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On March 29, Fujitsu Client Computing (FCCL) announced the “FMV LOOX” 2-in-1 notebook computer equipped with a 13.3-inch organic EL display. This product, which is also the third in the 40th anniversary PC project of Fujitsu, is a 13-inch Windows tablet.World’s thinnest and lightest 599g

.. It is a high-impact model equipped with several period functions such as “Creative Connect” which allows file sharing and direct operation of other Windows PCs via USB-C connection.

*: As 13.3 inch wide Windows tablet / When using W-LAN tablet model

Received the “CES Innovation Awards 2022” at the annual CES electronics show in Las Vegas. The innovation of this machine has received great international acclaim. How was such a striking model born? We interviewed the development team.

↑ FMV LOOX (direct sale price from 180,280 yen)

“World’s Most Advanced” Gathered to Meet the Needs of CreatorsThe development concept of this product is“Lightness beyond imagination and wisdom to create”a m. According to the designLightness of 599g, thinness of 7.2mm

Is the lightest and thinnest in the world. It’s portable enough to make you forget you’re carrying your PC when you go out.

In terms of “smartness”, we have integrated many mechanisms to meet the needs of creative users. first,Compatible with next-generation pen technology from Wacom “Wacom Linear Pen”, a leading pen tablet manufacturer.

.. With a pointed pen tip that makes it easy to see drawing points and a feature that eliminates coordinate deviation due to pen tilt, this pen enhances the handwriting experience on a tablet at a glance. unprecedented level. In addition, “Wacom Notes” memo application which can recognize handwritten text with high accuracy is pre-installed to pursue usability as a notepad.

↑Wacom Linear Pen

While sharing the screen with other Windows terminals with a USB-C cable connectionThe “Creative Connect” function, which makes it possible to directly exploit the files, is very innovative insofar as it can be connected to PCs which are not manufactured by FCCL.

a m. Use FMV LOOX as a pen tablet to edit artwork on the main PC, which was not possible with tablet PCs in the past. Featuring the world’s most advanced technology and features in terms of “lightness” and “smartness”, this machine is finished as a companion for a wide range of creators as well as illustrators.

“Ascending Terminal to Become a Hero”

According to Mr. Yosuke Konaka of FCCL, who supervised the development of this machine, “this development was done from the bottom up”. This seems unusual in the genre of tablet PCs.

“Tablet PCs are a difficult product from a business point of view because there are already many products. Therefore, we generally have to develop carefully while monitoring other companies’ products and market trends. However, this once there was a voice in the company saying, “Let’s make a completely new product that is not bound by the existing framework”, and we started development in the form of marketing this enthusiasm. The nickname “Hero Tab” was born from the idea of ​​”let’s make a terminal to become a hero” (M. Konaka).

↑ Mr. Yosuke Konaka, Product Management Headquarters. Oversees overall development. It was impressive that I laughed about the difficulties encountered during development.

It was around January 2021 that such a rising voice was heard in the company. It’s been a little over a year since I had the idea, and I was able to announce the product. Some readers may think that the development period of a year or more is “long”, but it seems that it was difficult for the engineers.

“Usually, it takes about 11 months to develop such a device. Development had to start immediately after the product was designed, and the schedule became tough. With the FCCL, the “Planning Judgment Meeting” which decides whether to market or not the product, and the “Development Council” which determines the balance between the cost and the performance of the product on the development side must be cleared before marketing. The Development Council has become a major issue” (M. Konaka)

The engineer’s obsession with the world’s thinnest and lightest

Why has the Development Council gone through a difficult time? This was due to the company engineer’s obsession with “I want to do something new”.

“I was trying to create a device that would make creative users think, ‘I think I can create something new’, but the initial idea that came to the Development Board was surprisingly ‘normal’. The starting point of the project was to get rid of the existing frame, so I wanted to lighten it, reduce the size of the bezel, refine the design… In the process, the main body, initially developed with a thickness of 7.28 mm, has been further reduced to a thickness of 7.20 mm.” (Mr Konaka)

↑ Mr. Tetsuya Uchida, First Development Center, Product Management Headquarters. In charge of equipment development for FMV LOOX. It is said that the Development Council kept giving a lot of harsh notices in order to make this machine “new”. In the interview, he talked about the difficulties with a bitter smile.

