Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS “Introduction to Robot Programming” for Elementary and Middle Schools Start Recruiting Schools to Host Free Business Travel Classes –Robosta

to share 6 Tweeter 0 To finish 1 As part of its social contribution activities, Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd. offers free on-site courses for elementary and secondary schools, including professional introductions for robotics engineers and communications robot programming experiences. The company has announced that it will begin recruiting schools wishing to hold the … Read more

“Digital Disaster Prevention Exercise” Demonstration Experience Started in April 2022 – NTT Com’s Digital Twin Makes Steady Progress – CNET Japan

CNET Japan held an online conference “CNET Japan Live 2022” for two weeks from February 21 to March 4. The theme is “Innovation created by ‘knowledge gathering’ inside and outside the firm”. It’s an online event made up of a total of 18 programs, with challengers currently working on things like internal business competitions that … Read more

Supermicro Announces SuperBlade, Twin and Ultra Server Product Families Featuring 3rd Generation AMD EPYC(TM) Processors with AMD 3D V-Cache(TM) Technology

AsiaNet 95079Supermicro、AMD 3D Virtual Cache(MC) Equipped with technology Generation 3AMD EPYC(MC) Adopt a processor SuperBlade、Double、UltraServer Product Family Announcement Achieves a breakthrough performance improvement of up to 66% and provides the latest security features SAN JOSE, CA, March 23, 2022 Super Microcomputer, Inc.(Nasdaq: SMCI)Is a global leader in high-performance computing, storage, networking and green computing technologies. … Read more

Virtual Bishoujo Nemu “Metaverse Evolution Theory” obi commentary by VR Society President and note Takayuki Fukatsu –

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) ・Beautiful girl virtual sleepingHowever, the Metaverse manual “metaverse theory of evolution(Technical Review), Professor Osuka, President of the Virtual Reality Society of JapanMieko OsugaAnd note the companyTakayuki FukatsuObi’s comment by M. has been published. Manga artist Yuki Hotate’s cover art has also been lifted. In response to the response, it was decided to … Read more

TechCrunch – Startup and technology news

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in one package. Spotify will halt access to its streaming services in Russia in light of the country’s dramatic new restrictions on free speech. In early March, the Russian parliament enacted a new law t With data … Read more

Global Virtual Reality Headsets Market Report –CNET Japan

On January 9, 2022, we published the research material of “Global Virtual Reality Headset Market Report, Trends and Forecast 2017-2028, Information by Company, Region, Product, Application”. We will explain the market production capacity, production volume, sales volume, sales, price and future trends of Virtual Reality Headsets. Focus on product features, product specifications, prices, sales revenue … Read more