Media Do Invests 500 Million Yen in VR Company HIKKY and Establishes Business Alliance / Aims to Create New Experience Value for Reading in Metaverse Area and Expand Market | Media Do Co., Ltd.

Media Do Co., Ltd. (TSE First Section 3678, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Yasushi Fujita, hereinafter “Media Do”) is the largest in the world.1We have invested 500 million yen in HIKKY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Yasushi Funakoshi, hereinafter “HIKKY”), which provides development solutions for VR services such as the VR event “Virtual Market”. , I will let you know. The two companies entered into a capital and commercial alliance on January 18, 2022 (Tuesday).

Media Do has been working on various business expansions in an effort to help expand the content market. In the future, virtual reality, which provides an intuitive and realistic experience of virtual space, will enter an era where people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy it. I think it will spread widely. Through a business alliance with HIKKY, we will research, plan, and develop to elevate “book encounters” and “reading” into a wider range of “experiences” in the metaverse, and will continue to distribute related books, manga and IP. We will work to promote and expand the market.

1 Guinness World Records™ Certified as “Most Booths at Virtual Reality Marketplace Events”


HIKKY is a VR company whose main business is the planning, production and promotion of large-scale events in the VR/AR field, and the development of new business with partner companies. It was established with the aim of developing the living space, economic space and cultural space of the virtual world, and discovering and nurturing the creators, with the eye-catching creators leading the VR entertainment as members . We provide the world’s only VR solution with the goal of “creating a world where the value of everyone’s creativity is widely recognized”. The world’s largest VR event “Virtual Market” sponsored by HIKKY won the highest award in the marketing category of the international VR award ceremony “VR AWARDS” in 2020, and the highest award in Japan” XR CREATIVE AWARD 2020″. Guinness World Records™ in 2021.

Objective of this investment

Focusing on the future of e-books in the so-called “media phone” era, we have been engaged in the distribution business for about 15 years after the switch to smartphones, while creating and expanding the distribution of ” new reading experiences” in different ways. .Contributed to. In addition, in 2021, the development of BtoC services such as the NFT marketplace “FanTop”, which will be the mainstay of the development of new activities, and the common video viewing service “GREET” will start. In addition, we have developed a “XR manga” system which makes full use of VR technology, and created “Komi Navi VR” where you can enjoy the books purchased from our own “Komi Navi” electronic bookstore in the VR space, and the entire volume of “Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition”. We develop a wide range of activities with the aim of contributing to the expansion of the publishing and content industry, such as the release of “XR Manga Fist of the North Star”, which allows you to immerse yourself in the world of VR.

This investment in HIKKY and the capital and business alliance is also based on this initiative, and Media Do will play a role in the planning and sourcing of intellectual property in the Metaverse area, as well as the technical aspects to create value. for new experiences related to We will also collaborate with HIKKY in the research and development of. By sublimating “encounters with books” and “reading” into discoveries and methods of reading specific to the Metaverse, and “new experiences” that go beyond reading, we work to discover books, mangas, and associated IPs and the increase in broadcast volumes.

Specifically, in addition to providing a place where users can encounter a large number of books both in the metaverse, as well as in real space, a space where fans can gather and enjoy the theme of their favorite content like the manga (impressions and creating a place of exchange). We also aim to sell original novels and manga from creators, publish and exhibit fan art, and expand opportunities for IP collaboration among Vket exhibitors. Along with new Metaverse initiatives in conjunction with existing companies such as FanTop, GREET, and XR Manga, Media Do Group’s largest anime/manga community and database “MyAnimeList”2We will also consider developing a metaverse for the growing number of anime and manga fans around the world, and aim to demonstrate synergistic effects.

2 MyAnimeList: SNS with 18 million monthly users, 99% usage rate overseas, and anime and manga fans all over the world

Comment from the CEO of HIKKY Co., Ltd. Yasushi Funakoshi

After NTT DoCoMo, we are very happy to have decided to work with Media Do. We want to evolve the trust and achievements that the company has built with many publishers and booksellers into a new way of enjoying “reading in the metaverse” that uses HIKKY’s know-how. Additionally, we aim to create a new environment where the appeal of content such as manga can be shared interactively with users and sometimes with publishers. I am convinced that these are efforts to further expand the possibilities of creators. There are other ideas, but first of all, today’s announcement with NTT DoCoMo and Media Do will be the first step in realizing the business, and it will be a bridge between pursuing the Metaverse business expansion and the real world. strive to provide an experience.

Commentary by Yasushi Fujita, President and CEO of Media Do Co., Ltd.

Media Do aims to help maximize the distribution and return of profits from copyrighted works in order to achieve a healthy creative cycle of copyrighted works and contribute to the development of Culture. We believe that the Metaverse, where communities as diverse as reality will be born, will be an economic zone that will have a wide content distribution area in the future, closing the gap with reality. We are delighted to be able to partner with HIKKY, which is developing a unique open VR platform, by hosting a global event in Metaverse. In empathy with the idea of ​​”creating a new economic zone with an open metaverse”, we will challenge distribution in the metaverse in a wide range of areas, not to mention e-books. Together, we will make new efforts to bring new experience value to users and help expand all distributions such as content.

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