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Kadokawa Games will release the simulation RPG “Relayer” for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 on March 24. The regular version is priced at 7,980 yen (tax included), and the limited “Deluxe Edition” and “Digital Premium Edition” will be released at the same time. The price is 9,980 yen each (tax included).

This work is a new SRPG robot that the development team is also dealing with the “GOD WARS” series of tactical RPGs. In this work, it is equipped with a combat system centered on the “mechanical type” and the “job” which represent the characteristics of the unit, and the “hate” which visualizes the ease of being targeted by the enemies. , and has a high degree of freedom and strategy. It has been accomplished. Special attacks such as a wide range of special moves “Big Bang” and pinch shot “Back Stub”, cutscenes and scene maps using beautiful 3D models are also highlights.

If you have a PS4 version, you can upgrade to the PS5 version at no additional cost. However, upgrades are not possible for Digital Editions that do not have a PS5 disc drive.

[Relayer Official Game Introduction Trailer Character Edition]

[Vidéo de lecture officielle de Relayer Ice Planet[PS4 / PS5]]


We humans were not alone.

Star 2049.

Humanity finally meets the mysterious alien “Relayer”.

At the same time, the excavation of the ancient civilization of the galaxy triggered the movement of the fateful gear of the human race “Star Child” which was awakened with the special ability.

And the year 2051. The story of the fate of Star Child and Relayer begins with the meeting of two women, which takes place in the lunar colony “Artemis” built on the Earth’s satellite, the Moon.

Welcome to the world of epic space adventures woven by humans and ancient galaxies that anthropomorphize stars and Greek gods!

Presentation of the main game systems

battle system

Progress of the battle

In the main scenario of this work, the story progresses by clearing the battle map. The battle takes place on the battle map via the exit preparation screen and the stage map screen by selecting the “Main Story” mode in the central control room of Asterism. In the battle map, it will be cleared when the victory conditions set for each stage are met.

You can also earn experience points in the battle map where you can challenge as many times as you want by selecting “Battle Simulator” mode in the central control room.

The battle map is displayed in quarter view. Here enemy and friendly units are placed and the player can operate his own character.

When a battle with an enemy occurs, the scene changes from a bird’s eye view to a cutscene, and you can enjoy the battle with a realistic effect. If the weapon type of the ally and the enemy are the same during the battle, a special cinematic will be inserted to liven up the battle.

In addition, the battle progresses according to a system of turns, and it clears by fulfilling the victory conditions (defeating the boss and reaching a specific point) set for each stage.

mechanical type

There are four types of Mecha in this job: Assault, Tank, Snipe, and Scout.

[4 types mécaniques]
・ Assault: Vanguard type specializing in melee attacks
・Tank: The only type that can be equipped with a shield and is good in defense
・Snipe: A middle guard type that specializes in shooting attacks with firearms
・Scout: Rearguard type that is good at buff and debuff

employment system

The character of this job can learn the tasks assigned to the four mechanical types of assault, tank, sniper and scout. There are 5 jobs in total. It is divided into three stages: beginner, intermediate and senior, and a total of 20 job types are prepared with 4 mechanical types x 5 jobs.

Jobs can be upgraded to higher ranked jobs by unlocking the full abilities of entry-level jobs. When releasing the last ability of a beginner job, a root branching of jobs with different roles occurs. When a job root branch occurs, the job is selected based on the player training policy by referring to the explanation displayed on the screen. After branching off on a route, you will not be able to switch to another route unless you release all abilities from higher positions.

By unlocking abilities in each job, you can acquire passive skills that are always activated during battle and active skills that consume and use SP. Character-specific abilities can be acquired by going down either path.

The trial version is being delivered

Trial versions for PS5 and PS4 are available. It is possible to resume save data, and save data created in the trial version for PS4 can also be used in the product version of PS4 and PS5.

[Plage jouable]
Until the end of Chapter 2 of the main story (9 stages)
Battle simulator (12 stages)

[Limite supérieure niveau 30]
If you reach the upper limit, you will not be able to earn experience points and labor points.
* The maximum level in the product version will increase to 300.

[Pas de fonction trophée]
The trophy up to Chapter 2 which is the target of the trial version can be obtained by transferring the save data to the product version.

Simultaneous Limited Edition Release

The limited edition “Deluxe Edition” (package version) and “Digital Premium Edition” (download version) will be released at the same time.

“Deluxe Edition” (packaged version)

【Same content】
・ “Relayer” game software (advance purchase benefits are included)
・ Deluxe Specification BOX
・ “Relay” Tuning Reference Materials
・ “Into The Lost Code” soundtrack

“Digital Premium Edition” (downloadable version)

【Same content】
・Download version game software “Relayer” (advance purchase privilege is included until 23:59 on April 23)
・ “Into The Lost Code” soundtrack
・ “Relayer” Season Pass (3 types of spin-off stories, 4 types of dedicated remodeling machines, purchase privilege: custom weapons and chipsets)

* If you have the PS4 version, you can upgrade to the PS5 version at no additional cost.
* Content other than purchase benefits included in the Season Pass will be delivered at a later date.
* The Season Pass should also be sold separately.
* Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The image is an image.

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