Casa robotics Announcement of Desktop Avatar Robot “Mini Millerun” Featured at Kumagaya Exhibition Hall and Tsuchiura Exhibition Hall of Custom One-Story Standard House “IKI” –Robosta

Casa robotics Co., Ltd., a KISTAR REAL ESTATE group company, announced that it has jointly developed with Indy Associates Co., Ltd. Initially, on March 28, 2022, Mini Millerun will be displayed at Kumagaya Exhibition Hall (Saitama) and Tsuchiura Exhibition Hall (Ibaraki) of IKI Custom One-Story Standard House.

A small body with a height of 45 cm! Desktop avatar robot “Mini Millerun”

The Mini Millerun is a 45cm tall desktop avatar robot that can be operated remotely and equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) functions that will be updated in the future. The undercarriage function for moving the avatar robot itself is omitted, and it is a type of fixed installation.

The head can be rotated up and down, left and right, and the body can be rotated left and right, which can create various facial expressions. The big black eyes are a smoked acrylic plate with a thickness of 2 mm, and the camera is placed behind. A MEMS microphone is built into the back of a mouth-shaped hole to listen to the voice of the user, and the voice of the remote operator is transmitted through the speaker behind the four vertically arranged large black holes and horizontally in the abdomen. You can move a small arm to point in the direction or make a simple gesture. This small robot specialized in table guidance is designed to allow the addition and customization of facial recognition of visitors and staff (to be supported in a future update), automatic announcement function, etc.

Development background “Mini Millerun”

Casa robotics (hereafter referred to as Casa robotics) aims to improve the efficiency of bespoke home sales and improve the customer experience, and focuses on “remote customer service” which handles everything from reservations to advice and explanations at the time of the visit. in line. In March 2021, we entered into a business alliance agreement with Indy Associates regarding the development and introduction of the housing guide avatar robot “Millerun”, and in June of the same year, we established the Robot Department , a department specializing in remote customer service.
After that, Casa Robotics introduced a video customer service system in all IKI exhibition halls and a “Millerun” mobile avatar robot in three IKI exhibition halls, and all the personnel in charge of the robot department of Casa Robotics are started from one place. provides remote customer service to visitors to the IKI exhibition hall. As a result, it became possible to efficiently conduct custom home sales without significantly increasing the number of sellers, and the deal rate doubled.
Based on this result, Casa Robotics provided Indie Associates with knowledge of remote customer service and suggestions for adding robot functions as part of joint development under a business alliance agreement. Indy Associates has pursued the essence of communication through avatar robots and added functions based on Casa Robotics’ recommendations to the basic model of the next-generation customer service robot that was originally developed with the aim of pursuing the miniaturization and cost reduction. Millerun, a desktop avatar robot.

With the completion of this mini-mirerun, the mini-mirerun will be placed in the Kumagaya Exhibition Hall (Saitama) and the Tsuchiura Exhibition Hall (Ibaraki), and the Millerun will be placed in the Maebashi Keyaki Exhibition Hall (Gunma) and Utsunomiya Exhibition Hall (Tochigi) In the territory’s four prefectures, it has become possible to experience remote customer service using an avatar robot.

About the future

Casa Robotics and Indy Associates will jointly develop systems and aircraft for the real estate industry while further enhancing their functions to deliver the next generation of remote customer service and the unmanned viewing experience using it at more people. Since Mini Millerun is a hardware specification that can be equipped with AI (artificial intelligence), the AI ​​will be able to handle the initial response of visitors (basic specifications of IKI, concept introduction, etc.) by installing AI in the future, and it We aim to optimize customer experience and labor costs as a “hybrid avatar robot” in which the person in charge of the robot department provides explanations and conversations via a remote control. In the future, Casa Robotics and Indy Associates will consider extending the Mini Millerun-centric remote customer service system to the real estate industry.

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