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Miri Masuda’s “state-of-the-art life”, respectful of humans and robots.

Last year, Miri Masuda, who released a newly drawn work “Snack Kizutsuki” for the first time in seven years, attracted a lot of attention. The latest work, “Miura’s Friend”, depicts the time of Miura, a woman who accidentally decided to live with an AI robot. What made you decide to use robots in the first place?

“”Robot” was one of the themes I wanted to draw one day. I’ve known about the robots in the story since I was a kid, not to mention Doraemon, and I dreamed that I could make friends with robots in the future.”

Miura, who lives alone and works as a programmer. In a work environment where meal orders are so quiet that I can’t speak well, I’m worried because my relationship with my dear friend is suddenly going sour.

Meanwhile, one day, a realtor introduced a female robot named “Tomodachi” as one of the arts to decorate the resident’s room. “Tomodachi” is 160cm tall and has a realistic structure that only humans can see, and is said to be able to walk and talk. There are five words to say. The four words are pre-installed, and the buyer can install a single word later. Miura, who was shy about real-life relationships, should be very concerned about “Tomodachi”.

“‘Tomodachi’ was sold as a work of art, not as an appliance. What is the intention of a work that only says five words? Miura is interested in the author. Tired of relationships After all , I am attracted to people.”

The price of “Tomodachi” is 1 million yen! Despite such a high price, Miura decided to buy!

“I think one of the things that makes humans feel like humans is ‘doing things you never thought possible. “Mr. Miura bought a mysterious robot. When I turned 30, I thought to myself. It’s a birthday present! Save money and get a lot for permanent hair removal. It’s humans, not robots, who do unpredictable things. It doesn’t make sense when you fall in love. It all starts with Miura-san’s human lines, “I never thought of that.”

Thus, “Tomodachi’s” mysterious shared life with Miura begins. Of the four words installed in “Tomodachi”, up to three will be revealed earlier. “That’s right”, “Yeah”, “OK”. It’s not a word, but when you think about it, it’s a versatile and exquisite selection.

“I chose these three words as practical words whose meaning can be changed by increasing or decreasing the inflection. Actually, I am taking an English conversation class with a foreign teacher online, but my answer is ‘Really ? “I say.” “Incredible!” Abuse. “It’s true” “Yeah” Level “OK”. Yet, surprisingly, 30 minutes of conversation in English is established (laughs). I am “Tomodachi” during the lesson. May be “

The words that Miura chose as the only word the shopper can install in their life with “Tomodachi”, which selects words to say while reading the other person’s facial expressions, are wonderful. And the other pre-installed words that will soon be revealed are the thoughts of the creator of “Tomodachi”.

Every time I read it, the reader wonders, “What kind of words would I choose?” “What kind of words would that person choose?”

As he continues to live with “Tomodachi” like this, Miura’s heart, who has become shy in human relations, will change.

“Even an important relationship is ‘it shatters with a little crack at a pallin’. That’s Miura-san’s line. We’re told all the time to get along with our friends and grow up, but when we grow up, we don’t get along with our friends. No matter how many times I experience it, it’s painful and sad. Still, Miura tells “Tomodachi” that there is no need to deny the memories I enjoyed . “

In the second half of the story, Miura’s own conclusion as she talks to “Tomodachi” is lost.

This work, which is a sequel to the previous work “Snack Kizuki”, which was first drawn in about 7 years, will be announced in just over a year. As far as I’m happy as a fan, has there been any change in Mr. Masuda’s production tempo?

“‘Snack Kizuki’ is a mysterious snack story that only injured people can reach, and it was a manga drawn on the crown. When I was a little slow after drawing, ‘Clara and the Sun’ by Kazuo Ishiguro It was an after-read feeling that the light was shining brightly. This is the story of a friendship between an AI robot and a human girl, but I can’t stand it even if I say “I also want to draw my robot!” Drawing a robot is “What is a human being?” I thought it was about facing the question. “Miura-san’s Friend” also has an episode of a love that makes your heart cringe. After reading it, you might want to start a new love. Hmm”

I won’t go into the love story here, so read it and have fun.

You can reexamine your relationship with your close friends, become more aware of the words you speak, and reflect on the feelings the Creator may have put into what you usually use, etc. Sweet work that can change the way you interact with the world after reading it. please.


“Miura’s Friend” A human-like robot comes to Miura, the main character who worries about relationships with his friends. A mysterious community life with a robot that speaks five words has begun… Released on March 17 House Magazine 1430 yen


Miura started worrying about “Tomodachi”. After visiting a real estate agent several times, I finally bought it! I sympathize with how to make decisions that aren’t cost efficiency or performance!


Three of the words “Tomodachi” can speak are in this scene. Instead of expressing your own intentions, affirm the other person and gently listen to their heart.

Illustrator Miri Masuda. He has written many books such as “Boku no Nee-chan” and “Snack Kizutsuki” series (both published by a small company). The drama “Boku no Nee-chan” currently distributed on Amazon Prime is also popular.

* Taken from the March 23, 2022 issue of “anan”.

(By an editorial department)

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