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The good thing about VR Metaverse including VRChat is that you can be whatever you want to be. You can become a beautiful girl character and make your young girl’s heart bloom, you can become an animal and cry at your palm paws, and you can freely transform into a robot or even a monster. Now let’s deposit you too!

By the way, it is the type or category of avatars that shows the national character of VR users. A user who has been accessing VRChat for a long time told me, but it seems that there are many Japanese people who become beautiful avatar girls, Star Wars and armor in the United States, and kemono in Europe… It seems that you can see what type of content is popular in each country = what you want to be different.

The simplest VR headset, Quest 2



The glasses to see the VR world are VR headsets. There are different products on the market, but the simplest and most standard is the Quest 2.

Quest 2 is a VR headset developed and sold by Meta, which operates Facebook and Instagram, and inside is a high-end previous generation Android. It is equipped with the Snapdragon XR2 chipset developed for VR devices, and the resolution of the LCD panel is 1832 x 1920 dots per eye. The horizontal viewing angle is 104 degrees and the upper refresh rate limit is 120Hz.

While many other VR headsets require a Windows PC as the mothership, Quest 2 can run plenty of dedicated apps on its own. Although it is displayed in 2D, you can also install the Android app apk file.

The interpupillary distance adjustment is 3 steps, and the head belt is of poor quality, which distinguishes it as a low-cost device, but the 128 GB model sold from July 2021 is 37,180 yen, which is also a reasonable price range. a m. It is reported that the cumulative sales volume in the world has exceeded 10 million units, which shows the great popularity.

VRChat and cluster are the VR metaverses I’d like you to try even though they look different. You can install avatars which are officially provided for free, avatars which are sold for a fee at BOOTH, etc., and avatars created with the avatar maker app.

Oculus Quest 2(Amazon)

Wide viewing angle and immersive feeling – VIVE Focus 3



Like Quest 2, VIVE Focus 3 lets you run a dedicated app on its own. However, the applications that can be run are different from those in Quest 2. VIVE Focus 3 is designed for professional use, and since there is no VR Metaverse or avatar application among the applications provided, a PC provided by Steam etc using a Windows PC equipped with a GPU described later separately You will need the VR version of the Metaverse VR application.

However, the one-eye resolution of the LCD panel is 2448 x 2448 pixels, the horizontal viewing angle is up to 120 degrees, and the refresh rate is 90Hz, which is better than Quest 2 with higher resolution and a wider field of vision. The PC VR version of the VR Metaverse application is rich in the world itself, so that the performance of a high-resolution VR headset comes to life. The mesh pattern (screen door) of the picture is also considerably less noticeable and the feeling of immersion is further enhanced.

In addition to VRChat (Steam) and cluster (downloaded from the official website), Neos VR can also be used. The Steam version of NeosVR cannot use NFT related functions. The full version can be downloaded from the official website.

Focus 3 live

If you want to do VR Metaverse, this is the entry ・RTX 3060 Laptop



To connect to the PC VR version of the VR Metaverse, you need a high performance GPU. For NVIDIA’s GeForce series, the RTX 3060 is the starting line.

The PC VR version of the VR Metaverse is more likely to change comfort based on memory size, rather than number of GPU cores, rather than operating clock. Of course, the larger the memory size, the more comfortable it is. Unlike VR games which effectively control character placement and background representation so that high performance can be achieved even with a certain amount of GPU, this is a space where dozens of users roam freely as the wind blows, so anyway, it is a souvenir. The amount of consumption is remarkable.

And there is a difference in the installed memory size between the RTX used in the desktop and the RTX laptop built into the laptop. The RTX 3060 is 12 GB, while the RTX 3060 laptop is 6 GB. Thus, a desktop PC is more comfortable with a GPU of the same name, but it is normal to enter the world VR Metaverse for PC VR, which isn’t too crowded with the RTX 3060 laptop. As expected, the frames start to drop in cases where more than 30 people are connected.


Actually cospa is the best ・ RTX 3060



As mentioned earlier, the RTX 3060 has a memory size of up to 12 GB. The RTX 3060 Ti is 8 GB and the RTX 3070/30 70 Ti is also 8 GB. With that 12 GB headroom, you can enjoy the full-fledged particle world, which will entertain cutting-edge artistic expression in the VR Metaverse. For laptop GPUs, you can choose 8GB for RTX 3070/3070 Ti laptop and 16GB for RTX 3080 laptop.

Legion T550 90RC00VJJM

Let’s bring the lower body virtually!



In a typical VR environment, the headset and controller held with two hands follow a total of three movements. In this three-point tracking environment, it is difficult to replicate the movement of parts such as your waist and legs in virtual space. Haritora X attracts attention there. It’s a tracker that can attach sensors to sneakers, thighs, and hips, and doesn’t require an external sensor like other trackers. Since it can be connected wirelessly, it will fulfill your dream of performing a dance performance in the metaverse.

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If you are particular about your voice, you definitely need a microphone

Some people who want to transform into beautiful girls or monsters may want to change not only their appearance but also their voice. If you use the built-in microphone of the VR headset, you will get a clear voice, so connect an external microphone to your Windows PC. Change the pitch of your voice with a voice changer that runs on your PC.

If you want to be fascinated by performances such as dancing, it is better to use a wireless digital transmission pin microphone. You can move it around freely by clipping the microphone to your chest, coiling up the excess cable, and putting it in your pocket.

If you want to shoot a video that can be seen from the front view angle like VTuber content, a microphone that can be placed on the table/fixed with a microphone stand is fine. In particular, the USB microphone has the advantage that the microphone itself becomes an audio interface, and the volume adjustment is easy and easy to handle. If you can prepare an audio interface separately, use a microphone for vocals. A dynamic microphone like the BETA 58A is relatively easy to set up and is recommended. If you have a room where you can control the reverb, try using a condenser mic that picks up delicate tones.




Yeti Nano



XSW-D PORTABLE LAVALIER SET(Amazon) Yeti Nano(Amazon) BETA 58A(Amazon)

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