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April 6, 2022
Fujitsu Limited

At first, we will provide a new state-of-the-art cloud-based supercomputer which applies the technology of “Tomitake”.

In order to promote the commercial use of advanced computer technology and greatly accelerate digital transformation (DX), we are represented by the “Tomitake” supercomputer and “Digital Annealer” which uses quantum-inspired technology.Advanced computer technology and software technology such as AI will be newly systematized as a group of services “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (hereinafter, “CaaS”) that everyone can easily use, and will be provided from October 2022 . To do. We plan to expand it globally.

At first, we will provide an advanced cloud-based supercomputer “FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000” (hereinafter, “PRIMEHPC FX1000”) which applies the world’s best technology such as CPU adopted in “Tomitake”. “Fujitsu Cloud Service HPC” will be on sale from April 6, 2022 to general enterprises and organizations. In addition, we will start selling “Digital Annealer” and AI cloud services as a group of “CaaS” services in the future, and provide high value-added services by seamlessly linking each service.

As part of “Fujitsu Uvance” aiming to realize a sustainable world, we find it difficult to introduce supercomputers and “Digital Annealers” outside the academic field due to issues such as investment costs, introduction and the operational load due to “CaaS”. the use of advanced computer technologies such as “, and contribute to solving social problems in a wide range of fields such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, disaster prevention such as earthquake forecasting and tsunamis, and medical fields such as drug discovery and gene therapy . ..


We have developed and supplied advanced computer technology represented by “Tomitake”, and supported research and development in areas such as space, meteorology and infectious disease prevention in government-affiliated institutions and academic institutions. In addition, we have the latest cutting-edge technologies in areas such as “Digital Annealer” and AI, and by combining these technologies we can improve financial services, supply chain efficiency and management of traceability, energy supply and demand forecasting and disasters. that it can be used in a wider range of fields such as simulation and drug discovery. On the other hand, the use of supercomputers and “digital annealing” outside the academic field has encountered problems such as the investment burden of group purchases and the securing of specialized engineers in terms of introduction and operation.

Therefore, we have systematized a new group of “CaaS” services that makes it easy for anyone to use our advanced computer technology, etc., in a wide range of general industries, in addition to conventional use in academic fields. . We have positioned “CaaS” as an important initiative that embodies the new trademark “Fujitsu Uvance” which aims to realize a sustainable world.

Presentation of “CaaS”

We have positioned “CaaS” as a range of cloud services that embody “Fujitsu Uvance”, and in addition to the new “Fujitsu Cloud Service HPC”, “Digital Annealer” and AI from October 2022. We provide cloud services. As a “CaaS” service group, providing software and service cooperation infrastructure, consulting and tuning services that run on these cloud services, each service can be seamlessly linked, as well as the introduction and the operation of the client. While reducing the load, it is possible to use the latest advanced technology without being aware of individual services. It will help solve problems in a wide range of fields such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, disaster prevention such as earthquake and tsunami prediction, and medical fields such as discovery drugs and gene therapy.

Service “CaaS” Service

Features of “Fujitsu Cloud Service HPC”

This service provides “PRIME HPC FX1000” as a cloud service equipped with the technology adopted in the “Tomitake” supercomputer with the best performance in the world. In addition, software and libraries, which are problems in the introduction of high-performance computing (hereinafter referred to as HPC), are installed as standard equipment, and we also provide support services that allow you to select tasks such as performance tuning and application analysis. in terms of operation, for your research and analysis. Support your dedication.

1. 1.With HPC on-demand services, you can use your HPC environment immediately at any time.

Compute node used by HPC(Note 1)the connection node, task scheduler, storage and application software package are configured in advance, so you don’t have to create the HPC environment yourself, just prepare the data necessary for the analysis and you will need them when you need them. minutes.

2. Professional support that accelerates the use of HPC solves the problem of securing engineers in terms of operations

We will formulate HPC usage plan linked to customer’s business plan and provide technical support using “Tomitake” operational knowledge. Specifically, by using software and library installation support services and tuning services, it is possible to maximize HPC performance without training or securing engineers on the customer side.

3. 3. Accelerate advanced R&D and social implementation from Japan with high compatibility with “Tomitake”

Since “Tomitake” common CPU, task scheduler, file system, compiler, application software and API can be used, it is easy to apply the search results obtained from from “Tomitake” to this service, and it supports social media acceleration. Implementation.

In addition, if the customer plans large-scale analysis and research using “Tomitake” in the future, it is possible to use “Tomitake” with the same operability.

the next deployment

As a previous example of “CaaS”, we are planning demonstration experience with institutions and companies, such as optimizing design for manufacturing industry and improving drug discovery efficiency.

We are digitizing the vast amount of complex and ever-growing data and consolidating it into our data infrastructure through secure 5G and beyond 5G communication networks, as well as more advanced AIs and “digital annealing” and at the same time. ‘to come up. various social issues by dealing in real time using advanced technologies including quantum computers.

The world we aim with The world we aim for with “CaaS”

Commentary by Satoshi Matsuoka, Director, RIKEN Center for Computational Science

“Tomitake” was developed as a supercomputer that incorporates the latest high-performance computing technology and is used in research and development for the realization of DX and Society 5.0 for Japan to achieve various SDGs. Among them, the industry-centric use has already progressed to 48 problems by 149 enterprises in two years, including the trial operation before the start of large-scale operation, and the demonstration of cloud computing has progressed, and “Tomitake” technology has become even more Deployment is necessary. Fujitsu’s “CaaS” should become an important service to enable such development due to its wide compatibility with “Tomitake” and to quickly connect research and development on “Tomitake” to industrial use and implementation social. In the future, we will cooperate with Fujitsu to closely cooperate with “Tomitake” and this service to make it transparent as a cloud environment.

Comments from SEVP CTO Vivek Mahajan, Managing Director of the company

“CaaS” is based on our world-class advanced computing and provides high performance and highly efficient public cloud services to meet rapidly increasing computing demand. In the future, we will add new technologies such as quantum computers. By “Democratizing High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing” with “CaaS”, we aim to achieve our goal “to bring trust to society through innovation and make the world more sustainable”.

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