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This blog is a Japanese translation of what was written by Shefali Emmanuel (Associate Solutions Architect) and Carole Suarez (Startup Solutions Architect) on May 20, 2021. Click here for the original text.

Author’s Comment: This post is the first in a three-part blog series for college, graduate, college, and sophomore graduates interested in applying to AWS cloud technology. This article is particularly suitable for anyone interested in Associate Solutions Architect, Associate Technical Trainer, Associate Technical Account Manager, Associate Customer Solution Manager, Associate Professional Services Consultant positions on AWS.

Are you interested in starting a professional career in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)? And if such a career interests you, you don’t know where to start? In addition to that, you might be wondering what type of AWS job is right for you, how to learn more about the cloud, and how to prepare for the recruitment exam.

We answered many of these questions by becoming an AWS Associate Solutions Architect. Whether you’re looking for a job at AWS or another company that uses AWS, it’s very important to spend time preparing for the interview. So I’d like to share some tips and resources to help you get started with your cloud operator.

This three-part blog series covers preparations for working as a cloud technician, inventory of current skills, exercises and resources to develop technical and soft skills, and preparations and tips for job interviews. ..

In this blog, the first in the series, we’ll discuss the five associate-level cloud technology jobs offered on AWS and the capabilities required for each job category. Next, we’ll talk about how AWS Tech U accelerates your skills acquisition when you start your career in a cloud technology role.

How did we start our career on AWS?

Our journey as an Associate Solutions Architect began as an intern at AWS Tech U. AWS Tech U is a career development program prepared for new hires into AWS technical roles. AWS Tech U is divided into two phases, each of which takes six months to acquire technical expertise and skills in the AWS cloud domain.

During the first six months of the phase, you’ll learn about core cloud technologies through instructor training, hands-on labs, and lectures. Interns can be mentored by AWS Tech U Program Managers and receive regular coaching and feedback from AWS experts and instructors. During the final six months of the phase, you’ll join field teams in each role to observe customer meetings, receive mentorship, achieve role-based milestones, and earn AWS certifications.

Typical AWS Tech U students are recent college graduates with little work experience and young adults with less than two years of technical work experience. Tech U is only available to new graduates). New college graduates may have a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems, or equivalent training, qualifications, and experience in related scientific/technical fields. Additionally, candidate technical skills may include network, storage, security, databases, data analytics, architecture, infrastructure, operating systems, web development, and development. of applications. Ideally, you should have critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, professional presentations, and excellent communication skills.

Associate Level Technical Positions at AWS

Let’s take a look at the five cloud computing tech jobs targeted by AWS Tech U and the skills needed to be successful in each position. Professions featured here include Associate Solutions Architect, Associate Technical Trainer, Associate Technical Account Manager, Associate Customer Solution Manager, and Associate Professional Services Consultant. These professions have many overlapping characteristics, including the role of interacting with actual customers and the role that requires deep and extensive expertise. AWS Tech U will offer career development programs for these five roles during the first six months of the phase.

Associated Solution Architects (AS) Helps customers build large-scale infrastructure and applications. We also work with AWS as a whole to help you create a scalable, flexible, and fault-tolerant cloud architecture that solves your business problems. As a trusted partner, Associate Solutions Architects help your organization better understand best practices for cloud solutions and how to move existing workloads to the cloud. His main tasks are to establish technical trust in the sales cycle, discover and develop opportunities, communicate best practices through architecture guides, develop technical content, organize workshops and events, understand customer needs and promote innovation, etc.

Associate Technical Trainers (TT) Helps customers deploy and leverage AWS by providing face-to-face and virtual classroom training. As a technical trainer, we provide training content to system developers, system administrators, architects, and AWS partners to facilitate the adoption and use of AWS services. Its main tasks are to provide technicians with training on advanced technology products, to learn new technologies quickly and to revise and improve existing courses and training materials in a timely manner.

Associate Technical Account Managers (TAM) Support the creative and transformative innovation of our customers in all technological fields. The Associate Technical Account Manager helps plan and build best-practice solutions, and provides strategic support and technical guidance to keep your AWS environment running smoothly. The Associate Technical Account Manager leads these strategic customers through release support, training, operational reviews, issue escalation, cost optimization and more. His primary duties include being a trusted advisor for technical and business outcomes, taking strategic action to achieve long-term value for customers and AWS, supporting businesses and the AWS community.

Associate Customer Solution Managers (CSM) Connects customers with AWS leaders, fosters cross-account collaboration and collaboration with product development teams, and plans and supports the migration of large workloads to the cloud. Associate Customer Solution Manager helps with project management for large-scale cloud deployments with reporting and tracking operations. This role not only delivers the quality of AWS to customers, but also actively contributes to solving customer problems using new ideas, tools, and mechanisms. Its main missions are to promote the implementation of services, to ensure a good customer experience and to make proposals to customers.

Associate Professional Services Consultant (ProServe) Plays a role in accelerating the achievement of client business outcomes by supporting the construction of cloud-based IT architectures and models in collaboration with Solution Architects and TAM. Associate Professional Services Consultants promote proof-of-concept projects, run workshops, lead cloud implementations, and more. Primary duties include working to achieve specific results in the customer’s journey to the cloud, providing intensive consulting in specific areas, and conducting seminars on knowledge gained from these experiences. This includes sharing on white papers, blogs, etc.

These professions are not much different from their roles in other companies and organizations that provide technical advice to the business. You’ll often find similar jobs that require both technical knowledge and the ability to collaborate with customers, such as infrastructure architects, cloud delivery architects, and customer solutions engineers. Therefore, if you are acting for a cloud role at AWS or another company, the technical and soft skills for this will be available in a variety of positions.

AWS Japan is not hiring new graduates for TAM or CSM starting April 1, 2022. Please see this page for more information on hiring new graduates for AWS Japan.

The second blog “How to prepare for an interview?”

In the second blog in this series, we’ll give you detailed examples of what you’ve experienced in your job and how to prepare to convey those experiences for a job interview.

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This article was translated by Yoshiharu Ikutani of the Professional Services Division.

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