Riho Yoshioka appears in the popular project “GIRL OF THE MONTH” by “VOGUE GIRL”! Expressing a pure, neutral, blue and pure world.

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In the new generation WEB magazine “VOGUE GIRL” (https://voguegirl.jp/), which advocates a lifestyle with style for women sensitive to international fashions and trends, we will focus on the girl who most cares The “GIRL OF THE MONTH” project is currently being serialized. Each month, we welcome a cover girl who expresses the universe of “VOGUE GIRL” and delivers the original fashion story with moving content.

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The March 2022 cover was actor Yoshioka Riho who appeared in the popular work “Holic xxxHOLiC” released on April 29. He gained attention with the NHK TV novel “Asa ga Kita” and has been involved in many topical works since then. Received the 43rd Japan Academy Award for Newcomer Actor for the film “Parallel World Love Story” released in 2019 and the landmark film “The Witness”. Currently, the hit drama “Shizuka-chan and Daddy” (NHK BS) is airing. Now, “Holic xxxHOLiC” (released on April 29, 2022), “Haken Anime! from WOWOW “Flesh”, she has an overwhelming presence. you can dress freely in different styles of blue dresses. A soft blue mesh dress, a deep navy blue volume dress like before dawn, a light baby blue tulle dress , a sequined dress that shines like a jewel, etc. Enjoy it.

The editor of “VOGUE GIRL” immediately associated the color of blue with Mr. Yoshioka’s transparent skin and a clear presence that seems to stand out. An innocent smile that shows when the camera is not rolling. He mesmerized the staff with his acrobatic poses, gorgeous eyes and friendly smiles.” And Riho Yoshioka himself said, “Blue is a color that I personally like, and it’s also related to the color of my heart. It’s a free and calm image. At the same time, I was taking pictures thinking about the colors when the view in front of me was clearly unobstructed.”

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Published by Condé Nast Japan from March 2011 to March 2015 as a supplemental edition of “VOGUE JAPAN”. Full transition to digital starting fall 2015. Bridging digital media and advocating not only “cute” but also stylish lifestyles for millennial Vogue girls who encounter world-class fashions and trends, jumping across genres and borders.

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