Launch of Dyson Demo VR: offers a new virtual store experience using laboratory technology | Press release from Dyson Co., Ltd.

Dyson announced on November 19 UK time Dyson Demo VR (Dyson Demo VR), an online experience platform that lets you try out Dyson technologies and products from home at home. using VR headsets using Demo Vial’s advanced virtual reality technology). Dyson Demo VR offers a new online in-store experience where you can learn and experience Dyson technologies and products in an immersive online virtual space environment. Dyson Demo VR uses many of the same visualization and simulation techniques that Dyson engineers work on during the product development phase, including prototyping and iterative testing, and software used in R&D labs. ..

Merging the offline experience in physical and online stores with high convenience and engagement will lead to a better customer experience. With live streaming events and personalized video demonstrations by Dyson experts, which will be recently launched on the official Dyson online site, you can meet the product that’s right for you and select the product with an understanding of the technology. .

As the penetration of D2C business accelerates and the market grows, we will strive to improve the D2C experience online and in stores through this new attempt. These virtual experiences cannot be described without the existence of the Dyson Demo store, which is directly operated by Dyson and has expanded to 318 stores worldwide. The Dyson Demo store is expected to open 30 new stores in each city due to the recent pandemic, 19 new stores by the end of the year and 23 new stores in 2022.

James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer of Dyson, said:
“As engineers, we always want to improve something. One of them is how we can touch, learn and deliver experiences with Dyson technology. Dyson has always brought advanced VR technology into our new products. We have used it for development. This time, we will apply the same technology to deliver new experiences in physical stores and online stores. With the spread of D2C, product manufacturers are increasingly calling for buy direct.Because we, as we have developed it, have the best understanding of how the technology works.At the same time, we always have a way to better understand Dyson’s technology, such as the in-store experience corners, online live performances and video chats. We have been exploring. On top of that, we will be offering new experiences through virtual space.”

Dyson Demo VR is Dyson’s first attempt to provide an online experience using virtual reality. Starting Friday, November 19, Oculus Quest Store ( will no longer be downloadable and available. This VR experience will be improved and updated iteratively in the future.
The contents that can be used in the first stage (Phase 1) of this period are as follows.

  • Product demonstrationFeatures: Dyson Supersonic Ionic hair dryer, Dyson Corrale™ Hair Iron, Dyson Airwrap™ Styler and laser technology to visualize*¹ fine dust and prevent it from being missed in the virtual space. Dyson V15 Detet™ Cordless You can try the cleaner.
  • Inside the technology: Learn how the technology works through interviews with Dyson engineers and animations.
  • Home trial: Find out how Dyson technology works in the real world, whatever the type of carpet or floor covering, so you can choose the right product for your living environment.

For future developments, we plan to provide a virtual shopping experience with the ability to speak with Dyson experts while staying at home.

Sean Newmarch, Dyson’s e-commerce director, said:
“Dyson Demo VR applies the same technology Dyson engineers use in R&D labs, so you can get a closer feel for Dyson technology and the actual design used in R&D labs. You can use data to understand the performance and functions of Dyson products in greater detail.You will experience virtual products working in a virtual space, but since you are using the actual product software, it is extremely seamless at home. A realistic experience is possible.”

* ¹ Lasers are designed for floors. The effectiveness of the laser depends on the ambient light, the type of dust and the type of floor covering.

  • Product development in a virtual environment

Dyson has integrated virtual reality and other product development tools and simulation tools to advance technology development by making full use of the virtual environment before starting to manufacture the first physical prototypes. For example, in the electric vehicle development project (, in addition to simulating the driving experience on the road, interior and exterior colors Use VR to replicate material and finish. This allows engineers to gain a more detailed understanding of motion inside the on-board engine in the virtual world at a higher level than before. And before we start making the real prototype, we could use it in the development by testing the proximity sensing function and performance and solving the problem.

Principal Principal Engineer Mike Aldred said:
“Dyson’s technology solves complex problems and is closely linked to the daily lives of our users. You must use it to familiarize yourself with it. To ensure the high functionality, durability and reliability of Dyson products. It is extremely important to try it out in the real world, and the advanced virtual simulation environment speeds up testing and lets you try it out in a wide range of scenarios Understand and therefore develop high-performance technology faster than ever before .”

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Dyson Demo VR will be available on Dyson’s official online site from November 19, 2021. It is a virtual reality space that can be used on desktop and mobile, and a VR headset is used for it. ‘use. With Dyson Demo VR, you can experience Dyson’s latest technology through immersive interaction in a virtual space that makes full use of cutting-edge digital technology. Also, the Web3D version (no VR headset required) will be available on desktop, tablet and mobile in the future.

Official DYSON Online Store
From anywhere in the world, just visit or to discover the science and engineering behind Dyson’s unique technology. Dyson experts will provide live video demonstrations of Dyson products and provide various product information as needed (some of these services are not currently available in Japan). Dyson experts can help you with vacuum cleaner demos, air purifying product advice and styling tips, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for the information you want. In live chat, advisors will guide you through which Dyson products are perfect for your home environment. In addition, we will deliver it for free at the desired date and time. You can choose limited color only on Dyson official online site, or you can choose direct limited tool free of charge (some of these services are currently not provided in Japan).

DYSON Demo Shop:
The first Dyson Demo store looks like a gallery of sculptures, with clean and beautiful Dyson vacuum cleaners lined up on the pedestal. In such a space, experts familiar with Dyson products will be stationed to explain the technology in detail. The first store, which opened in Omotesando, Tokyo in 2015, offers a completely different way of showing off technology and a completely new and exciting retail experience. In each store, in order to better understand Dyson’s technology, we will introduce a demo area where you can actually test the vacuum’s suction power with different floor materials and dust samples, a smoke box with performance air purification visuals and the latest from Dyson. Starting from the beauty lab where you can try on the hairstyle you used, the Dyson Demo store has been designed so that you can freely experience the real feeling of use, and it is a space to “try then buy”. . . * Each store may have different displays and layouts.

About Dyson:
Since the launch of the DC01, a vacuum cleaner that did not require a paper pack for the first time in 1993, Dyson has solved various problems such as vacuum cleaners, hair care, air conditioning units, robot vacuum cleaners, lighting, hand dryers, etc. adopted new technologies. We have worked on the development of various technologies. Currently investing £2.75 billion in research and development to create innovative products, teams of engineers, scientists and software developers around the world have partnered with all-solid-state batteries, high-speed digital electric motors, sensing vision systems and robotics. We are engaged in the research and development of technologies such as engineering, machine learning and AI.

The James Dyson Foundation ( provides cutting-edge engineering education and medical research to passionate young engineers around the world. proof. The Foundation annually hosts the James Dyson Award (, an international engineering award, giving engineering and design students and graduates the opportunity to showcase their ideas. The prize, which began in 2005, has supported around 250 inventions so far, and cash prizes will be awarded to winners.

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