Konica Minolta and Softbank agree on a strategic collaboration in the field of video and image analysis using AI and IoT By interconnecting the platforms of the two companies, it is possible to use the model and the optimal AI device according to needs and applications | Konica Minolta

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Konica Minolta Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshimitsu Oyuki, hereinafter “Konica Minolta”) and SoftBank Corp. (Headquarters: Minolta-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Miyagawa) On April 1, 2022, Junichi (hereinafter referred to as “SoftBank”) agreed on a strategic collaboration in the field of video analysis and images using AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT, and Konica Minolta’s “FORXAI” IoT image platform. )” and Softbank’s “STAION” AI Video Analytics PlatformWill be interconnected from the first half of 2022 (planned). As a result, enterprise customers and enterprise partners will be able to seamlessly use the best combination of AI models and devices for each platform based on their needs and applications. Konica Minolta and Softbank will promote the use of the two companies’ platforms in a wide range of industrial fields and accelerate DX (digital transformation).

The service is expected to start in May 2022.

In recent years, as social issues such as a shrinking labor force and increased disaster risk due to climate change have become apparent, there is a need to address social issues through DX in order to improve productivity and to ensure safety and security. been done. Under the “Imaging to the People” management vision, Konica Minolta works on five materialities (important issues) such as “ensuring safety and security in society” through its business. We have a technology that minimizes the influence of the shooting environment on the image by using imaging technology centered on image input/output and image processing, and a model of AI that recognizes a person’s posture and behavior with high accuracy. As part of the “Beyond Carrier” strategy, SOFTBANK promotes new businesses through co-creation with partner companies using the latest technologies based on the telecommunications sector. We also promote DX in a wide range of industry fields by leveraging our abundant sales capabilities in the corporate sector and Japan’s largest customer touchpoints, including group companies. By combining the strengths of both companies, Konica Minolta and Softbank aim to achieve DX that uses video and image analysis in a wide range of fields and contributes to solving social problems.

[Détails de la collaboration]

1. 1.Interconnection of the platforms of the two companies

By interconnecting “FORXAI” and “STAION”, enterprise customers and enterprise partners will be able to seamlessly utilize the most appropriate combination of AI models and various devices compatible with their respective platforms. Specifically, by implementing Konica Minolta’s high-speed and high-accuracy AI processing technology group “FORXAI Imaging AI” on AI video analysis equipment developed by Softbank, enterprise customers will be able to use it. , Use faster and more accurate AI video analysis equipment, and connect Konica Minolta’s “FORXAI Edge Device” data input/output/processing device group to “STAION” and AI video analysis equipment from Soft Bank. It will be possible. The two companies will use SoftBank’s DX know-how and sales capabilities and Konica Minolta’s abundant imaging technology to promote the implementation of video and image analysis solutions that address the problems of customers in a wide range of industries.

2. 2. Areas of focus in strategic collaboration

In this collaboration, we will first work on the areas of digital disaster prevention and smart cities. Using cameras and sensors, we will develop disaster prevention solutions that help ensure safety and security, such as monitoring rivers and visualizing the congested state of evacuation shelters in the event of disaster. Going forward, we will work to develop and deliver solutions that help solve social problems in a wide range of areas such as logistics, manufacturing, construction, long-term care, medical care and retail. detail.

[À propos des plateformes des deux sociétés]

1. 1. Konica Minolta “FORXAI” Image IoT Platform

“FORXAI” is an integrated IoT image co-creation platform developed for the purpose of accelerating DX by visualizing and solving problems faced by various workplaces and sites, and is a technology unique to Konica Minolta . Also, it is comprised of various IoT and AI technologies owned by partner companies. By using “FORXAI”, partner companies will bring together assets, quickly create high-quality solutions, and contribute to the evolution of workplaces around the world and the realization of a safe and secure society.

Official URL https://forxai.konicaminolta.com/

2. 2. Softbank “STAION” AI Video Analytics Platform

“STAION” is an AI video analytics platform originally developed by SOFTBANK, assuming various uses such as business automation/efficiency, productivity/security improvement, marketing, analytics flows of people, surveillance and crime prevention. .. It is possible to collectively manage and operate AI video analysis equipment, and by connecting the AI ​​video analysis equipment that works with “STAION” to a network camera, or using the AI ​​camera that works with “STAION”, AI You can use various services that use the camera image analysis results by “STAION”.

Official URL https://www.softbank.jp/biz/services/analytics/staion/

Going forward, both companies will aim to enhance collaboration synergies while leveraging each other’s technologies and assets, further enhancing their strengths and delivering better value to their customers.

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