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〇Slack ranks 2nd in the ranking of highly satisfied business cats?[Version avril 2022]

〇Why do you need “marketing automation” now?

〇Zoom lets you join meetings with animal avatars that can mirror gestures

〇 Added functions for people whose final tax returns are delayed due to free accounting and e-Tax failures.

〇 Is “SaaS for non-administrative employees” trending? “It was windless until a few years ago,” the CEO said.

This area is a growing market, with increasing demands for marketing solutions from SaaS product vendors. We develop and provide a variety of digital marketing solutions, such as content-related link planning, lead generation services, digital events, etc., in addition to simple advertising, and we also offer these complex proposals in this area as well. To strenghten.

We will continue to provide valuable information to our readers by bolstering content in line with technology trends, and we will accelerate our growth by bolstering the offerings of various related marketing solutions.

(Reference) Improving content in the cloud area
In recent years, we have continuously expanded the content on DX and the technologies such as AI and cloud that are deeply connected to its realization.

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■ About IT Exam
ITreview is a review platform that brings together real users of enterprise IT products and cloud services. Product reviewers can view reviews and product information posted by users, and can confirm products with high customer satisfaction that are accepted in the business field. Additionally, product users can post product reviews that they use as reviews and share knowledge related to their computer use. About 400 categories such as information sharing, sales, marketing, accounting, IT infrastructure, security, development, etc., 4,800 products and about 65,000 related reviews are displayed.

■ About Cloud Computing
IT Cloud Co., Ltd. was established in April 2018 with the aim of developing the IT product review media industry. In October of the same year, with the mission of “Innovation and conviction in the choice of computing”, a place where the “trusted voices” and the “trusted information” that companies need to use the technology. By collecting and publishing product reviews from real users, we aim to increase transparency in IT selection and realize a world where fast and safe decision-making can be made.

■ About ITmedia, Inc.
A media company specializing in the Internet that provides information and services centered on technology-related fields. It is used by approximately 40 million unique browsers per month. Comprehensive IT information portal “ITmedia (”, comprehensive site for business IT products “Keyman’s Net ( “, IT expert Operates a number of websites by Target, including the troubleshooter media “@IT (” for. We will quickly deliver specialized content in each area, with a focus on IT and its adjacent areas.

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