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On March 22, 2022, a project to throw a stone’s throw in the field of art and technology”Intel® Blue Carpet Project️Was launched.

This projectIntel plays a central role in supporting young creators and students who have passion and talent and who are engaged in creative pursuits but lack sufficient environment and presentation opportunities, in collaboration with partners such as companies and educational institutions.The first event organized on the same day “Intel®️ Blue Carpet Fes 2022 SpringTop active designers in Japan and overseas gathered together and sent a hot beer to the younger generation.

What Intel can do for the responsible generation of the creator economy

Kunimasa Suzuki

Mr. Kunimasa Suzuki, President and CEO of Intel, discusses the market size and future prospects of the creator economy.


Intel’s PC shipments in 2021 rose 13.5 points year-on-year due to the need for widespread remote working. Not just gaming PCs and business PCsThe increase in demand has been remarkable for PCs aimed at creators... About 50 million people around the world are engaged in the dissemination of information through Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc., as well as creative activities as artists and journalists, and this layer has been formed.The Creator Economy market continues to growIs.

As the number of free transmission platforms increases,Young creators have limited possibilities to improve their creative environment and present their creations for financial reasons and relationships with people... Therefore, Intel’s “Mission” was launched by the Intel®️ Blue Carpet project.

Intel CEO Kunimasa SuzukiNoted, “As the relationship between creation and technology becomes ever closer, we will elevate the level of creative output as a whole and at the same time deliver the content created from it to more than people.It is Intel’s mission to provide such support,” he explained.

Additionally, Kenichiro Yasui, general manager of the company’s technology division, said in the booming creator economy globally.I want to offer Japanese creators the opportunity to play an active role overseasAlso talk about.

“The splendor and uniqueness of Japanese content is remarkable.Connecting students and amateur creators with the best creators and offering creators the opportunity to play an active role abroadI want to provide an environment where creators can aim for heights through the project. ” (Mr. Anjo)

Art is something that educates and nurtures. Businesses and educational institutions hold hands

Mitsuko Okamoto

Mitsuko Okamoto, vice president of Tokyo University of the Arts and professor at the Graduate School of Imaging at Tokyo University of the Arts.


Many companies and organizations agree with Intel’s thoughts.

One of them is vice-president of Tokyo University of the Arts and professor at the Graduate School of Imaging Sciences of the same university.Mitsuko OkamotoHe also insists on the need for an education in art and creation.

It is often said that “art is a natural talent”, but art is something that educates and nurtures.a m. For any artist, an institution to acquire their knowledge, skills and experiences in an appropriate environment is very important and must be educated in a global perspective, which we always keep in mind. It’s being there” (Mr. Okamoto)

Project partners include PC makers, motherboard makers, camera makers, peripheral makers, software makers and other major Japanese companies, as well as schools and educational institutions such as Kogakuin University, which hosted this event. in Japan are listed and will support young creators’ activities with Intel in the future.

Project Intel® ️ Blue Carpet Partner

PC manufacturers: ASUS JAPAN, Inverse Net, NEC Personal Computer, MSI Computer Japan, LG Electronics Japan, Third Wave, Dynabook, TSUKUMO, Del Technologies, Japan HP, Japan Gigabyte, VAIO, Fujitsu Client Computing, Mouse Computer, Unitcom / Motherboard Maker: ASRock Inc., ASUS JAPAN, MSI Computer Japan, Japan Gigabyte / Camera maker: Canon Marketing Japan, Panasonic / Peripheral equipment maker: EIZO, Wacom / Software maker: Adobe (in alphabetical order, abbreviation of the company)


Intel® Blue Carpet Project️

Creator Company: IMAGICA EEX, Image Source, Cloudworks, Dwarf Shoes, CONDENSE, Studio KADAN, T&S, Pix, Pixta, Vook, Polygon Pictures / Schools / Educational Institutions: Kogakuin University, Jikei Gakuen, COM Group, Digital Hollywood University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo International Institute of Technology, Japan Education Foundation HAL, REDEE (alphabetical order, company abbreviation)


The important thing is to keep dreaming and learning.

