Groovenauts Shows the Press a Demonstration of Shift Calculation with a Quantum Computer

As the labor shortage gets worse, we will create a “robot friendly environment (robot fre)” which will facilitate the introduction of robots to reduce the burden on employees and improve productivity without increasing the workforce at the side dish manufacturing plant is important, and especially when humans and robots work together, it is essential to create mismatches based on the distribution of roles between humans and robots .

Participation in the “robot-friendly environment” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with quantum technology

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced on March 29 that it will work with the public and private sectors on “robots with prepared food and manufacturing process optimization systems” to achieve a “robot-friendly environment” in which robots can be easily introduced. During the recital, it was announced that RT’s “Foodly” side dish serving robot and Connected Robotics’ side dish filling robot had been adopted to concretely promote the introduction of ICT in the food manufacturing site. accompaniments. by quantum computer, development of a sales forecasting system and presentation of the site”, which has proven itself in the calculation of shifts.

Mr. Hidehiro Saito, President and CEO of Groovenauts, Inc.

Quantum technology is ideal for offset calculations

Complex employee shift calculations are a headache for many industries. It is said that it would take decades or even hundreds of years to optimize the shifts of hundreds of people on existing computers, which is known to be unrealistic. Therefore, it is expected that a quantum computer, which is good at “combinatorial optimization problems”, can derive an optimal solution in minutes. Groovenauts actually presents it in one continuous line. Since the management and operation of a real quantum computer is difficult, we use the existing D-Wave quantum computer and operate it in the cloud. Mr. Saito explained that quantum computers have started to be introduced in many use cases.

Development of “optimal shift creation” and “order volume prediction using AI” for the side dish manufacturing industry

Groovenauts, Inc., which is engaged in activities related to quantum computing, and the Japan Ready-made Meal Association have been working on solving the problems of “securing a workforce” and “reducing waste losses”, which are problems for the whole party. We worked on realizing “optimal shift creation using quantum computers” and “order volume prediction using AI” which can be used in common.
Optimization of quantum computer shifts under the “Innovative Robot R&D Infrastructure Construction Project” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in collaboration with the company, the Japan Ready-made Meal Association and five prepared food manufacturing companies that are members of it We are working on building an order quantity prediction model using model / AI, and on March 29, 2022, we have announced that Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd. and Gourmet Delica Co., Ltd. on-site operation of the team building system. Nissey Delica Corp. also working on using order quantity prediction model.

Even though it is a quantum computer, the substance is in the cloud, so the staff work is the same as the normal operation of a computer, and the output file is also an Excel file. It’s not particularly difficult.

■ Video Groovenauts presents to the press a demo of offset calculation with a quantum computer

About “Innovative Robot R&D Infrastructure Construction Project” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
When introducing robots in areas where labor shortages are significant, such as facilities management, retail and food manufacturing, it is important to create an environment (friendly environment for robots) which facilitates the introduction of robots which will reduce the cost of introduction. At present, the Japan Ready-made Meal Association has been adopted as a commercial operator to carry out food research and development, and Groovenauts participates as a partner.

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