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IIJmio Gigaplan

The price has been reduced from April compared to my father’s DoCoMo feature phone, which was consulted for the transition to smartphones.IIJmiogigaplanI changed to (MNP).Although it is cheaper than phone charges (Kake-hodai plan: mobile phone), the amount of data communication that can be used has increased significantly... Currently, MNP from feature phone to my mother’s 4G is also being prepared.

Since IIJmio Gigaplan’s price reduction from April is automatically applied to existing users, usage fees for the whole family, including the one already used by the author, have been reduced.

All prices for this item include tax.

DoCoMo’s feature phone → IIJmio Gigaplan transition reduced the price by about 900 yen.

As I mentioned in last month’s article, my parents were consulting on the transition to smartphones, so first, my dad’s DoCoMo phone.IIJmio Giga SIM 2 Giga Voice PackageMNP at.

When reviewing the MNP destination, my dad’s usage situation,You can choose all you can call and you can use an answering machine.Was specified as an absolute requirement. Therefore, plans that do not offer answering services, such as ahamo and povo 2.0, are not considered.

Parents are more likely to make phone calls than email or the Internet.Even if you’re switching from a feature phone to a smartphone, it’s important that you can continue to use the open call and answering machine services.

At DoCoMo, the total of the Kake-hodai (mobile phone) plan, i-mode communication fee and usage fee was 3,053 yen. A sample usage fee for a feature phone is shown in the picture, and the basic usage fee was 2200 yen, packet communication fee, i-mode usage fee, etc.

existing docomo

As a result of applying the campaign to IIJmio’s Gigaplan voice SIM card and MNP, the monthly fee is 850 yen for Gigaplan voice SIM 2, 990 yen for all-you-can-call+ and 330 yen for the answering machine, for a total of 2,170 yen.

Even though the monthly fee is about 3 discounts compared to using DoCoMo’s feature phone, data communication is now fully available (actual about 500KB → 2GB, 4000 times).

Compare IIJmio’s Gigaplan and DoCoMo’s i-mode

If you want to continue using the carrier’s mail even after MNP to IIJmio, you need to pay 330 yen per month to the current carrier.

When I checked the usage status of the carrier mail with my dad, he replied “I don’t use it” and “I don’t know how to use it, so I don’t need it “. Parents’ friends, including not only my father but also my mother, are migrating to smartphones one after another, and since these users are in contact with each other ONLINE, the number of people who use the e Operator email decreases, so operator email is not needed. I have come to the conclusion.

When subscribing to type D (docomo network), the communication area does not change, there are no obstacles to docomo’s MNP, and IIJmio’s Gigaplan is cheaper and high-speed communication is available.I discovered.

My mom uses a 4G feature phone, so if it’s plan A (au network), the communication area won’t change.

As a result of transferring the iPhone X that I used before when migrating to the Gigaplan, the monthly usage fee after migrating to the Gigaplan Voice SIM 2 Giga was 2170 yen, as estimated on ‘advance.

plan IIJmio (Gigaplan)
Voice SIM 2 giga
DoCoMo (i-mode)
Terminal iPhone X Medieval Feature phone
i-mode usage fees do not want to necessary
Automatic response Use available Use available
all you can eat Use available Use available
data transmission 4G LTE 3G
Selected data capacity 2 GB Nothing
Monthly fee 2,170 yen About 3,000 yen
(Accomplishments to date)

Imode iPhone X

Considering the stop of the 3G wave, it is recommended to move early

Mobile phone companiesThe 3G line will be interruptedhas been announced. The first one ended on March 31, 2022, Softbank is expected to end in January 2024, and Docomo is expected to end in March 2026.

Although you can use feature phones and 3G-enabled smartphones until the wave stops, even if stopping the wave still uses the carrier forward, it will have a gradual effect, such as the passage of friends parents who used smartphones. to go out. The case mentioned at the beginning is also the case of friends of relatives who wish to contact us via LINE.

Considering the transition, I thought it was better to study smartphones with my parents’ friends, that’s also the reason why I decided to migrate at that time.

I handed over the iPhone X after doing the following preparations so that I could move smoothly.

  • IIJmio Gigaplan SMS SIM I rent my iPhone 12 and use it for a week to experience a smartphone
  • Give a manual that illustrates how to use the iPhone
  • Confirm that there doesn’t seem to be a problem even if you switch to your smartphone
  • IIJmio Voice SIM 2 Giga to MNP
  • Insert IIJmio Voice SIM 2 Giga into iPhone X with font size set to “maximum” and text set to “thick”
  • Install the IIJmio profile
  • Request an answering machine immediately after opening
  • Get and set your Gmail address
  • Install required applications such as LINE and Skype

I asked about the feeling of using a smartphone with a contract for IIJmio Giga Plan

Two weeks after I MNPed DoCoMo’s feature phone to iPhone X + IIJmio Gigaplan, I asked my dad how to use it.

It’s more convenient than a feature phone, but surprisingly the monthly charges are cheaper.

We also use Takkyubin’s earthquake early warnings and pickup requests. Since I signed up for IIJmio type D (docomo network), the signal strength is the same as before.

Smartphones can enlarge characters and are easy to use. Apple CarPlay is now used for Toyota car display audio (the map is always the latest from the original car navigation system).

Paired with the Apple Watch Series 4 (which I gave away), you can check your daily steps and use fall detection.

The usage status of the iPhone and the IIJmio Gigaplan that my father started using is as follows. On the feature phone, data communication was only about 500KB per month, but since the combination of IIJmio Giga Plan 2 Giga voice SIM card and iPhone X, data communication is 100MB or more was performed for several days.

iPhone X data

In this state, we will check the usage status until the end of April, and if the number of gigs is insufficient, we plan to add 140 yen per month and upgrade to the 4 gig package.

Various campaigns are also underway in April!

IIJmio is currently running a campaign to commemorate the #1 share for the fourth consecutive year. In addition to the discounted Giga plan, you can combine the following benefits to get even better deals.

  • Data increase privilege: 1 GB data increase for 1 year
  • Advantages of flat rate calling discount: All flat rate calling options are discounted by 410 yen for 13 months
  • Smartphone special price sale: You can buy a smartphone from 110 yen by transferring to MNP
  • Initial cost discount benefit: The initial cost is reduced to 1,650 yen, which is half the normal price for new data, SMS and eSIM applicants.
  • Guarantee of connected terminals x voice line (SIM only) Benefits: e-GIFT selectable gift of 500 yen
  • Selectable e-GIFT earphones and smartwatches 1,000 yen gift


MNP from DoCoMo’s 3G contract feature phone, which does not come with a flat data plan, to the 2 Giga SIM voice of the IIJmio Giga plan.

Except for carrier emails you weren’t using, such as unlimited voice calls and answering machine contracts, the monthly fee has been reduced by about 830 yen, even though it’s as easy to use than before.

Additionally, the Gigaplan price reduction from April 1 will be automatically applied to existing users. Accordingly, the price of the Voice SIM 20 concert with which I have a contract has been reduced from 2,068 yen to 2,000 yen, and the price of the SMS SIM 2 concert has been reduced from 825 yen to 820 yen.

result,The monthly charge for the whole family, including my father’s cellphone charge, was reduced by 900 yen.

Currently my dad and mom are using the iPhone X while sharing it, but once I get used to it, I’ll be using my mom’s GRATINA 4G as a combination of another iPhone X that I’m not using no and IIJmio voice SIM 2 giga plan MNP . intend to do something.

In addition to your own line, IIJmio, whose price has been reduced from April 1, is recommended for the transition from parents’ feature phones to smartphones and for the debut of children’s smartphones.


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