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Compute@Edge was a leader in Forrester’s report, Forrester New Wave™: Edge Development Platforms, Q4 2021 ( last year . We were selected by the company and received the highest scores in six elements, including developer experience such as usability and ease of use, platform execution model, and security. Fastly provides an advantage to existing and future partners to better meet the needs of developers as they integrate their products and services into the edge. Additionally, all integrations in this new partner ecosystem have been pre-validated and tested for a more seamless and secure deployment, giving developers peace of mind.

With this announcement, we will provide internet users around the world with a safer, faster and more engaging digital experience.

Cassio Sampaio, Senior Vice President of Products at Auth0 within Okta’s Product Division, said, “We are excited to partner with Fastly on this newly built integration to announce the Compute@Edge partner ecosystem. Combining Fastly’s edge computing and serverless platforms with our identity management solution, our customers will be able to create secure access to all applications and users as close as possible to the end user, which is the request between us and Fastly for risk mitigation and faster implementation times.Providing this integration, which is important to our mutual customers and is reviewed and valuable to our developers, confirms the value of our collaboration. “

Optimizely Product Architect Danny Driscoll said, “We are excited to partner with Fastly to make it easier for our customers to validate features, content, and experiences without sacrificing performance or validation speed. Fastly’s Compute@Edge has been developed to be an easy-to-use, reliable platform for people to use, and when combined with Optimizely’s validation platform, it helps teams find new best ways to meet end-user expectations and quickly create value in a digital environment.”

In addition to integration with leading cloud service providers such as Google Cloud, developers can now leverage the following Compute@Edge partner ecosystem solutions to experience a variety of cutting-edge computing technologies.

  • Back-end integration (Backblaze and Storj):The combination of a global distributed storage architecture with Compute@Edge from Fastly enables customers to deploy high-performance content at the edge without complexity, high egress costs, or vendor lock-in.
  • Database pairing (Fauna, Macrometa, Upstash):Developers can create a faster, more personalized experience on Edge by integrating Fastly’s Compute@Edge with a globally distributed database. By combining these technologies, customers can keep their logic and data as close to the end user as possible while minimizing overall latency.
  • Development and verification tools (Glitch, Edgemesh, Optimizely):Developers need contextual tools, such as redesigning projects and validating digital experiences. Compute@Edge is integrated with many developer tools to make websites work quickly and easily with powerful edge network performance.
  • Endpoint logging and monitoring (Datadog, New Relic):Understanding application and website performance is important to ensure an optimal user experience. Combine real-time data from Compute@Edge with data from logging and monitoring endpoints to get reliable, instant feedback on web and application performance.
  • Security solution (Auth0, Source Defense):Security and access control are top priorities for the application development team. Compute@Edge integrates with identity management, authentication, and client security solutions to help developers mitigate risk and protect users.

Joshua Bixby, CEO of Fastly, said, “Fastly’s cutting-edge Compute@Edge technology gives businesses a whole new opportunity to revolutionize the way they build apps. For us, developers can take full advantage of use cases and the benefits of edge computing.That was key, so we built an integrated solution ecosystem that can deliver sophisticated solutions that drive innovation at the edge without sacrificing speed, security, or performance. Fastly’s powerful serverless. We look forward to seeing what our customers can do in the future by leveraging the world-class environment and platforms of our partners and services.”

Learn how to take advantage of this new integration in the Compute@Edge Ecosystem Directory ( or the latest blog post (https://www. For questions regarding partnerships, please contact

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