The fusion of broadcasting and communication has made great progress, etc.[“Cinq nouvelles que vous devriez savoir maintenant” de Yoshihiro Nakajima 2022/4 / 7-4 / 14]–INTERNET Watch

1. The fusion of broadcasting and communication has made great strides

Since the early 2000s, the agenda has been the merger of broadcasting and telecommunications, but there is a history of approaching its realization through the subsequent diffusion of infrastructure, technological innovation and legislation. Of course, the understanding of the business model, including viewers and corporate sponsors, has also improved. Based on this, commercial broadcasters launched the “TVer” service in 2015, and the “NHK+” service also started in 2020.

And this spring, NHK+ has made significant efforts to expand its services, such as being able to use it not only on personal computers but also on Internet-connected televisions. In addition, this week, NHK said, “We will hold a social event of distributing programs on the Internet, mainly for households who do not watch TV, from April 22 to May 7”, and the Minister of Interior and Communications on April 8 At a press conference later, Minister of Interior and Communications Kaneko said, “In response to the question that the protest could lead to the collection of internet reception fees , we do not plan to charge a reception fee for households that do not have a television. at the moment.” has been reported (ITmedia). It can be said that this is because the receiving fee system may be inconsistent due to the delivery progress using the Internet network instead of the way of existing delivery in the future.

In addition, from April 11, “the key station of commercial broadcasting in Tokyo launched the “simultaneous real-time distribution” which allows television programs to be viewed on the Internet at the same time as the broadcast” (Impress Watch). However, “all the programs are not broadcast at the same time suddenly. For the moment, the programs of the time zone called “golden time” and “prime time” which are broadcast after 6 p.m.-7 p.m. are targeted”. also a service that can be said to have taken a big step forward.

Additionally, audience ratings research firm Video Research (VR) and Nielsen Digital announced that “the two companies will jointly provide ‘Total Ad Ratings’ (TAR), a cross-platform ad viewership measurement solution” (Nikkei XTECH). These indicators are an important factor for business models, and services that integrate broadcasting and communication are being developed.

News source

  • NHK’s online distribution demo “We are not thinking of collecting reception fees for households without a television,” said Minister of Interior and Communications Kaneko[ITmedia].
  • Japanese television will change. Launch of “simultaneous real-time distribution”[Impress Watch]
  • Started measuring ad viewers on VR and Nielsen, TV and digital cross[Nikkei XTECH]

2. The movement of each company on “Metaverse”

Since Facebook changed the company’s name to Meta and announced that it is focusing on the Metaverse, Japanese companies have also announced their efforts on the Metaverse. Moreover, not only planning ideas, but also news that tells us that more money is starting to move have been reported.

Sony announced an additional $1 billion in Epic Games. As a result, the Sony group became a shareholder with a stake of approximately 4.9% in Epic (ITmedia).

In addition, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has established a CVC “Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund (021 Fund)” targeting the Metaverse area, and will invest 3 billion yen (1 billion yen per year) in startups in this area over three years. “(The bridge).

Overseas, Improbable, a Metaverse platform and technology provider, “raised $150 million (about 19 billion yen) led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).” Has been announced (coindesk).

As an application idea of ​​the new Metaverse, IBM Japan and Juntendo University jointly studied: “In addition to building a virtual hospital in the virtual space, the activities in the virtual space will be medium mental health We will check the impact on improving the disease, etc.” (ITmedia).

On the other hand, although the interest of investors and edgy engineers is increasing on the subject of the Metaverse, I have the impression that the interest of potential users is not increasing. Is it necessary to introduce killer content that is easy for many people to understand?

