Exhibited at Huawei Japan, 2022 JAPAN IT WEEK (Spring)

Exhibited at Huawei Japan, 2022 JAPAN IT WEEK (Spring)

April 6-8, 2022

Tokyo Big Sight Hall East 4 E27-6


  • Huawei Japan will exhibit at “2022 JAPAN IT WEEK (Spring)” to be held in Tokyo Big Sight from April 6 to 8, with modular intelligent data center, container data center, all-flash storage, OceanStor. large capacity data storage.

    With the advent of a decarbonized and digital society, efforts to achieve carbon neutrality objectives are progressing worldwide, and technological innovation on the side of energy consumption is more necessary than ever. High-density, space-saving, and energy-efficient management solutions and systems that use AI will help businesses drive carbon-free management. The plan of the exhibition is as follows.

Event overview

  • Legislative session
    April 8 (Wednesday) – April 8 (Friday) 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. * Last day until 5:00 p.m.

  • Venue / Exhibition stand
    Tokyo Big Sight, East Lobby 4 E27-6

    Nearest station: About 2 minutes on foot from “Tokyo Teleport Station” on the Rinkai Line

  • Organizer
    RX Japan Ltd. (former company name: Lead Exhibition Japan)

  • Detailed information, visit registration
    Official website: https://www.japan-it-spring.jp/ja-jp/about/dse.html

show products

  • Data center installation field
    We offer three solutions to achieve a green DC for carbon neutrality.

    1. 1. Modular inverter compatible with lithium storage batteries
    It is a high-efficiency modular inverter developed based on the advanced power conversion technology and digital control technology that Huawei has cultivated so far. Equipped with a hot-swappable module, it provides high system reliability, scalability and maintainability. Huawei UPS has achieved the highest conversion efficiency in the industry. It is also compatible with lithium storage batteries, reducing installation area and weight by more than 50% compared to conventional models.

    Modular inverter compatible with lithium storage batteries

    2. 2. Modular data center, container data center
    Modular and container-type data centers flexibly meet various business demands and support enterprise data center cloud computing from the infrastructure. In addition to small and medium-sized data centers for enterprises, we also meet the demand for MEC construction, communication station buildings, mining, disaster prevention, etc. The concept is to save energy and shorten the construction period.

    Modular data center, container data center

    3. 3. Data Center Air Conditioning System
    Indirect evaporative cooling Air conditioning maximizes the use of natural heat sources, from cold water to free cooling. Maximize energy savings by selecting the optimal mode by AI, and at the same time, optimize the amount of water and electricity used. In addition to greatly contributing to the reduction of energy consumption of the Green DC, it is half the size and one-third the weight of indirect evaporative cooling air conditioning, achieving the lightest weight and miniaturization in the industry.

    Data center air conditioning system

  • Data Center Storage System
    Introducing three major series of storage products and solutions for full-stack data center solutions.

    1. 1. OceanStor Dorado All Flash Storage Series
    Due to its rugged reliability and high performance, it is widely adopted in various basic production application industries. The new Dorado system delivers 30% better performance than its counterparts with architectures such as its globally distributed single file system. In addition, it simultaneously supports active-active SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) controllers.

    OceanStor Dorado All Flash Storage Series

    2. 2. OceanStor Hybrid Flash Storage
    Reduce total cost of ownership by integrating compute, NAS, backup, flash storage, and heterogeneous virtualization. It also provides enterprises with increased flexibility and reliability through an active-active, gateway-less HA (high availability) configuration for SANs and NAS.

    OceanStor Hybrid Flash Storage

    1. 1. OeanStor Pacific Large Capacity Data Storage Series
    The only storage series in the industry that supports hybrid loading, an OceanStor Pacific system can simultaneously utilize HPDA (high performance data analytics), big data, video, backup and archive applications. Optimized algorithms and data compression technology can further increase storage utilization by an additional 30% in HPDA scenarios, reducing the time to analyze 100 billion datasets from days to minutes.

    OeanStor Pacific Large Capacity Data Storage Series

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