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The AI ​​(artificial intelligence) industry is evolving and growing every day at a dizzying pace. Various companies are launching new services and working on experiments.

So in this article I covered it in’s all you need to know about the latest AI newsdo. If you’re reading this article, you should be able to see AI trends, such as stories about new demo experiences as well as examples of AI usage.

AI Featured News November 13-26

Do not use mathematical formulas as much as possible! Free Data Science Course at Shiga University

On the online course site “gacco”, starting from 3:00 p.m. on November 15, “Data Science for University Students (II)” will be offered by the Faculty of Data Science of Shiga University, with the policy “to use as few mathematical formulas as possible”. There are no tuition fees.

In this course, we will explain different machine learning methods and their applications. We will start with an explanation of “what is machine learning?” and then present examples of machine learning applications. By looking at application examples first, it is possible to understand the usefulness of machine learning and learn more positively about machine learning methods.

Decided to introduce a basic income that will provide 5,000 people with 60,000 yen per month Financial resources exceed 2 trillion yen, Chicago, USA

At the end of October, the city council of Chicago in Illinois, United States, adopted on a trial basis the introduction of a basic income (minimum income guarantee) which provides 5,000 low-income people with a monthly payment of $500 (about 57,000 yen) for one year. . The target audience is those whose annual income is $35,000 or less and is randomly selected.

In recent years, there has been a keen eye on basic income around the world. Not only the progress of AI, but also the social context such as recession, worsening unemployment rate, declining birth rate and aging population, and widening disparity due to spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) are significant.

“Tomitake” Supercomputer Won Global First Place in MLPerf HPC Machine Learning Processing Benchmark

Fujitsu Limited is a “Cosmo Flow”* supercomputer developed by the company and RIKEN using the “Cosmo Flow”* deep learning model, which is one of the “MLPerf HPC” benchmarks for machine learning processing at large-scale that requires supercomputer-scale processing “Fujitsu” announced that it had reached the highest speed in the world and won the first place.

It has been shown to have the highest level of performance in the world in the field of large-scale scientific and technological calculations using machine learning.

* A deep learning model that predicts cosmological parameters from the results of 3D simulations of dark matter distributed in space.

Free Data Science Course “Open Statistical Data Anyone Can Use” Ministry of Interior and Communications Starts Recruiting Students

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Communications began recruiting participants for the online data science course “Open Data Statistics Anyone Can Use” from November 16. The course is scheduled to start on January 11, 2022.

This course explains data analysis methods that use open statistical data for working adults and university students. Learn data analysis methods using e-Stat, Statistical GIS, API functions, and more. from the official statistics portal site. The speakers will be Hiromu Nishiuchi, the author of “Statistics is the most solid study”, and Yusuke Otsuka, the developer of the real estate price forecasting site “GEEO”.

JR West confirms on-board rail equipment with AI Expected to reduce costs by about 1.6 billion yen per year

West Japan Railway Company (JR West) will use AI (artificial intelligence) technology to analyze the image information obtained from the vehicle for the new comprehensive inspection vehicle “DEC741” from November 2021. Install “Analyzer ” and start the test operation. Aim for practical use from 2025.

Currently, the railway equipment of conventional lines is mainly to visually check the condition of the site and the real thing, and many employees of the group carry out inspections on the track daily. JR West presented the DEC741 this time with the aim of performing these inspections on board and improving safety and productivity.

AI recommends a matchmaking partner with a “face close to your liking” by quantifying the face types of over 70,000 members

On November 16, IBJ Co., Ltd., which operates the “Federation of Japanese Marriage Agencies”, renewed the AI ​​matching function of the IBJ Matchmaking System (IBJS).

In this renewal, under the supervision of the Japan Face Type Diagnosis Association, the face types of more than 70,000 members will be examined from all elements such as outline, part position, part size, inclination of parts (droopy eyes, drooping eyes, etc.) Quantify face type. The person with the “face type close to your taste” obtained from the member application’s profile picture browsing log is recommended in ascending order of the difference of the statistical values.

Fire detection from a security camera with AI Discover smoke at night or as bright as a street lamp

Earth Eyes Co., Ltd. announced on November 11 that it had developed an “AI fire prevention system” capable of detecting fire and smoke with a general security camera.

This system is installed in the company’s “Server lite” AI BOX, and by connecting it to a general IP camera, it can detect small fires and smoke without using a sensor, and can prevent the fires that occur in public places or unoccupied facilities. can be discovered and notified at the initial stage.

The pass rate for the 3rd “G-test” in 2021 is 64.45%, and some passers in their teens and 60s

The Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA) announced that out of the total number of 7399 candidates for the 2021 3rd G-test (generalist test) conducted on November 6, 4769 passed. The success rate was 64.45%.

The number of successful candidates by age group is 47 (0.99%) for teenagers, 1781 (37.35%) for 20s, 1499 (31.43%) for 30s, 1007 (21.12 %) for the 40s and 386 for the 50s. There were 44 people (0.92%) in their 60s and 4 people (0.08%) unknown.

20% reduction in delivery time from warehouse thanks to AI Solves the problem that “optimal operation is difficult with human programming”

Datumix, Inc., which promotes DX logistics with digital twins, on Nov. 9 acquired the rights to “AI algorithm” technology jointly developed with Toyo Kanetsu Co., Ltd.

“AI Algorithm” is software that can reduce shipping time by using weather prediction technology. By changing the software while keeping the hardware as it is, delivery work can be made more efficient, which is helpful in solving problems for warehouse operators.

Shiga University Offers a Free Course to Learn Data Science Problem Solving

The online course site “gacco” launched “Data Science for University Students (III) Problem Solving” by the Faculty of Data Science of Shiga University from 3:00 p.m. on November 15. There are no tuition fees.

In this course, we will explain the knowledge and skills needed with real-world data in order to solve real-world problems using various data science analysis methods. First, learn the PPDAC cycle as a problem-solving framework.

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