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Pursuing the reality you can feel in front of you, from celebrities to the deceased

April 14, 2022
Orutsu Co.,Ltd.

Co-development of the Metaverse Digital Clone “Metalli Unia” with Orutsu and Metalial
Pursuing the reality you can feel in front of you, from celebrities to the deceased

Orutsu Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Deputy Director: Chiyoda Yonekura, hereinafter “Orutsu”), which develops digital clones and PAI (Personal Artificial Intelligence)*1, and Metalial Co., Ltd. (listed on TSE Mothers) Security Code: 6182 Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Junichi Goishi, hereinafter “Metareal”) began joint development of a service that replicates and interacts with real people and people who died by digital cloning in metaverse space.

[À propos de Metalliunia]
Around this time, Orz announces that he has started joint development of “MetaReunia”, a service that allows you to meet human digital clones in the Metaverse space with Metalial.

As a result, Oltz advances to the Metaverse.

By merging the digital cloning technology of real people possessed by Orutsu and the real metaverse space technology possessed by Metal Real, we bring the “warmth” of human beings, which was difficult to replicate with CG avatars, into the metaverse.

“Metalli Unia” uses a VR browser system developed by the Metallic group “Travel DX” and “VR Music” and whose technology has been refined. The VR Browser is equipped with advanced functions such as voice call and AI translation as standard.
We will reproduce the VR version of our digital clone on this VR browser. The digital clones operate at high speed using the Emes distributed arithmetic platform developed by Oltz, creating a situation as if a real individual exists in front of you.

[Visant un clone numérique de l’espace Metaverse]
“Real” meetings not only with existing people and celebrities, but also with former great thinkers, managers, etc. will give us an impact as an experience that goes beyond the knowledge acquired in books and the like. ..
In addition, we will achieve a “reunion” with an important person who wants to meet again, which was only in our memories, and aim for service that gently touches the deepest layers of people’s hearts, such as loss and desire.

For Ortz, this effort has the meaning of paradoxically transforming the digital clone, which was once a fictional existence on the other side of the screen, into a fictional space itself. Moreover, it is nothing but an achievement of a higher degree of reproduction of digital clones, including the body.

In collaboration with Metalreal, a “global ubiquitous” company aiming for a world without time, place, language and physical restrictions, we will realize the “united” in the “meta (higher)” space.

■ Orutsu Co., Ltd.
Thanks to the research and development of PAI (Personal Artificial Intelligence) “alt” by digital cloning technology, we make our daily lives assets that continue to generate lasting value, and we are the first in human history to regulate ourselves by our own evaluation. It is a company that aims to create and realize an autonomous society.

Company name: Orutsu Co., Ltd.
Address: 7-15-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo SENQ Roppongi 809
Representative: Chiki Yonekura, Representative Director
Created: November 2014
Business: Development and provision of PAI (Personal Artificial Intelligence) “alt”, research and development of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence-related technologies, and consultancy, planning, development and operation of related services.

* 1 What is PAI (Personal Artificial Intelligence)?
“PAI (Personal Artificial Intelligence)” is an AI that aims to digitize our own intentions and place them on the cloud to clone any digital work.

* “PAI” is a registered trademark of Orutsu.
“PAI” concept film:

■ About Metalial Co., Ltd.
Corporate mission “Freeing humanity from place, time, language and physical restraints”
AI, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), 5G/6G/7G (high-speed communication, large capacity, multi-connection), 4K/8K/12K (super resolution video), video distribution By integrating the latest technologies such as solutions, wearable devices, robots and HA (Human Augmentation), people around the world can interact, live, work and live “anytime, anywhere, without language”. that you can enjoy.
For two years, we have been focusing on “Metaverse Business” as a growth area, and our group companies MATRIX Co., Ltd. (“Anywhere Door”) and Travel DX Co., Ltd. (“Anywhere Door Trip”) are in charge.

Company name: Metalial Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-7-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo New Kudan Building
Representative: Junichi Goishi, Representative Director
Created: February 2004
Business Content: Planning, Developing, and Operating a Language-Free Machine Translation and Life VR Service

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