Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Da Vinci’s Half-Price “hinotori” Home Surgery Support Robot –Impress Watch

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a “hinotori” household surgery assist robot in the Medicaroid area jointly established by the company and Sysmex at the “2022 International Robot Exhibition” held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 9 to 11 . , “Automatic PCR inspection robot system” was exhibited.

Japan-made surgery assist robot “hinotori surgical robot system”

hinotori Surgical Robot System

The “hinotori Surgical Robot System” surgical assistance robot is based on a four-arm “operating unit” with eight degrees of freedom (joints) and a “surgeon cockpit” that doctors operate while viewing high definition 3D images. is a configured surgery assist system. During an operation while looking at the screen in the “Surgeon Cockpit”, the arm of the “Operation Unit” installed near the patient moves to perform the surgery. It is mainly applied to the type of surgery called laparoscopic surgery. By using a robot, the patient is less invasive (surgical wound) and the burden for the doctor performing the surgery is less.

The arm of the “operating unit” has 8 degrees of freedom to reduce the risk of interference (contact) between the arms and between the doctor and the arm. A double linear motion structure is adopted for the hand part to reduce the amount of movement when inserting. It can also reduce patient invasion. The operating swivel of the instrument can be adjusted by software.

“Operation unit” with 4 articulated arms

Surgeon cockpit. The surgeon operates while viewing the full high definition image.

An ergonomic design is used for the surgeon’s cockpit operated by the surgeon. Reduce the surgeon’s burden. The movement ratio of the arm can be switched between 3:1, 2:1 and 1.5:1. In other words, it is possible to set that the patient clamp moves only a little even if the operation side moves many. Obtained manufacturing and marketing approval in the field of urology in August 2020. Assurance was applied from September of the same year. Since March 2022, it is only for urology.

In December 2020, as the first case, total prostate cancer removal surgery was performed at the International Center for Medicine and Cancer Research (ICCRC), Kobe University Hospital. The time the surgeon operated the surgical assist robot was 3 hours and 39 minutes. Additionally, it has been announced that a total resection of prostate cancer is underway at Fujita Medical University Hospital in September 2021 and Musashino Tokushukai Hospital in November 2021.

“MINS” network support system, 5G use

Operation Demo

“MINS (Medicaroid Intelligent Network System)” is adopted as the platform of the network support system jointly developed by Sysmex, Medicaroid and OPTiM for hinotori. MINS is a system based on AI/IoT platform service “OPTiM Cloud IoT OS” provided by OPTiM, which collects, analyzes and provides information such as various sensor information, endoscopic images and whole room images real-time operation. time can. The aim is to support the operation, the safe and efficient use of operating rooms and to aid in the transmission and inheritance of procedures.

Specifically, MINS collects and accumulates log data such as hinotori’s working status and real-time error information, and responds to issues remotely at the support center. Additionally, we use “Video Streaming” which is a standard module in OPTiM Cloud IoT OS. By live streaming and viewing the video of the operating room, the situation of the operating room can be accurately grasped at the Medicaroid support center. Also, by using “Digital Twin” which is a standard module of OPTiM Cloud IoT OS, it is possible to reproduce the working state of hinotori in three dimensions, not only the operation of the robot during surgery but also the operator operation. It can be entered visually at the Medicaroid Support Center.

In addition to this, in April 2021, in addition to Medicaroid, Kobe University and NTT Docomo under the “Kobe Future Medical Initiative” of Kobe City, adopted as “Local University / Regional Industry Creation Grant Project ” of the Cabinet Office. , In collaboration with Kobe City, it was announced that a demonstration experiment of remote operation of a surgical assist robot via a commercial 5G network was conducted at the demonstration experiment facility “Precision Telesagery Center set up at Kobe University.

“It’s like replacing a foreign car with a national car”

As far as the global market is concerned, surgery assist robots are the most powerful of the American “Da Vinci” Intuitive Surgical. “Da Vinci”, which appeared in 1999, has been introduced in many cases in Japan, and its interface is becoming the de facto standard. Therefore, it is said that the feeling of operation does not change so much even with “hinotori”.

Izumi Yamamoto, spokesperson for Medicaroid, said, “I tell Japanese teachers it’s like replacing a foreign car with a domestic car.” Currently, at the stage of applying to other departments other than urology, we will gradually increase the number of digestive organs, gynecology, respiratory organs, etc., and increase the types of instruments (forceps ) in the future to improve usability. ..

In addition, price competitiveness is also attractive. The price of “hinotori” is about half that of “Da Vinci”, and it is possible to invest in a smaller number of operations. Medicaroid aims to achieve sales of 100 billion yen in 2030.

Exposed automatic PCR inspection robot system

Automated PCR Inspection Robot

Additionally, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Medicaroid demonstrated an automated PCR inspection robot system. The company launched an automated PCR inspection service using a robot in October 2020. Unmanned robots / automate processes that involve risk of infection to protect the safety of healthcare workers. The system is packaged and can be moved as needed. The inspection method is the real-time RT-PCR method. The test can be performed approximately 80 minutes after sample introduction.

It was introduced at Kansai International Airport, etc., and provides PCR inspection services for passengers departing from international flights. A negative certificate can be issued within a minimum of 3 hours from receipt of the control.

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