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The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is evolving and growing every day at a dizzying pace. Various companies are launching new services and working on experiments.

So in this article I covered it in’s all you need to know about the latest AI newsdo. If you’re reading this article, you should be able to see AI trends, such as stories about new demo experiences as well as examples of AI usage.

AI Featured News from June 19 to June 25

The cumulative number of students enrolled in Yutaka Matsuo’s “AI For Everyone” free AI course has exceeded 10,000.

The Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) announced on June 17 that the cumulative number of students enrolled in the new course “AI For Everyone” has exceeded 10,000. JDLA believes that the reason why this course is popular is due to the high level of interest in DX (digital transformation) in society.

JDLA positions this course as “a free entry course for all business people to ‘know’ ‘AI/deep learning’ first.” Those who want to learn the basics of AI, those who want to change the current organization to one that can master AI, etc., can take courses regardless of their title or profession, as well as science and humanities.

Masayoshi Son “Maybe I’m still president even after I turn 69” “I ​​want to focus on AI information revolution”

Masayoshi Son, chairman and chief executive officer of SoftBank Group Corp., said at the 41st ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 23: “Recently, including the significance of the precautionary lines, 69 years of physical age. I started saying many times that I maybe I’m still president after 69, or I nominated someone to be president and I’m 69 as president Even if it passes, it can be deeply involved in management.

“I always think of ‘how to take over’ as the most important theme. At 69, I will gradually take over the management with an eye on the next successor. At the moment, I am mainly focused on the SoftBank Vision Fund business, but I also think choosing a successor is one of my most important tasks.”

The character’s facial expression moves from an illustration with AI It takes several hours to generate about 10 seconds, IRIAM and PFN

On June 18, IRIAM Co., Ltd. announced the level of practical application of “automatic AI character modeling technology”, including facial expressions based on technology provided by Preferred Networks (PFN) in the “IRIAM” character distribution application. began to provide services (β test) to. Anyone can move the character expressively with AI just by preparing an artwork, and it can be distributed on IRIAM.

IRIAM is an application that anyone can easily distribute characters with artwork and a smartphone. Until now, only eyes and mouth could be modeled automatically, but this time it is possible to express richer facial expressions.

Sega releases over 150 pages of math material for free for internal study sessions “That’s amazing” “Awesome!”

SEGA Co., Ltd. announced on June 15 that it had released the PDF material “Basic Linear Algebra Course: Linear Algebra Rotation Expression” for internal study sessions to the public on its official blog. On SNS, you can see comments such as “It’s amazing”, “Awesome!”, “I’m learning AI, but knowing math is important, right?”

Linear algebra is an area of ​​mathematics used as the basis in the science and technology fields of science and technology with computation, and is mainly applied as the technical basis of 3DCG in games. It has become a hot topic during the recent AI boom.

A site that creates facial photos of people who don’t exist in the world “It’s fun just looking at them”

This time, I would like to introduce “This Person Does Not Exist”, a site that uses AI to generate facial photographs of humans who do not exist in the world. At that time, comments such as “It’s fun just to look at it” and “Why can you say it doesn’t exist?” were seen on Japanese SNS due to the high quality of facial photographs.

When you open this site, you will only see one fictional human face photo. If you want to see more photos of human faces, just reload the page. Maybe if you keep reloading the page, you will keep generating different face pics forever.

Map that visualizes the degree of congestion at Ueno Zoo with KDDI and AI Update congestion information every minute

The Tokyo Zoological Park Society is a gift from Ueno Zoo using 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) and AI cameras based on “the basic agreement on the implementation of projects using 5G, etc. .” with KDDI Corporation. We have started to provide “Ueno Zoo Congestion Map” which can visualize the degree of congestion.

This service uses the “congestion status anonymization display” feature of OPTiM AI Camera Lite provided by OPTiM Corporation. The images from the cameras installed in the park are analyzed by AI, and traffic jams are expected every minute around the five areas where traffic jams are expected (general information center, panda forest exit, panda forest entrance , chameleon shop, African animals). through the official “Tokyo Zoonet” website operated by the Tokyo Zoological Park Society.

7 learning contents to learn the basics of Python and data science for free

Now that time spent at home has increased, it’s a great opportunity for students and workers to learn more about AI and data science. Many people want to learn more about AI and Python and want to learn more about data science.

Recently, there are more and more opportunities for free delivery of learning content that allows you to study programming such as Python and deepen your knowledge of data science. Therefore, since June 22, 2021, I have collected learning contents related to AI and data science that can be learned for free.

Yutaka Matsuo, “try first” is most important for DX success

NVIDIA GK held an online event “NVIDIA AI DAYS” on June 16 and 17. During the event, “[G-2]Roundtable: Expanding DX Disparity – A New Approach to Learning from Pioneers -” took place, which discusses “DX Disparity”.

Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd., an auto parts manufacturer, has more than 10,000 employees and still faces various issues such as project settlements and how to proceed with ongoing projects. The company’s core stance on DX is “to use DX as a means to solve such problems”.

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Reduces Hours of Operation by 7,000 Hours Using RPA “I Want to Assign Employees to High-Value Activities”

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. announced on June 17 that it fully introduced Blue Prism Co., Ltd.’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA). By promoting the automation of simple work, it is expected that working time will be reduced by 7,000 hours next year.

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding launched a simple business automation project with the aim of increasing added value for customers, and promoted various studies and trial introduction in the design department. Convinced of the effect of automation, we again selected the tool during the large-scale enterprise-wide deployment. In February 2021, the full migration to Blue Prism RPA was completed taking into consideration operational management functions, development productivity and costs.

Accuracy is over 70% AI predicts rent arrears, shortens move-in review from 45 minutes to 16 minutes

Lease Co., Ltd. announced on June 16 that it had released a beta version of the “Tenant Review Support Tool” equipped with the company’s proprietary “Delinquency Prediction AI.” This tool displays the delinquency degree rating and delinquency time prediction result just by inputting the information of 9 items. The accuracy of the prediction is said to exceed 70%. The usage fee is free only for the beta version.

Lease extracts more than 20 characteristics based on rent guarantee occupancy review and rent arrears data from more than 10,000 cases obtained through the operation of the debt guarantee business of rent. By adding real-time data every week and continuously updating the model, we have developed a “Delinquency Prediction AI”.

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