Conducting a Demonstration Experiment of “Mover UV-C” Automatic Sterilization Robot at an International School in Tokyo | Press release Hirose Radio & Electric Co., Ltd.

Hirose Radio & Electric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Michitoshi Hirose, hereinafter referred to as the Company) is an ultraviolet ray manufactured and sold by Philips Lighting Japan GK (formerly Philips Lighting Japan GK Automatic sterilization by combining “Philips Sterilization Trolley UV-C” which has a kind of UV-C (ultraviolet C-wave) irradiation function and “SEED-Mover” which is an omnidirectional moving cart manufactured and sold by THK Co., Ltd. The “UV-C Mover” robot was released on March 26, 2022.
We are glad to inform you that we conducted a demonstration experiment of “Mover UV-C” with the cooperation of Tokyo Bay International School.

  • About Tokyo Bay International School (TBIS) -Cambridge International Accredited School-

Tokyo Bay International School (TBIS) can benefit from bilingual education (English is a native instructor like Americans), Indian math, extracurricular activities such as drama to develop expressiveness and state-of-the-art engineering that can be used in any country. education with the help of the “Laboratory of the Future”.

Moreover, TBIS currently only has 10 or more schools in Japan.Cambridge International Accredited SchoolWe have also obtained the certification.
The aim was to “train people who are independent, competent, responsible, respectful of others and with a lifelong learning attitude”.Montessori educationOur core philosophy is Cambridge International Education, which is currently spread to over 160 countries.

An international school that promotes innovative and creative thinking while integrating cutting-edge technologies, and has an educational policy that emphasizes humanity while exercising critical thinking on a daily basis from an early age. With more than hundreds of students (open from April 1, 2019), it has gained a reputation in Japan and has grown rapidly with its establishment.
●HP Formula:

Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), a new type of coronavirus infection that continues to spread around the world, has had a big impact on all industries, but schools and day care/nursing facilities would be the most seriously affected. .

Although it is impossible to continue to close the establishment, many schools, kindergartens and preschools face the dilemma that the spread of infection is extremely likely to occur, as many children gather each day and return home after spending time in the facility. the present situation.

  • Content of the “Mover UV-C” demo experiment

A new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection that continues to spread thanks to the “UV-C Mover”, which consists of UV-C technology with reliable sterilization performance and robotic technology that allows automatic operation unmanned. we would like to implement highly reliable measures to ensure the “safety and security” of students, their families and faculty members, we have conducted demonstration experiments including irradiation experiments in the facility .

● Video of shooting a demonstration experiment (sterilization in the classroom)

“Mover UV-C” is a fully automatic mapping operation that performs direct UV-C irradiation sterilization work beforehand in an unmanned environment. It moves while detecting and avoiding the existence of obstacles different from those at the time of mapping, and even if a human enters the workspace, it will be detected by the motion sensor and the irradiation will be stopped, and if there are no more people, the irradiation work will be done automatically after a predetermined time.

Since it is an unmanned automatic operation, it not only contributes to labor shortages, but also reduces the risk of infection and associated mental stress for teachers and staff who have been involved daily. in sterilization work.

In addition, there is a “leak and not wipe” problem only with the general chemical sterilization method such as alcohol, but by incorporating automatic sterilization with Mover UV-C, it is more reliable for students. and their families.・ We can deliver “security”.

  • Tokyo Bay International School (TBIS) Commentary

The following comments were received from Mr. Jahir Akira, President of TBIS.
“The fact that we were able to conduct a demonstration experiment of ‘Mover UV-C’, which combines UV-C technology and robotic technology, started with the idea of ​​ensuring the safety and security of many children of their families. I am It will be a very interesting initiative in the perspective of becoming familiar with robotic technology, which is our priority theme, from an early age.”

In this way, the work of direct UV-C irradiation sterilization is exactly “it is desirable for robots to act on behalf of humans and automate”, but if the cost burden becomes greater than before, the barriers to introduction are high. .

“Mover UV-C” can minimize the additional development evaluation period by combining PHILIPS “UV-C Sterilization Cart” and THK’s “SEED-Mover” which have already been marketed and proven. possible to provide it at an extremely low cost compared to similar equipment. Assuming a large target space of 400m2, it can be installed and operated at about half the cost of conventional human sterilization work.

We are confident that it will be useful in a wide range of industries and situations, such as hospitality and tourism facilities such as hotels, public facilities and commercial facilities such as sports gymnasiums and playgrounds. restoration, as well as schools and daycares, due to reduced costs of overall introduction and operation. ..

  • About future activities

This time, the “Mover UV-C” product introduction page has been posted on our GBS division’s brand website below.
Mover UV-C product introduction page:

In the future, we plan to regularly present the merits of direct UV-C irradiation, specific use cases and additional evidence of measurement and verification data.

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