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National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Special Exhibition “You and Robot Ningente, Nanda?”

The robot exhibition “You and Robot Ningente, Nanda?” started at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Odaiba, Tokyo. From March 18 to August 31, 130 objects of about 90 types, including famous robots that everyone knows and the latest robots that will be released for the first time in Japan, are gathered.

An exhibition that not only makes you want to see the latest robots, but also to ask yourself “what are we humans?” Of the relationship with robots. Let’s highlight the highlights of the many things to see and experience.

People yearned for robots in the XX era!

Robot exhibition
Many familiar robots

The place starts with a chronological table which reveals the history of the robots longer than expected, and an exhibition corner of the successive robots which were actually developed. The world’s first humanoid intelligent robot “WABOT-1 (Waseda University Kato Ichiro Laboratory, Oteru Kan Laboratory, Shirai Katsuhiko Laboratory, Uchiyama Akihiko Laboratory)” and “AIBO (Sony Group)” developed in 1973. , “ASIMO (Honda Motor Co . , Ltd.)” and “Pepper (Softbank Robotics)” are aligned.

Robot nostalgia has been around for so long!

The word “robot” was coined by Czech writer Karel Chapek in 1920, but I was surprised at the very beginning of the timeline. It seems that dolls with life of gold and ivory, which can be said to be the precursors of humanoid robots, appear in the literary works “Iliad”, “Greek Mythology” and “Liezi” in British Columbia. British. It’s easy to see that humans have longed for robots for a long time beyond our imagination.

My heart goes out in my ears

Consists of a large number of parts “Wathlete (Atsuo Takanishi Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University)”

Robots “The integration of humans and robots” which replaces body parts such as artificial legs and hands with robots is also progressing, but a large number of parts are required to move the robot flexibly like the human body .

In front of a robot where countless parts are visible, we realize how complicated and miraculous our human movements are. There is also a research result that even if you carry another robot’s arm, humans have the ability to assimilate into the body once you get used to it.

Cat's ears
“Necomimi” experience corner

Of particular note is “necomimi”, which reads the movements of the heart and expresses emotions with the movements of the ears when a cat attaches the ears to the head. Emotions are transmitted through the ear clip and the brain wave sensor attached to the forehead. The ears flap.

When I experienced it, my cat ears were restless and fidgety… Did the robot know that the kindness of the ears made me feel relaxed and at the same time I was excited about the latest technology?

The robot trend that is close to your heart?

By the way, the image of a robot is that it is a high-tech entity that makes human life convenient, but the recent trend seems to be a bit different. A variety of robots have been created that are close to the “heart” of people shaken by various emotions.

What is your heart?
Robot trends “What’s your heart?” Area full of healing beings

For example, the genre of “weak robots”. It’s a robot that’s helpless on its own, but can achieve anything with the support of humans.

“The garbage robot (Toyohashi University of Technology ICD-LAB)” can’t pick up garbage on its own, but looks for someone to help it and makes a weak voice. If you pick up trash thinking “Do you want me to throw it away?”

“Seal Robot Paro (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)”

“Paro (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) seal-like robot” is a therapy robot that gives healing effects to humans. The model is a harp seal pup that blinks and moves its limbs to express joy and anger.

Introduced in hospitals and institutions for the elderly that cannot keep animals. In Denmark, it is used as a medical device in the treatment of depression. By the way, the reason a baby seal is a baby is because everyone has seen dogs and cats and loves and dislikes them, but when it comes to harp seals, it doesn’t there is no chance of seeing them and everyone is obediently accepted as “cute”. !” is.

In addition to this, robots that lack words or only have a tail that reacts when petted, etc., are gathered as a result of healing human beings as a result of human activities holding out his hand. Robots that are kind to the heart seem to be the trend.

“You and the robot Ningente, Nanda?” 』Until August 31. You can see the latest robots, think about humans knowing about robots, and because it’s full of insights, it’s perfect for kids’ summer vacation independent study.

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