“Prepare for Big Changes in Metaverse/AR/Digital Twins” – Accenture Announces Technology Vision 2022 | IT Leaders

[調査・レポート] Establishment of a specialized Metaverse organization to support customers March 29, 2022 (Fire)Koba Kamiya (IT Leaders writing) On March 25, 2022, Accenture released its annual research report, “Technology Vision 2022” (Japanese version of “Accenture Technology Vision 2022” announced on March 16, 2022). The report shows that emerging technologies such as Metaverse, AR (augmented reality), … Read more

World’s Largest Metaverse/VR Event “Virtual Market” ─ HIKKY | IT Leaders

Japan’s “Ruby” open source programming language and its “Ruby on Rails” development framework. There are many apps and services developed using these, but one that is particularly noteworthy is the “Ruby biz Grand Prix 2021” annual reward program. This article introduces “Virtual Market” (Development: HIKKY), which is one of the two services selected for the … Read more