[PR]Japan’s Largest IT Exhibition “31st Japan IT Week Spring” will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from April 6-8

March 29, 2022 9:30 am

RX Japan“No. 1” sponsored by Co., Ltd. (former company name: Lead Exhibition Japan)31times Japan Computer Week “Spring”2022year4moon6day (water) ~8It will be held at Tokyo Big Sight East Hall until Sunday (Friday). The exhibition is12Consists of a specialized exhibition ofTHISJapan’s largest exhibition*of640The company plans to exhibit in one location. Also, on site3In days20We will organize a session with a seasonal theme that exceeds.Currently, “No. 131times Japan Computer Week “Spring” accepts pre-registrations.

Composed of 12 exhibits
Popular products and services are now available

“31st Japan IT Week Spring” is Japan’s largest IT exhibition consisting of 12 specialized exhibitions. Holding a wide range of IT fields, it will be an indispensable exhibition for exhibitors and visitors looking for business expansion. ((*Comparison of the number of exhibitors and the exhibition area of ​​the products with similar exhibitions. )

At the exhibitor’s stand, sales and orders of products and services, consultations on problems, quotations and discussions on the time of introduction take place. Another feature is that many popular products and services will be exhibited. For example, cloud enterprise reform EXPOAt[printemps]”AccountingDX・Expense settlement ”“Legal tech”“Information sharing ・WITH AProducts and services such as “electronic contract / digital application” will be introduced. Visitors can actually watch the demonstration and observe the real machine.THISYou can consult the company directly.

The exhibitions that will take place are as follows.

① EXPO on cloud enterprise reform[printemps]
Special exhibition of products/services such as ERP/accounting/personnel system, electronic payment, workflow, electronic invoicing/contract/expense settlement, business chat/groupware, work style reform/remote work, etc. .

② Software & Application Development Fair[printemps]
A specialized exhibition where products and technologies for the development, maintenance and operation of software and applications are exhibited together.

③ Sales Automation・CRM EXPO[printemps]
A specialized exhibition where products/services that streamline sales, such as SFA, customer management and online business negotiations, are exhibited together.

④ Embedded/Edge Computing Fair[printemps]
An exhibition where CPU/MCU, edge computing, middleware, edge computers, development tools, etc. will be exhibited together.

⑤ Data Center & Storage EXPO[printemps]
Special exhibition where storage-related solutions such as NAS, SAN, disk equipment, operations management software, etc. are collected in addition to data center facilities such as servers, racks and UPS.

⑥ Information Security EXPO[printemps]
Special exhibition where all information security and targeted attack countermeasures products are exhibited in one place

⑦ Web & Digital Marketing EXPO[Printemps]
A specialized exhibition where marketing-related solutions such as marketing automation, web marketing, advertising technology and video advertising are exhibited together.

⑧ IoT and 5G Solutions Fair[printemps]
Special exhibition where remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, production control, 5G solutions, local 5G, IoT data usage, communication modules, M2M devices, etc. will be exhibited together.

⑨ EXPO EC and new generation store[printemps]
An exhibition where many products such as mail order support services, store management, customer attraction, customer service solutions and online and physical store cooperation services are exhibited.

⑩AI / Business Automation Fair[printemps]
A specialized exhibition where enterprise automation solutions such as AI (artificial intelligence), RPA and chatbots will be exhibited together.

⑪ System Operation Automation Exhibition[printemps]
An exhibition where server operation/construction, network monitoring, virtual machine management, PC management support services, etc. are exhibited together.

EXPO Remote Home/Work Support[Printemps]
Special exhibition where services and products that support telecommuting and remote work are exhibited together

Organize seminars of various genres next to the venue

“The first one31times Japan Computer Week The charm of “spring”1One is a seminar. “Digital transfer”, “Metaverse”, “smart city” and “sustainable” alongside the siteDX“No-code development” and other seasonal themes will be offered. In the keynote, “Panasonic’sDX -Toward Strengthening True Competitiveness-“, Panasonic Corporation Executive Officer GroupIT’S Hajime Tamaki will be on stage.

In terms of payment, “Amazon payment Think about your business THIS About “important points that lead to successful site management” Amazon Japan (as above)Amazon paymentMr. Takuya Inogawa, general manager of the head office, will give a lecture. Also, the storeDXThere will be several seminars related to this, but we will be accelerating the introduction to unstaffed payment stores.TOUCH TO GOMr. Tomonori Akutsu, President and CEO ofMicromarketPresentation of the “strategy”.

⇒ Seminar programto see

In addition, Edesign Insurance Co., Ltd., FM Tokyo Co., Ltd., Yahoo Japan Corporation, NTT Data Co., Ltd., Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Cisco Systems Co., Ltd., ZVC Japan Co . ., Ltd., Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Fujitsu Metaverse Technologies Inc., Mitsui Bussan Co., Ltd., Asteria Co., Ltd., KDDI Co., Ltd., NTT Docomo Co., Ltd., Rakuten Mobile Co., Ltd., Works ID Co., Ltd., Nippon IBM Co., Ltd. ( Ionnext Preparation Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., Intel Co., Ltd., Cabinet Office, Hakuhodo Co., Ltd., SkyDrive Co., Ltd., Keio University Graduate School, Nippon Denki Co. , Ltd., Japan Digital Transformation Promotion Association, LeapMind Co., Ltd., Japan Hulett Packard Co., Ltd., Amazon Web Service Japan Co., Ltd., HENNGE Co., Ltd., Cybozu Co., Ltd., En Japan Co., Ltd., Beta Japan Co., Ltd., Gillia Co., Ltd., Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd., Digital Realty Co., Ltd., NoCodeCamp Co., Ltd., Dip Co. , Ltd., Rakuten Group Co., Ltd., RPA Technologies Co., Ltd., Comnico Co., Ltd. on stage Prior application is required to attend the seminar.

Also, during the “31st Japan IT Week Spring”, it is said that extensive corona measures will be implemented so that visitors can come with peace of mind.

Event overview
[Nom général]31st Japan IT Week Spring
【Duration】 From April 6 (water) to April 8 (gold) 2022
[Heure]10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (ends at 5:00 p.m. on the last day only)
[Lieu]Tokyo Big Sight East Hall
[Organisateur]RX Japan Ltd. (former company name: Lead Exhibition Japan)

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