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ZOZO NEXT Co., Ltd. released a concept film “THE FUTURE OF FASHION” on a special page, which depicts the future in which fashion and technology are combined in different ways. The film will also be screened at the ZOZO NEXT exhibition booth as part of the CREATIVE INDUSTRIES EXPO of the world’s largest technology, music and film festival “SXSW 2022” to be held in Austin, Texas, USA.
The film is a short that depicts the future of fashion the company imagines to achieve “204X”. The four themes of virtual technology, textile technology, measurement technology and sustainability are represented in the lives of the three characters.
Describing how the technology currently called “advanced technology” blends into the daily life of the future world and changes people’s lives into something freer and richer, the excitement of the future brought about by fashion technology No only you will feel it, but it also makes you look forward to the future endeavors of ZOZO NEXT.

About the concept film “THE FUTURE OF FASHION”

Set in the world of 204X, the four themes “Virtual Technology”, “Textile Technology”, “Measurement Technology” and “Sustainability” are depicted in an omnibus format as they blend into the daily life of the three main characters.

The story of botanist Dana

Botanist Dana, botanist and mother, uses technology to balance the two roles. Harvesting plants from the rugged wilderness for research, she wears futuristic clothing with improved fabric durability and waterproofness. Even if a branch is caught on a steep mountain road or on the road and the clothes are scratched, the change in shape is detected and the fabric itself repairs. Information about discovered plants will appear in front of her using AR technology, and research can be conducted on the spot.

To celebrate her daughter’s birthday, she makes a call from a remote location via an AR screen, designs a dress jointly by parents and children via an AR design tool, and presents it as a birthday present.

In the world of the future, clothes can be made easier and faster than in the present, and the present One Piece will be delivered to Dana’s daughter by a driverless self-driving truck.

The story of fashion designer Kei

Kei, a young fashion designer leading the next generation of fashion expression in a world where technology and fashion are fused, combines the physical real world with the virtual world while having a deep interest in sustainable processes. .

It uses the AR screen design software to easily design the show at home, and the finished clothes are viewed in the AR space.

On the day of the show, Kei made a tailored jacket to wear at home. A pale laser scans her body, her body shape is analyzed as data, and then a jacket is automatically created based on the measurement data.

In the show, physical and virtual are seamlessly merged. Both the on-site physical audience and the remote virtual audience will enjoy the same show while communicating at the same time thanks to the remarkable evolution of future virtual technology. Additionally, virtual technology allows a huge model to walk the runway. At the end of the show, Kei, who wore a homemade jacket a few hours ago, welcomed the show with great success.

The History of Ava Athletes

Ava, who has established herself as a star athlete, emphasizes highly functional clothing that does not hinder performance, while using AR technology to make up and decorate to appeal to the public as an athlete star. The clothes she wears during training are specially designed to give her maximum performance, modifying the characteristics of the fabric during and after training and suppressing the increase in body temperature and heart rate that occurs. post workout. , Plays a role in coordination. In addition, the paste can record data, and by analyzing the calorie intake, nutritional balance and training content of the meal, an athlete’s best condition can be maintained.

On game day, Ava chooses AR makeup as her costume for the game. AR makeup plays a role in expressing an athlete’s individuality, and since the makeup is expressed in virtual space, it doesn’t get in the way even during intense movement during gameplay, and makes gaming even more exciting. .

■【動画】THE FUTURE OF FASHION – Concept film –


At the company’s exhibition stand, in addition to the screening of concept films, smart textiles that combine traditional Nishijin-ori techniques with cutting-edge technologies such as materials and devices, and generation experiences virtual human which will be unveiled for the first time in Japan and overseas. In addition to prototype work, the exhibition will be divided into four categories, including measurement technology such as the “ZOZOSUIT 2” 3D measurement suit .

Smart Textile: “Ambient weaving”

A long-established Nishijin-ori store with a history of over 300 years, Hosoo Co., Ltd. exhibits clever textile works that combine the beauty and functionality of ancient Japan by combining traditional craft techniques developed by the University of Tokyo and ZOZO NEXT. .. It is the first work of three prototypes, such as Nishijin-ori which emits light in the dark, Nishijin-ori which changes color according to the ambient temperature, and Nishijin-ori which uses a special thread and the dye liquid moves through the yarn. It will be an exhibition. One of them is a special edition which is a new update of what was shown in Japan.

Virtual Experience: “Project Drip”

“Project Drip” is interactive digital content using digital signage that allows the generation of virtual humans that look exactly like the user. After taking a photo of your face, you can instantly generate a virtual human for the user and enjoy a virtual fit just by entering your gender, height, and weight. For the face part of the virtual human, a face photo taken on the spot is used, and Pinscreen’s state-of-the-art avatar creation technology is used to generate an avatar that looks exactly like the user. Moreover, if you choose your favorite from several digitized clothes, you can wear the clothes on the virtual human and experience the virtual fitting as if you were actually trying it on. ..

* The image is an image.

Measurement Tech: “A new standard for retail”

Expose the measurement technologies developed by the ZOZO Group, including ZZOSUIT 2. In addition to the “ZOZOMAT” 3D foot measurement mat (more than 2 million measurers, at the end of January 2022) and the color measurement tool facial “ZOZOGLASS” (more than 1.1 million measurers, at the end of January 2022), “ZOZOMAT for Hands”, distributed for a limited time at Bulgari Japan last November, is also on display.

▼ “SXSW 2022” Exhibition Details

date and time March 13 (Sun) ~ March 16 (Water), 2022
location Austin Convention Center: 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX78701
Official SXSW 2022 website:https://www.sxsw.com/
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