Takayuki Fukatsu
Interaction designer. Via tha Co., Ltd., active in the Flash community. Since independence in 2009 moved to the business center in smartphone application user interface design, Ltd. Art & Mobile, created a creative unit LA GUILDE. Serve and leave from the CXO cake to operate a media platform note. Writing, vigorous activities, lectures, etc.

Cover ban lifted by Yuuki Hotate illustration

Character Design and “Virtual Bishoujo Nemu” NovelVirtual Bishoujo SingularityManga artist, Yuki Hotate, who was in charge of the book cover illustration, is in charge of the cover illustration. The commemorative message of Mr. Scallop’s publication is as follows.

“I like to draw the eyes of a beautiful virtual girl. Eyes that seem to be drawn in. What are you trying to convey? Where do you look at me first? A preview of this new book. You will see an unthinkable expanse of the world in the real world, full of physical and physical restraints. Your own eyes on what his eyes say. I want you to check with it. It seems like I’ve been sucked into ‘the other side’ before.” Commemorative post of cartoonist Hotateyuki’s publication

■ Hotateyuki Cartoonist
Young mangaka and talented illustrator. “Love Parasite” was serialized in Shonen Ace. Currently, the new work “Caldera Witch” is on sale. I was attracted to the beautiful virtual girl Nemu, and now I’m completely a resident of Metaverse.

What is the “Metaverse Evolution” book?

The “latest edition” of the Metaverse manual is expected to be released on March 19 by Gijutsu-Hyoronsha.

Since the announcement of Meta, various information about “Metaverse” has been complicated, and it has been written to convey the true picture of the current Metaverse and its groundbreaking nature in an easy-to-understand manner.

The real experience of VTuber author Nemu’s virtual beautiful girl, interviews with many Metaverse natives and a large-scale survey conducted in 20212021 Social Virtual Reality CensusThe result is specified.

Due to the response beyond expectations, it was decided that the number of pages would be significantly increased from the originally planned 250 pages to 320 pages. We accept reservations on Amazon.

Virtual Bishoujo Nemu Metaverse Culture Evangelist

Aboriginal cultural evangelist and metaverse metaverse. “Become yourself who wants to be virtualThe oldest personal VTuber in the world who has been active as a beautiful girl idol since 2017.

He is also active as a writer and his books include the novel “Virtual Bishoujo Cingularity” and the book of comments Metaverse “Metaverse Evolution” (Technical Review). He has published numerous interviews with the French daily “Liberation”, Asahi Shimbun and Nihon Keizai Shimbun. He was also named HTC’s first official “VIVE Ambassador” to deliver the future of virtual reality.

Virtual Bishoujo Nemu will appear on the first broadcast of NHK’s new program “Reiwa Net Theory”

Starting at 12:30 p.m. on March 19, the release date of “Metaverse Evolution”, a beautiful virtual girl Nemu will appear as a guest on the first show “NFT & Metaverse” of the new NHK program “Reiwa Net Theory”.

The appearance of Nemu in NHK’s “Néhorin PahorinIt has been two years since the special report on “Babiniku” aired on January 8, 2020. The other day, TBS on January 30, 2022, “Sunday JapanFollowing the guest appearance of the special feature “Metaverse”, we will send the Metaverse from reality as one of the indigenous peoples of the Metaverse.

■ New NHK program “Reiwa Net Theory”
A talk show culture in-depth analysis “Digital Trends” that attract attention in order to overcome the digital waves rushing to Reiwa Japan. I called the big topic in 2019 specials release power of the ‘net Heisei history. ” MC is Takushi Izawa (quiz player / YouTuber). Guests 1 “NFT & Metaverse” are Kazuhiro Obara (IT critic) / Akari Nibu (Hinatazaka46) / Emi Kusano (artist) / virtual Bishoujo Nemu (VTuber).

Poster Promotion Cooperation Campaign

We will carry out a campaign plan to celebrate the release of “Metaverse Evolution” with the natives of the Metaverse.

When you post a poster to your world and tweet a photo on Twitter, Nemu responds to retweets. I recommend photos that show people and give a picture of life in the metaverse.

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