Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Innovators in Science Award from Takeda and the New York Academy of Sciences

Cambridge, Osaka and Massachusetts, April 5, 2022 – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TSE: 4502 / NYSE: TAK Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, hereinafter “Takeda Pharmaceutical”) and The New York Academy of Sciences, Headquarters: New York , NY, USA, hereinafter “NYAS”) is pleased to announce the winners of the “Innovators in Science Award”, the fourth academic award this year. This time, this prize is awarded to innovative and exceptional research that has made great progress in the field of the gastrointestinal tract. The winners will each receive a prize of US$200,000 with unlimited uses.

The 2022 Senior Scientist Award is presented to the Director of the Edison Family Center for Genome Science and Systems Biology and Professor of Honorary Professor Robert J. Graceer of the University of Washington at St. Louis. Presented to Dr. Jeffrey Gordon. Widely known as the “father of gut microbiota research”, Dr. Gordon has taught over 140 doctoral students and postdoctoral research mentors. Physician-led researchers are active as next-generation leaders. Dr. Gordon’s pioneering interdisciplinary studies have revealed significant effects of human gut flora on physiology and metabolism. The preclinical studies conducted by Dr. Gordon provide crucial information on the formation and function of human gut flora and its causal relationship to pathological conditions such as malnutrition. His group has developed a therapeutic diet to improve and promote the growth of gut flora in malnourished children.

Dr Gordon said: “This award is much appreciated for the enthusiasm and expectations of gut microbiota research, and is full of talent who have worked with me to understand how the gut affects our health. I understand that the efforts of students, staff and collaborators have been recognized. »

The 2022 Early-Career Scientist Award is presented to Dr. Elaine Hsiao, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Hsiao has made a groundbreaking discovery about the effects of gut microbiota on the brain and behavior. The results of his research have upended conventional thinking about the causes and treatment of neurological disorders such as autism and epilepsy. Among the many studies that have marked him a lot, in particular the study on the effect of maternal intestinal flora on the development of the fetal brain, intestinal bacteria are implicated in the risk of neurodevelopmental diseases. hypothesis. Dr. Hsiao studies the mechanism by which the bacterial flora affects the endocrine cells that produce serotonin in the intestine and conducts research that will lead to a better understanding of intestinal and neurological disorders.

Dr Hsiao said: “I am very honored to receive the Innovators in Science award as a young researcher. It is a signal that new researchers are welcomed as human resources who will contribute to the development of this field of research. , Sharing the goal of elucidating the interplay between the gut, gut microbiota and the brain, and saluting the discoveries made with the talented and inspiring colleagues who work together in the lab. With this award, I have been able to continue to follow the guidance of science and renewing my desire to gain a deeper understanding of how life works. The research results will be useful to people. I hope so.”

Andrew Plump, President of Research and Development at Takeda Pharmaceutical, said, “Research led by Dr. Gordon and Dr. Hsiao elucidates the role of gut microbiota in disease pathology and understands it in digestive and neurological disorders. . I feel very encouraged that it has led to the creation of meaningful intervention methods for patients with various diseases such as Takeda Pharmaceutical. We support the Innovators in Science Award as a company that appreciates people who continue to expand their opportunities for improvement. “

Dr. Nicholas Dirks, President and CEO of NYAS, said, “We are delighted to be with Takeda in supporting the continued efforts of scientists around the world. The 2022 Innovators in Science Award winners are , Both are advancing medical research to clarify the function of gut bacteria, demonstrating the potential for innovation for patients with gastrointestinal and other disorders. »

The 2022 winners will be honored at the Innovators in Science Award/Symposium in Boston, October 13-14, 2022. Learn more about this event and how to register for the 2022 Innovators in Science Virtual Symposium. Science Award.

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The “Innovators in Science Award” recognizes two studies each year, one for young researchers and the other for the best senior researchers, celebrating their exceptional originality and the impact of their research. In addition, each winner will receive a prize of US$200,000 with no restrictions on use. This award is limited to nominations from universities, academic institutions, governments, non-profit institutions and equivalent institutions worldwide with outstanding scientific achievements, including in neuroscience, gastrointestinal diseases and rare diseases . The awards will be selected from among the most promising young investigators and the most outstanding senior investigators in one of five focus areas: oncology and regenerative medicine. Targeted gastroenterology 2022. Next year we will focus on oncology. Finalists and winners will be selected by a selection committee of experts appointed independently from NYAS. NYAS administers this award in conjunction with Takeda Pharmaceutical.

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