“Imaginable lightness” is one of the concepts of this machine. Shinji Aoki was in charge of structural development to achieve this.

“In miniaturization, the question was not only to reduce the footprint, but to know how to dissipate the heat inside. Moreover, if the heat is concentrated in one part, the life of the machine will be shortened, so heat. It was also necessary to homogenize the “” (Mr. Aoki)

Shinji Aoki, Daiichi Development Center of Product Management Headquarters. Mr. Aoki talked about the difficulties of miniaturization. The story was calm, but he was excited about the development.

As a result of trial and error, the machine has a built-in heat sink, heat pipe and graphite film, which has high thermal conductivity. By combining these three elements, high heat dissipation and thermal uniformity are achieved, even if there is no fan.

↑ The interior of FMV LOOX, which Mr. Aoki is dedicated to developing. Mr. Aoki says, “I wanted to make it lighter, so it’s actually squishy.”

A variety of functions that crystallize the desire to “use creatively”

FMV LOOX is equipped with multiple unique functions. At this time, the external cooperation function “Creative Connect” (pictured above) and Wacom’s new technology “Wacom Linear Pen” are available. These functions are installed for the first time in this device. Wacom Linear Pen is the latest technology that has not even been installed in Wacom pen tablets. This machine, which is a PC, is also the most advanced pen tablet in the world.

↑ Mr. Yoshinori Hiasa, Consumer Business Headquarters, who was in charge of technology development for external collaboration. From the idea of ​​”I want to increase the number of external terminals that can be linked so that users can creatively use FMV LOOX”, we made adjustments at the last minute of the announcement.

In addition, we pay particular attention to speakers and keyboards. For example, the four speakers mounted on the rear of the body produce powerful sounds that do not make the smallness of the body felt. The wet and elegant sound has nothing to do with the typical sharpness of small speakers.

The keyboard, which has a concave shape in the center of the keys, is sturdy while maintaining portability. When you hit it, there’s a solid repulsion and the hit feeling isn’t like a 2-in-1 device in a good way. As Mr. Konaka says, “Don’t get tired before users can show their creativity”, this is an original keyboard created as a result of the pursuit of operability to maximize users’ creativity. ..

What the name “LOOX” means, which was relaunched for the first time in 11 yearsThis FMV LOOX is full of commitments of all kinds. This product name also has a special meaning. LOOX is short for “Look at “X”-perience”.This X stands for “change, endless possibilities, experiences”, and this machine is “a revolutionary device that sees the transformation of the future”.

He represents that.

And this isn’t the first time a terminal named “LOOX” has come out. In fact, the company has so far released terminals with the same name. However, some readers may not be familiar with the name LOOX. It should be, and it’s the first time in 11 years that a “new LOOX” has appeared in the world.

The “latest LOOX” is the mobile phone “LOOX F-07C” released in 2011. At the time of its announcement, the F-07C, which has the novelty of being a mobile phone equipped with Windows 7, has received a lot of Warning. Before that, we also released an ultra-compact “LOOX U” PC that fits in the inside pocket of a suit. The LOOX name was used in the line of ultra-small computers.

The reason why the long-sealed name has been revived is full confidence in this machine. First, the name LOOX cannot be used lightly for FCCL. As LOOX states that it is a “revolutionary device that sees the transformation of the future”, it can only be named if it is a suitable product.

“LOOX is the name that FCCL gives when a terminal that prides itself on “it’s revolutionary! ” see the day. In the past, LOOX had never decided to sell under this name from the start of the project. the opinion that this product name was used in the second half of the project was the reason for the naming. This product name is “a tablet that can be used more creatively than ever before”. It is a proof of confidence as a company. ” (Mr. Konaka)

FMV LOOX will be available mid-June. There’s still a long way to go until then, but expectations are high for the innovation this unit will bring this summer.

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