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* 3:23 PM JST Hatena Research Memo (3): Technology solution services grew 45% year-over-year, leading to significant increase in sales.
■ Performance trends

2. Sales trends by service
(1) Content Platform Service
Sales of content platform services began to decline to 240 million yen, down 9.5% year-on-year. The main reason is the decline in advertising revenue, which accounts for 58% of sales. The number of registered users increased steadily, centered on the main service “Hatena Blog”, and the price of the ad unit also increased slightly, but the fall in the number of monthly unique browsers contributed to the decline in advertising revenue. If we consider the evolution of the number of unique monthly browsers every six months, it was 126 million BU in July 2021 and 128 million BU in January 2022, compared to 147 million BU in January 2021 , or six months ago. has recovered slightly in comparison, it remains at the level of 87% compared to the same period of the previous year. Hatena as reason for decline from July 20213930Said that in addition to the decrease in the number of influxes due to the change in search engine logic, the measure to reduce the number of spam content accounts was implemented as a measure to improve the quality of content . Since search engine logic changes are made irregularly, SEO measures are taken when necessary, but the effect seems to be limited. On the other hand, measures against spammy content have been completed, and the company believes that continued efforts to develop high-quality content will lead to a recovery in the number of unique browsers.

On the other hand, it seems that the paid billing service is also slow, which will be a problem in the future. Regarding the business service “Hatena Blog Business”, which started in September 2020, the number of contracts is increasing, mainly for start-ups, and although the impact on business performance is still low, we will continue to expand the functions in the Policy is to develop business demand.

(2) Content Marketing Service
Sales of content marketing services rose 27.0% year-on-year to 393 million yen, the first increase in two years. The number of operations of “Hatena Blog Media”, which is a corporate-owned media, increased by 10% from the end of the same period of the previous year to reach 118, and the average sales per issue also increased by 18% over the same period. of the previous year. He became.

Regarding the number of operations, there are still many open projects for the purpose of hiring and publicizing companies, and the inquiries seem to be favorable. During the first half of the financial year ended in July 2022, 14 new openings and 7 cancellations were made. 13 new openings and 9 cancellations in the same period of the previous year. While it has been effective to acquire leads by hosting webinars, there has been no change in the trend that the time it takes to decide on orders and complete the opening is longer than before the spread of the novel coronavirus infectious disease (hereinafter referred to as corona disease).

The main reason for the increase in average sales per box was that the client-side media operating budget had been reduced due to the influence of the Corona disaster until the same period of the previous year, but the company has taken steps to attract media customers. (production of articles, advertisements, etc.) This is also a factor for which we have worked actively on the proposal. The peak sales of this service was 446 million yen (the number of transactions was 99) for the second quarter of the fiscal year ending July 2020, so it can be said that it is in the process of to sort out.

(3) Technology Solution Service
Sales of technology solution services rose 45.3% year-on-year to 886 million yen, a record on a semi-annual basis. Server monitoring service “Mackerel” and manga viewer “Giga Viewer” performed well with double-digit sales growth. The sales breakdown is disclosed as of FY07/2022, with “Mackerel” at 382 million yen and contract services centered on “Giga Viewer” at 504 million yen.

Mackerel’s cumulative customer count appears to have slowed to an increase of 1.9% from the end of the prior year and an increase of 10.0% from the end of the same period of the year former. Sales remained strong due to higher unit price per customer, reaching a record high of 193 million yen in the second quarter. In addition to being the first national company to achieve “AWS DevOps Competency” certification in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partner System “AWS Partner Competency Program”, “APN Technology Partner of the Year 2019-” in the “AWS Partner Network ( APN) Award 2019” Recognition as a server monitoring tool among AWS users improved, such as receiving the “Japan” award, which led to a further increase in the number of customers, and effective promotional activities also led to the acquisition of new customers. ..

Regarding “GigaViewer”, we recently introduced a web version for “Sunday Webry” (Shogakukan Co., Ltd.) and “& Sofa” (Kodansha Co., Ltd.), as well as a new “GigaViewer for ” for smartphone “Apps” is now available for “Comic Gardo + (Plus)” (Overlap Plus Co., Ltd.). A total of 14 companies and 17 media, including the APP version, introduced “Giga Viewer”. Regarding the web version, we are also working on the exploitation and sale of advertisements, and this will be the first introduction for Shogakukan (the third for Kodansha).

On the other hand, the app version of “Comic Gardo +” is a revenue-sharing contract that works jointly on the operation of advertisements and monetization through one-time sales (the company is in charge of advertising for user acquisition and promotion). .. Overlap Plus has proven itself in the introduction of “Giga Viewer” in “Comic Gardo” (web version), and also aims to guide new players acquired in the web version to the application version and improve sales such as invoicing. will develop and provide a version of the application, and will also operate advertisements. It is believed that there are other publishers and media that have such issues, and it is expected that the number of app versions will continue to increase in the future. The development period of “Giga Viewer” seems to take about 3-6 months per medium.

(Written by Yuzuru Sato, FISCO Guest Analyst)


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