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This is an excerpt from material released in the United States on March 30, 2022.

Intel Corporation has been a leader in PC platform innovation for decades. In addition to providing processors that have powered computing power for billions of people for generations, we’ve evolved connectivity through technologies like USB, Thunderbolt™ and Wi-Fi. We’ve also worked with the ecosystem PC to develop breakthrough PCI architectures and Intel® Evo™ platforms, expanding the possibilities of mobile products.

With the ever-increasing demand for computing among professionals, consumers, gamers, and creators around the world, Intel is unique in providing PC platform innovation to meet that demand. And now we have taken another important step.

Detailed information: Intel Arc™ Graphics (press kit) ( | Intel Releases Arc™ A-Series Discrete Graphics Family for Mobile (Fact Sheet) ( )| Tech Minute: Intel’s Arc™ Graphics Explained in 60 Seconds (Video) ( .html#gs.v8n5j7 )

Today, Intel officially announces the family of Intel® Arc™ graphics products for laptop computers, complementing the Intel® platform. This product is the first discrete notebook GPU in the Intel® Arc™ A-Series graphics portfolio, followed by desktop and workstation products later this year. Watch introductory videos, more information, and technical demos in the newsroom, but hardware, software, and services for the Intel® Arc™ platform and A-series mobile GPU family, and the ultimate in this product. experience.

New Laptop with Intel® Arc™ Graphics:Intel has worked with a major system maker to co-develop a laptop with Intel® Arc™ graphics and a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor with new enhancements for gaming and content creation, an excellent lineup of products. Many new systems with Intel® Arc™ 3 graphics deliver the responsiveness of the iconic Intel® Evo platform, battery life, Wi-Fi 6, and a thin and light form factor. Laptops with Intel® Arc™ 3 graphics allow for 1080p gaming and advanced content creation, while laptops with Intel® Arc™ 5 / Intel® Arc™ 7 graphics perform just as well. In addition to advanced content production capabilities, it offers improved graphics and computing performance. The first laptops with Intel® Arc™ 3 graphics are currently available for pre-order, and more powerful systems with Intel® Arc™ 5 / Intel® Arc™ 7 graphics will be available early this summer.

Unleash the potential of laptop platforms:The new Intel® Xe HPG (Xe HPG) microarchitecture designed for gamers and creators provides the foundation for system products that take a platform-level approach to Intel® Arc™ A-series GPUs and graphics innovation. Xe HPG features a powerful Xe core with the Intel XMX AI engine, DirectX 12 Ultimate optimized graphics pipeline with hardware acceleration for ray tracing, current and future creator workloads. It implements a number of great technologies including the Xe Media Engine, which has been optimized for fast processing, and the Xe Display Engine, which supports DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR10.

· Intel® Xe Matrix Extensions (XMX) AI Engine delivers high computing power to accelerate AI workloads. These AI engines are 16 times more powerful at performing AI inference operations than traditional GPU vector units, improving performance for desktop, gaming and creative applications.

· Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) leverages the XMX AI engine of Intel® Arc™ graphics for high performance and AI-accelerated scaling. XeSS is a new upscaling technology that uses deep learning to synthesize images with a quality very close to rendering native high-resolution images. XeSS will be available this summer and will be available on all products with Arc™ A-series graphics.

· Intel® Arc™ A-series graphics cards are the first in the industry to be fully encoded and decoded. AV1 hardware accelerationProvides faster video encoding and higher quality streaming with the same internet bandwidth. Working with industry partners, many popular media applications currently available support AV1 support, with even more support planned later this year. The AV1 codec will revolutionize the future of video encoding and streaming.

· For Intel® Arc™ graphics to work seamlessly with Intel® processors and integrated graphics to further improve performance for workloads such as gaming, authoring, and streaming.Intel® Deep Link TechnologyHas been integrated. Intel® Deep Link enables dynamic power sharing, intelligently distributes power across platforms, and improves performance of applications that require massive creation and computation by up to 30%*1. Hyper-Encoding and hyper-computing enable multi-engine acceleration in transcoding and AI tasks. For more details, please see the product data sheet.

Community experience: Intel® Arc™ graphics are more than just a component of your PC’s hardware. It’s a gateway for the community to let their imagination run wild and play. We have a dedicated team focused on providing Day0 Game Ready Drivers. This driver takes advantage of the new all-in-one hub, the Intel® Arc™ Control Interface, giving you full control over the delivery of your gaming experience. Intel® Arc™ controls include a custom performance profile, a built-in streaming player, virtual camera, downloadable built-in Game ON driver, automatic game capture, and more. The application supports Intel® Iris Xe and Intel® Arc™ graphics to provide a unified software experience.

Through collaboration with development partners, Intel is expanding its line of optimized gaming and multimedia applications, making them available to discrete graphics card users as a bundle for this product announcement. Bundled apps will vary by system and region, but the first bundled apps for gamers and creators will be available in April alongside the launch of mobile products with Series A.

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Future prospects
Today we have taken a new step. Throughout the year, Intel® Arc™ Graphics will continue to improve and evolve, including new features and an ever-expanding ecosystem. And an Intel® Arc™ external graphics card for desktop enthusiasts will be available this summer*2.

We are very happy to announce this time and hope you will. It’s been a big year for Intel® Arc™ graphics.

Vice President of Intel Corporation and General Manager of the Graphics & Gaming Division
Roger Chandler

1 Performance varies with use, configuration and other factors. To learn more, visit​ (Charts and Accelerators). Results may vary.
2 All product plans and roadmaps are subject to change without notice.

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