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“Animedia publishing event” held in the live virtual distribution application “REALITY”. The January issue of Animemedia, which is on sale, features interviews with the top three winners of the event. animation! animation! Will deliver an extended version of the interview, including content that could not be featured in this magazine, and a word of self-introduction from the 10th place winner!
* The event at “REALITY” was held for one week from September 13 to 19, 2021.

■ Event results announcement posted on Animemedia

1st place old man

–Thank you for introducing yourself.
I’m an old man who usually distributes from my parent’s house mainly for the chat.
We aim for delivery that makes everyone happy with high tension. I bite my parents’ sneakers and borrow 120,000 yen. Above all, I want to please my parents.

――What prompted you to distribute on REALITY?
My friend was streaming on REALITY so I installed the app to watch the stream.
I should have put it on to watch it, but my friend introduced me to “Grandpa is really funny” and decided to deliver it crying. Ame-chan… Thank you…

–What has been the most memorable event of your activities so far?
Photos were sent from the first Gachi Koisei, a samba-style courtesy song was sent by a singer-songwriter from Osaka, a poem was sent by a high school girl from Tochigi and Shinjuku every day. A fascinating voicemail message came from a beautician. .
I will never forget him.

–What are your dreams and goals for the future?
For now, the 120,000 yen borrowed from parents will not be increased any more, and it will be possible for listeners to take advantage of it and enjoy an interesting broadcast.
Also, my biggest goal is to have a boyfriend next year. wait.

–Please send a message to Animemedia readers.
We have happy delivery that everyone can enjoy, so please come visit us!
The delivery app is really fun!
It’s really fun!
It’s too much fun and painful!
help me!

[Vieil homme]
A silver distributor who organizes high tension discussions of “Elderly Housing with Care” with the aim of a happy distribution that everyone can enjoy.
Twitter account:@zizi_and_baba

2nd place Mitsuki

–Thank you for introducing yourself.
Otsumitsu- (Monday) *.
Delighted to meet you! It’s a fox girl Mitsuki who came to visit everyone from the moon ♪
It seems that they say he is a “pompoko fox”, but I think he is a solid person!
I give birth thinking “I wish I could be everyone’s parents’ house” ♪

–What has been the most memorable event of your activities so far?
After all, the event that was posted on Animemedia this time is probably the richest memory.
I wanted to give back to people in the countryside, so I took on a daring challenge. The event period was really fun, happy and a week filled with lots of love. I’m glad the delivery I’ve been doing for a long time is tied up like this!

–What are your dreams and goals for the future?
I would like to continue to stay with “everyone at the parents” without changing my affairs.
I’m happy to be everyone’s girlfriend and everyone’s mother (heart)
I want everyone to keep saying, “That’s what happened today. Because it’s “Mitsuki” only when everyone is around ♪

–Please send a message to Animemedia readers.
Again, Otsumitsu (Monday)*. It’s Mitsuki!
Please come and see the mysterious feat (?) that you may be able to speak without speaking ♪ And tell us various stories (heart)
I can not wait to see you! So, good night (Monday)*. is! Yooooo! (heart)

A vixen girl who came to play from the moon. Special skill (?) is to speak silently. Delivered mainly for chat and participatory games.
Twitter account:@rmyMf1EAbkHFdim

3rd place Yuki Parcel

–Thank you for introducing yourself.
Delighted to meet you! Konzutsumi~.
Where do your feelings go, and tonight I’m playing a prank with you, and my name is Yuki Kobukuro.
I love to eat, and I’m a food repo and a big eater. In addition to the usual cast, we also focus on chatting and singing songs, and we all solve daily questions (recently we talked about whether oden is hotpot or stew).

–What has been the most memorable event of your activities so far?
I like to try last minute projects that I can’t get done, but I always regret it because it’s sore in the middle of the game, but when it’s over, I feel like I can do it if I’m a human being. The viewer cried more than me, and I was surrounded by a great sense of unity.
What should I do next…

–What are your dreams and goals for the future?
I want to laugh at everyone who seriously thinks about the occasional thing.
It would be even more fun to be able to do this with a lot of people!

–Please send a message to Animemedia readers.
Does everyone who has read this far know me even slightly? The key words were “eat”, “talk” and “sing”~!
Whether one of them interests you or not, do not hesitate to come and visit us!
And thank you to everyone who brought me here! Next year I’m going to try a lot of things so I can shine on a bigger stage than I do now, so keep an eye out!

[Colis Yuki]
We distribute food-focused chats and songs, such as food reports, gluttony and product reviews ordered in each region.
Twitter account:@ko_jagari

The word of the winner of the 10th place in the ranking Personal presentation

4th place muffins

This is the second muffin to appear on the web!
I had planned this time too, but unfortunately I was in 4th place. Next time, let’s love the magazine muffins! Tei!

5th placeNatsu

Deliver energy with bright delivery like the sun!
I’m also active on YouTube as an idol and creator!

6th placeParuko

I am a peer child who plans and distributes songs (ᐛ)
We deliver daily with the aim of delivering smiles and courage! Thank you all for your help!

7th place Show Hey

Singer-songwriter system!
Assertiveness Explosive Age Dispenser!
LGBT T people!
Be loved by all~

8-bit True Excellent

Let’s talk quietly.

9th place Minazuki

He is a person who loves cats and has intense emotions.
We are aiming for a radio-like framework for BGM work.

10th place Pure white light snow

Singing Youkai Fox *°
We deliver every day aiming for a song framework that will resonate with listeners ♪ I will continue to do my best so that I can have a great time with everyone ☆ *°

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Ming Hualing
Saeki I (I)
Haru Nakajima
teru teru
Yuzu Hinase
Miwa from the city of cats
Poetry Fallen Cat Meg

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