The evolved “pancake robot” won the COBOTTA Idea Challenge Grand Prix! WRS sets up experience corner at Robot Exhibition-Robosta

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At the 2022 International Robot Expo, the “COBOTTA Crepe Project” of Aichi Institute of Technology, which uses the human collaborative robot “COBOTTA”, was exhibited and demonstrated. With WINNER background of “COBOTTA Idea Challenge”.

What is the COBOTTA Idea Challenge?

The idea competition “COBOTTA Idea Challenge” was organized with the cooperation of DENSO as a co-sponsored project of the “World Robot Summit 2020” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and NEDO. This is a competition to solicit ideas for “solving everyday problems” in various places such as homes, restaurants, shops, offices, laboratories, factories, etc. using the collaborative robot “COBOTTA” from DENSO WAVE.
As a result, the Aichi Institute of Technology’s “COBOTTA Crepe Project” won the highest award.

The theme is “Solving everyday problems”
Review Items
We will look at the proposed content from the following angles.
・ Creativity: An original idea.
・ Technology: COBOTTA can be used effectively and safely.
・ Problem Solving: An idea for solving social problems.
・ Commercialization: An idea that has the potential to be a business.
・ Presentation Ability: Comprehensively judge the ability to convey in the pitch contest.

This “COBOTTA Crepe Project” system might be familiar to Robosta readers. It was also exhibited at “RoboCup Asia Pacific 2021 Aichi” and surprised many visitors. It’s a system that got some attention in the Robosta article.

The highlight is that the two “COBOTTA” work together while playing different roles.

Demo of the COBOTTA pancake project

The new version on display this time has expanded the scope of automation compared to the previous time, and improvements have been made to those that require less human labor.
Choose cream, sauce jam, toppings, etc. using your tablet, and the robot will automatically make the pancake with the appropriate content. The variety of tastes has also increased. Compared to the previous demo, there is less human intervention and more automation has been improved.

Select the type of crepe and topping on your tablet. After that, the robot will make a crepe almost automatically.

Use “dragonfly” according to the creperie website

Vigorously pick up the cooked fluffy pancake

Move the pancake to the next robot to put the cream and toppings

This system also does not use a camera (vision) this time around. One of the concepts to simplify development and reduce installation costs.
■ Grand Prix COBOTTA Idea Challenge “Crêpe Project”

COBOTTA Ideas Challenge