Notice and thanks for the completion of all programs “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2021”:

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Event report, participant interview, discussion event summary video released

Sendai X-TECH Promotion Secretariat (Location: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, General Secretary: Takashi Takekawa), as well as Sendai City (Mayor: Kazuko Kori), are active in business and human resources that can use AI, and related to AI. In the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2021” (hereinafter referred to as “this project”), which aims to create an “AI-Ready City, Sendai” ecosystem, all programs planned for FY2021 have been completed. I will inform you. In addition, as part of the results of this project, we published the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Award 2022” event report, a summary video of the sponsored discussion event and interviews with participants.

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1) AI business creation program

As a program to create examples of the use of AI in local industries, we have set up “ Artificial Intelligence to Learn Really from Idea to Implementation” and “Individual Mentoring Program for Creating AI Business”. ..

In addition, as a culmination of these efforts, the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Award 2022” will be held to compete for ideas to solve new businesses and business problems using AI. Nine companies and organizations based in Tohoku and Sendai took the stage and presented ideas for using AI that contribute to new business creation and business sophistication.

● “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Award 2022” event report released
Announcements from companies and organizations based in Tohoku and Sendai are posted.

* You can also check the event report from the QR code.

2) Produce a total of 36 holders of the G-test/E qualification in the AI ​​human resource development program

Aiming to acquire “JDLA” G-test “as a program to build an ecosystem that sustainably creates high value-added businesses by fostering human resources who can work on business development using advanced computer technologies such as l ‘AI. Artificial Intelligence” and “Aiming to acquire the JDLA qualification “E”! Machine learning & deep learning”.

Businessmen, including leaders of Sendai City, have passed the “JDLA” G-test “acquisition! Basics of artificial intelligence”, and 26 people have acquired the G-test. In addition, 10 people have acquired the E qualification by following “Aiming for the acquisition of the JDLA E qualification”! Machine learning and deep learning” centered on Sendai city engineers. *1
*1: For details on the G test and E qualification, please refer to the Japan Deep Learning Association website.

3) X-TECH Lecture Series

To broaden the base of advanced computing technologies such as AI, we organized a conference inviting experts familiar with the key points of using AI, companies developing businesses using AI and key people involved. in the development of human resources in AI.

● Publication of a recap video of the Talk event
You can view the recap video that summarizes the main points of the discussion event from the following URL.

● “Essence of” AI “basics and business use”

* You can also watch the video from the QR code.

● AI to Solve Social Problems: Japan’s potential will flourish through cutting-edge technology.

* You can also watch the video from the QR code.

● AI/Data-related work and career – What kind of people are AI human resources who “compete for half a person”? What type of work? ~

* You can also watch the video from the QR code.

4) Interview with participants

Interview articles from two people who participated in the AI ​​business creation program and the AI ​​human resources development program are posted online.

● Interview with Masahiro Takatani, General Manager of NSC Co., Ltd.

* You can also view the interview from the QR code.

● Interview with Mr. Teruhiko Kawashima, Managing Director and Secretary General of Sendai Keizai Doyukai

* You can also view the interview from the QR code.

5) Comment by Takashi Takekawa, General Secretary of Sendai X-TECH Promotion Secretariat

This year, in addition to the sponsored city of Sendai, Tohoku University, Sendai Keizai Doyukai, DX NEXT TOHOKU and other representative organizations and groups, as well as the Japan Deep Learning Association and other industry groups in the field AI/data will be The program has been developed, attracted and delivered, and a total of 500 event attendees, approximately 40 G-certified/E qualification holders, and more than 10 applications for the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Award 2022”. take a steady step towards “AI-Ready City, Sendai”. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated in “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2021” and cooperated with us, and we hope that you will continue to work together to take this step to the next leap.

What is Sendai X-TECH 2021 Innovation Project?
This project is based on the creation of new businesses by combining advanced IT technologies such as AI and IoT with various industries (X-TECH: Cross-Tech), and the training and exchange of IT human resources peak. aims to create a future where the people of Sendai and Tohoku can experience wealth by creating innovations through the power of technology.
From 2017, we aim to support business co-creation through open innovation such as ideathon and business creation, support human resource development through conferences and practical workshops, to create exchange opportunities for metropolitan IT human resources and Sendai IT human resources, and to promote the spread of X-TECH We have carried out promotion projects, etc., and worked to create a soil where X-TECH innovation will occur and to create a Sendai brand where human resources can return.
From this year, we will consider Wiz Corona as a social premise, and support business development for building a “next-generation X-TECH business” that uses AI, and support the development of human resources in AI who can work on business By strengthening, we aim to build an ecosystem in which new initiatives and high value-added businesses can be sustainably created in local industries.

Overview of the secretariat
Name: Sendai X-TECH Promotion Office
Creation date: September 7, 2021
Objective: Planning and operation of “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2021”
Building an ecosystem that creates new businesses with Sendai’s X-TECH
Participating Group: Zero to One Co., Ltd.
Aiforce Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Miyax Co., Ltd.
PERSOL Innovation Co., Ltd. TECH PLAY Company
Parsol Innovation Co., Ltd. eiicon company

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