News source

  • Sony invests $1 billion (about 125.4 billion yen) in Epic Games[ITmedia]
  • BANDAI NAMCO creates a CVC fund specializing in the Metaverse and invests 3 billion yen in 3 years[The Bridge]
  • Metaverse startup raises 19 billion yen ── led by Softbank and a16z[coindesk]
  • IBM Japan to Build Hospital in Metaverse Joint Research with Juntendo University[ITmedia]

3. This week’s “Ukrainian situation” and trends in the information and telecommunications industry

It has previously been reported that SpaceX provided Ukraine with communications equipment to use the “Starlink” satellite internet service, but “the US government may have subsidized some of the cost”, US media said. It is also reported that SpaceX “does not acknowledge that it was funded by the government” in this case (CNET Japan).

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  • SpaceX provides “Starlink” to Ukraine, the US government bears less than 400 million yen[CNET Japan]

4. This week’s “New NFT-Related Services”

Also this week, new NFT-related services have been announced one after another. This may be of interest to fans and collectors, but is there still a need to deepen our understanding of how the “value” of these digital products is perceived?

As an NFT platform, LINE launched the comprehensive NFT market “LINE NFT” on April 13th. It plans to sell about 40,000 items such as Yoshimoto Kogyo’s “Yoshimoto NFT Theater” limited video, “Mobile Police Patlabor” animation diorama art, and popular character videos (web staff forum).

In addition, Sony Network Communications and Sun Asterisk established Sony Network Communications Singapore in Singapore as a new company engaged in contract development and consultancy related to NFT (CNET Japan).

As an NFT artwork, Grand Design has announced the NFT art of “Dekotora”. In order to position “Dekotora” as “running art” and leave it to future generations, the goal is to “achieve a mechanism for fans to support Dekotora by NFT” in collaboration with the National Hades Association (Gadget Tsushin) .

Beeslow, beekeeper and urban ecologist, has released an NFT collection that resembles a flock of bees. “It’s made up of 10,000 pieces that resemble a flock of bees, and the price and rarity vary depending on the type of bee, such as worker bees, male bees, and queens.” “By publishing NFTs specializing in environmental issues, we would like to attract those who are not interested in NFTs” (ITmedia).

Then, Shochiku “marketed the Kabuki Split Scene ‘META Kabuki Genji Memories’ (shipment completed January 25) based on Genji’s story as ‘META Kabuki NFT’.” Exhibit at NFT Marketplace “Adam by GMO” (Impress Watch).

News source

  • LINE Group’s LVC Launches Comprehensive NFT Marketplace “LINE NFT” and Sells 40,000 Items Including Limited Videos[forum du personnel Web]
  • NFT x Dekotora! NFT Art Of “Dekotora”, A Racing Art That Catches The World’s Attention, Is On Sale[Gadget Tsushin]
  • Released an NFT collection that looks like a flock of bees Revitalizes an environmentally-interested community[ITmedia]
  • Shochiku “META Kabuki” at NFT Genji’s Story Reignited in Metaverse Space[Impress Watch]
  • Sony Network Communications and Sun Asterisk to Establish NFT Trading Company in Singapore[CNET Japan]

5. Elon Musk withdraws Twitter’s nomination from the board and proposes an acquisition

It was reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquired Twitter shares, became a major shareholder in the company and became a director, but immediately withdrew his appointment as a director (Keitai Watch). .. After that, it is reported that he announced on Twitter the “proposed cash acquisition of $43 billion (about 5.4 trillion yen)” (CNET Japan).

According to the article, Earon Musk said he wanted Twitter to release the algorithm. According to the article, “One of the things I think Twitter should do is open up the algorithm,” he said. “Does every edit to a user’s tweet emphasize the tweet?” Regardless of what makes it unobtrusive, it needs to be dealt with under the sun…that is, there should be no behind-the-scenes manipulation, whether algorithmic or manual. insists. There seems to be an intention to increase Twitter’s existence value as a place of free speech, which is also a social base.

News source

  • Elon Musk withdraws appointment to Twitter board[Keitai Watch]
  • Elon Musk proposes to Twitter to acquire – TED talks about his intentions[CNET Japan]

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