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Collaborate with Oracle, AICPA and CIMA to address skills gaps within the finance department

Helping the next generation of finance leaders gain digital skills for finance transformation and what the future of finance professionals should be like with a new series of certifications

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Austin, TXNew York – 2022year4moon18Day Oracle and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CIMA), created by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), has created a series of introductory qualifications to fill skills gaps in finance and accounting. The new series of Agile Finance Transformation certifications from AICPA and CIMA, designed in collaboration with OracleIs designed to help financial leaders gain the practical knowledge they need to learn the latest technologies, processes, best practices, and financial skills to help them succeed and advance their careers in a changing business environment.

Responding to the recent market turmoil, the finance department is rapidly adopting cloud technology in key business decisions. However, only 10% of finance leaders believe their team has the necessary technology skills to support an organization’s finance transformation ( .pdf?elqTrackId=bfc3adf948764699b8ef905867d4a7d6&elqaid=79115&elqat=2). Finance professionals are eager to improve their digital transformation (DX) skills to meet their needs, create opportunities for career advancement, and contribute to the success of their organization. However, only 6% of financial leaders have a well-developed financial training program (

Tom Hood, Executive Vice President of Business Engagement and Growth at the Association, said, “The digital age offers new opportunities for accounting and finance professionals. To keep up with changing DX and business expectations, finance professionals need to evolve quickly and learn new skills.To meet this demand, the association has partnered with Oracle to co-develop the Agile Finance Transformation series of certifications. to equip finance professionals with practical knowledge, prepare for and accelerate digital finance transformation.

In the materials of this course, you will be in charge of the financial practice for the success of your transformation project.ByFrom the perspective of, financial leaders are transformingStart moving towardsExplain the important steps above. This series of certifications includes the following key points:
・Practical steps to present the necessary path to financial transformation
• Detailed planning of proven best practices and corresponding operations
・ New skills to support and accelerate career development
・ Experience based on the financial transformation of the company by Oracle’s financial leader

Juergen Lindner, senior vice president and CMO of Global Marketing SaaS at Oracle, said, “Next-generation finance leaders are able to leverage the technology needed to drive strategic business value and drive transformation across organization, with approximately 700,000 people worldwide. The association, which has members, students and allied professionals, has a great influence on the direction of the accountancy profession, and ultimately plays an important role in the improvement in industry skills, and the ideal state of finance. I’m redefining it.

The Agile Finance Transformation certification series is currently available worldwide from the AICPA store ( Students can earn 21.5 Continuous Customer Premises (CPE) credits with this three-part certificate. The total cost of the program is $1,485 for non-AICPA or CIMA members and $1,195 for members. Learn more about the Agile Finance Transformation certification series ( Enter the code “Launch15” before July 31, 2022 to receive a 15% discount on training.

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