Creator Crosstalk

From left to right, IMAGICA EEX / Shosuke Hayakawa, Intel / Kenichiro Yasui, THINK & SENSE / Shuhei Matsuyama, SMALT / Isao Nishigori and Miki Kudo.


One of the most exciting events was the Intel®️ Blue Carpet Club chat session, an Intel-backed community of creators.Creator Crosstalk“East.

The speaker was the first member of Blue Carpet Culb.Shuhei Matsuyama(Director of THINK AND SENSE),Isao Nishigori(SMALT),Miki KudoMr. (dwarf shoes).And acted as a moderatorShosuke HayakawaIt is a shining face called Mr. (IMAGICA EEX).

Although each of them presents how technology should be in creation and what is important in creative activities, the field of creation is different,What all the speakers had in common was the idea that it is important to keep drawing dreams and to keep learning.

“What I’m doing now is something I wanted to do when I was in my twenties. Even if I can’t do it now, I can dream and say, ‘If this kind of future comes in 20 or 30 years. “I’m Still Thinking” (Mr. Nishigun)

I think the person who continues to study even after turning professional is the one who can continue to race on the front line... It is important to always have an attitude to keep learning” (Mr. Kudo)

Additionally, Mr. Matsuyama talked about the importance of sharing knowledge among creators and inspiring each other.

“Students may have the dilemma of ‘Is it okay to bring this kind of work to the world?’, but for programmers like me, sharing information online and sharing knowledge is a common culture.You should actively participate in opportunities to inspire each other.. This Intel project should also be a great opportunity “(Mr. Matsuyama)

While revealing the inside of the hand to the younger generation to animate the industry together

Kudo's work

Mr. Kudo’s art work uses the “retouch” expression method, which has the image of processing and correction. Mr. Kudo said he was originally in the “analog” world of oil watercolors, ceramic art and calligraphy. He encountered technology and recalled, “I felt like I had been struck by lightning and thought I could meet a calling.”


In addition, two workshops will take place during the event. Mr. Matsuyama from “THINK AND SENSE”, Mr. Fumika Tanizaki from Engineer and Mr. Toyotaka from “CONDENCE” who also spoke during the discussion sessionAnnouncing an example of image recognition using the “OpenVINO™️” toolkit developed and provided free of charge by Intel

Additionally, Miki Kudo of “Kobito no Kutsu” introduced a method of expression called “retouching” that goes beyond image processing and correction. “To open an ideal life with technology and sensitivity as weaponsI have introduced 5 articles based on my own experience.

Among them,The strength of having the words “nothing is lost in life” and “negative capacity” which self interprets as “the depth of acceptance of ambiguity”We talked about it. The message, which goes beyond creative skill, seems to be something people in any profession can learn and notice.

In this way, the background, conflicts, PC environment and workflow that Blue Carpet Club members talk freely about should be learning and beer for young creators. It was an event where the passionate desire to “bring the industry together” was felt in every member’s word.

What synergies are created by creators, works, companies and society?

Calendar of Blue Carpet Project activities

Blue Carpet Project activities are planned for Fes and various student competitions in the future.


This spring Blue Carpet Fes 2022 was held online, but we plan to hold quarterly events with summer and fall in the future... There will be a place of learning and interaction where members can meet and hold discussions and seminars.

again,The opportunity to showcase work for “Intel®️ Blue Carpet Studio” students will also take place.. Blue Carpet Club workshops will be held in the summer and fall, aiming to present and exhibit works in 2023.

Also, it offers students the opportunity to make presentations.Tokyo International Projection Mapping AwardAnd the kinetic wall erected by Kogakuin University as a new place of expression.THE WALLScience and Engineering Student Art Competition at “”FES wall]etc will also take place.

What kind of support will Intel and its partners provide to young creators looking for ways to create works and presentation opportunities? The focus is on how the passion of students and the synergies of creators will drive industry and society.


Interview / text / Rie Omori