The fusion of broadcasting and communication has made great progress, etc.[“Cinq nouvelles que vous devriez savoir maintenant” de Yoshihiro Nakajima 2022/4 / 7-4 / 14]–INTERNET Watch

1. The fusion of broadcasting and communication has made great strides Since the early 2000s, the agenda has been the merger of broadcasting and telecommunications, but there is a history of approaching its realization through the subsequent diffusion of infrastructure, technological innovation and legislation. Of course, the understanding of the business model, including viewers and … Read more

Conducted the first training assuming a volcanic eruption disaster | Nikkei online

2021 Disaster Prevention Exercise (Disaster Information and Communication Training) March 18 Sakurajima eruption hypothesis exercise using WEB conferencing system with the cooperation of SKY Perfect JSAT, Space Technology Development, NTT Docomo, Aerospace Research and Development Organization (JAXA), etc. He was executed.This formation is based on the assumption that Sakurajima, Kagoshima Prefecture, erupted at 10:00 a.m. … Read more

Cheaper than cell phones! ?? IIJmio Gigaplan Parents makes its smartphone debut with price cuts[PR]–iPhone Mania

The price has been reduced from April compared to my father’s DoCoMo feature phone, which was consulted for the transition to smartphones.IIJmiogigaplanI changed to (MNP).Although it is cheaper than phone charges (Kake-hodai plan: mobile phone), the amount of data communication that can be used has increased significantly… Currently, MNP from feature phone to my mother’s … Read more

“AT TOKYO Hokkaido No. 1 Center (HC1)” opened at STEP Sapporo Data Center –ZDNet Japan

AT TOKYO Corporation (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Akira Nakamura) and Hokkaido General Communication Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, President: Hiroaki Furugun) are now in Tokyo at the STEP Sapporo Data Center. , Osaka and Fukuoka have agreed to open “AT TOKYO Hokkaido No. 1 Center” (abbreviation: HC1) in the fall of 2022 as … Read more

Cyber ​​Com Research Memo (8): The three-year medium-term plan “Cyber ​​Com Vision 2023-Continued growth in sales and profits-” is well underway |

Cyber ​​Com From the “Stock Search” multifunction table ■ Future prospects 2. About the medium-term planCyber ​​Com launched the three-year medium-term plan “Cyber ​​Com Vision 2023-Continue to increase sales and profits-” in FY12/2021. Sustainable by working on three basic policies: 1) pursuit of satisfaction, 2) conversion into a service business and 3) expansion through strategic … Read more

What is SpaceX’s “Starlink” Satellite Broadband? Interview with KDDI|TIME & SPACE by KDDI

In September 2021, KDDI collaborated with SpaceX of the United States to relay “Starlink”, which provides high-speed Internet via satellite, to the base station link line at the (base station and backbone network relay ). ). SpaceX is a company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, CEO of American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, and is … Read more

Systemized as “Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)”, a group of services that anyone can easily use advanced computing technology and software technology: Fujitsu

PRESS RELEASE April 6, 2022Fujitsu Limited At first, we will provide a new state-of-the-art cloud-based supercomputer which applies the technology of “Tomitake”. In order to promote the commercial use of advanced computer technology and greatly accelerate digital transformation (DX), we are represented by the “Tomitake” supercomputer and “Digital Annealer” which uses quantum-inspired technology.Advanced computer technology … Read more

Ministry of Interior and Communications Announces “National Urban Rural Digital Infrastructure Development Plan” and Others[les “Cinq nouvelles que vous devriez savoir maintenant” de Yoshihiro Nakajima 2022/3/24 ~ 3/31]–INTERNET Watch

1. Ministry of Interior and Communications Announces “National Digital Rural City Infrastructure Development Plan” The Ministry of Interior and Communications has issued the “National Digital Rural City Infrastructure Development Plan”, a communication infrastructure development plan for the realization of the “National Digital Rural City Concept ” (Keitai Watch). From the point of view that “digital … Read more

Flying car, list of necessary infrastructure (latest version in 2022) | Autonomous driving laboratory

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism The momentum for the practical application of flying cars is increasing. Attention tends to focus on the development of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft), which is the mainstay, but in recent years, many companies have entered the infrastructure development, and there seems that the development … Read more

I took a Nankai Ferry with Visa’s touch payment. Automatic discounts when connecting to Nankai Electric Railway! –Travel Watch

Nankai Ferry, which operates a ferry connecting Wakayama Port and Tokushima Port, launched a demo experience on March 25, which lets you board with Visa’s touch payment. Nankai Electric Railway (Nankai Electric Railway), Nankai Ferry, Sumitomo Mitsui Card, QUADRAC and Visa Worldwide Japan launched Visa’s touch payment demo experience at Wakayama Port and Tokushima Port … Read more