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The AI ​​(artificial intelligence) industry is evolving and growing every day at a dizzying pace. Various companies are launching new services and working on experiments.

So in this article I covered it in’s all you need to know about the latest AI newsdo. If you’re reading this article, you should be able to see AI trends, such as stories about new demo experiences as well as examples of AI usage.

AI Featured News from November 27 to December 10

A free course where you can learn the basics of calculus, which is in charge of a lecturer at Kyoto University.

The online course site “gacco” offers an online course “The Basics of Computation that you will eventually study for Mathematics and Data Science”. The closing date and time is 11:59 p.m. on February 28, 2022. You should be on time if you start now. There are no tuition fees.

He said he steered away from the “define, theorem, and proof” style as much as possible, and even as he proved it, he kept an intuitive understanding with simple explanations and numbers. “If you’re involved in math and data science, you’ll end up studying math. I think you have to be patient in your life, so try your best to take it.”

“What’s Amazing” “Moderate Normalcy!” A fictional idol generated by AI

This time, I would like to introduce “Idol automatic generation AI” which uses AI to create idols that do not exist in the world. Datagrid Inc., an AI startup from Kyoto University, announced in the past and got a lot of attention. At that time, comments such as “How amazing” and “Moderate normality!” were seen on the SNS.

Everyone looks like women who actually belong to an idol group, but they are fictional people created by AI. Idols vary in outline, hairstyle, ear shape, and lip thickness, just like real idols.

Python ranked first for two consecutive months, programming language ranking in November 2021 Will PHP slowly decline in the future?

In November 2021, TIOBE Software announced that “Python” ranked first in the “TIOBE Index for November 2021”, which lists popular programming languages ​​for two consecutive months.

Looking at the TIOBE Programming Community Index, 1st place is “Python” with a decrease of 0.35, 2nd place is “C” with a decrease of 5.49%, 3rd place is “Java” with a decrease by 0.96%, and 4th place is “C++” with an increase of 0.69%. , the 5th place is “C#”, which increased by 1.39%.

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Machine Learning Lecture Notes Released Free You Can Also Learn Python Implementation

The lecture note “Machine Learning Book” used in the course on Machine Learning at School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology is open to the public for free.

By explaining the theory and implementation of machine learning together, the “Machine Learning Book” not only addresses the implementation and application of the theory, but also deepens the understanding of the theory through practical examples. execution of programs. In addition to Python, you can learn how to implement machine learning with ecosystems such as NumPy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, scipy, and PyTorch.

An AI that can summarize sentences in half in 3 seconds Just enter the URL of the sentence or article

Buzzgraph Co., Ltd. announced on November 30 that it launched “Compressed Tanteki” as an AI-derived service of “Tanteki” sentence summarization (free version) that makes full use of its own natural language analysis technology.

This service can instantly summarize phrases to around 50% by entering the URL of phrases and news articles. This service is expected to reduce the time and effort required for daily news reading and research during work, and is expected to have the effect of improving work efficiency.

About half of top engineering students say they use “Python” the most

On November 18, Supporters Co., Ltd. announced the results of a questionnaire survey on the development environment conducted among 436 top engineering students among engineering students registered with the “Supporters” job search assistance service.

In “generally most used or most preferred programming language”, Python (45.6%) took first place with a big difference from second place or less in the context of growing needs for AI and data analysis.

Dai Nippon Printing Analyzes Emotions of Customer Voices with AI Supports Efficient Remote Customer Service

On November 30, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. will support more effective customer service and business negotiations by remotely analyzing the emotions of customer voices serving customers and transmitting the analysis results to operators serving customers. clients. developed the system.

In this system’s voice emotion analysis, the AI ​​analyzes the “voice waveform amplitude and interval” and “frequency” emitted by the customer during customer service and business negotiations using a unique calculation and measurement method, as well as the state of the speaker’s emotions To be visualized. The emotions analyzed are classified into 9 emotions (honesty / true / high expectations / excitement / embarrassment / uncertain / lack of confidence / stress / tension / strong excitement / higher stress).

“Introduction to Statistics for Data Analysis” Free PDF Now Available Data Scientists and Others

The Japanese PDF file of “Introduction to Statistics for Data Analysis, Original 4th Edition” written by US data scientists is available for free. On SNS, you can see glowing comments such as “It looks really good” and “It’s wonderful…” about this book and its free release.

This book is “Invitation to Data Analysis” “Description of Statistical Data” “Probability” “Distribution of Probability Variables” “Basics of Statistical Estimation” “Statistical Riddle of Categorical Data” “Quantitative Data Riddle” ” Linear Regression » It consists of 9 chapters such as “Introduction to” and “Multiple Regression and Logistic Regression”.

Review of expense reimbursement operations by promoting Nitori HD and DX Reduce working hours by 46,000 hours per year

Concur Co., Ltd. announced on November 15 that Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. had adopted Concur’s cloud-based expense management and settlement “Concur Expense” as the group’s indirect expense management platform. Nitori Holdings is reviewing the operation of the expense settlement flow and plans to reduce operating hours by approximately 46,000 hours per year.

This solution will be demonstrated to approximately 6,000 people, including store employees, in November 2021, and is expected to be rolled out to Shimachu Co., Ltd., a group company, in February 2022.

The number of registered users of the free AI course “AI For Everyone” led by Yutaka Matsuo has exceeded 15,000.

The number of students enrolled in “AI For Everyone” offered by the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) has exceeded 15,000.

JDLA positions this course as “a free entry course for all business people to ‘know’ ‘AI/deep learning’ first.” Those who want to learn the basics of AI, those who want to change the current organization to one that can master AI, etc., can take courses regardless of their title or profession, as well as science and humanities.

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