Announcing the Outline of the Final Selection of the 3rd National College of Technology “DCON2022” Deep Learning Competition to Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Technical College System! |Japan Deep Learning Association press release

  • The live cast of the finals will begin at 1:00 p.m. on April 29 (Friday)

Ten teams of technical college students who won the preliminary exam twice will compete in the final round. We will showcase works that use manufacturing technology and deep learning unique to university students, assuming commercialization, and compete with the valuation value of the business.

On site, we will welcome Yutaka Matsuo, professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School, MC Ruriko Kojima, Hyadain music creator, and other judges on stage.

The Last Day Boss will be broadcast live on Nikkei Channel ( and Nico Nico Douga ( Anyone can watch it.

◆ Delivery time:
April 29, 2022 (Friday) 1:00-5:30 p.m. (DCON2022 Final Selection / Awards Ceremony)

◆ How to watch:
The boss of the day will be broadcast live on Nikkei Channel ( and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting (
It’s free and doesn’t require registration, and anyone can watch it.

◆ Performers:

Chairman of the Executive Committee: Yutaka Matsuo
(President, Japan Deep Learning Association / Professor, Graduate School, University of Tokyo)

Ruriko Kojima

music maker
Mr Hyadain

  • About this year’s Final Selection Team

The 10 teams that will take part in this year’s final are as follows.

  • [一関工業高等専門学校] Team name: Team MJ Title: “D-walk”
  • [沼津工業高等専門学校] Team Name: NagAI Title: “IZanAI”
  • [豊田工業高等専門学校] Team name: Hayasaka / Ohata Lab Title: “Health resilience system that visualizes the risk of heat stroke”
  • [鳥羽商船高等専門学校] Team name: ezaki-lab Title: “seenet”
  • [明石工業高等専門学校] Team Name: Akashi Intelligence Title: “R☆AI☆NNER”
  • [大島商船高等専門学校] Team name: Oshima Shosen Agricultural Support Study Group Title: “New Smart Gathering”
  • [香川高等専門学校 詫間キャンパス] Team Name: Tutelary Title: “Health Monitoring System”
  • [香川高等専門学校 詫間キャンパス] Team name: Kongoru? Book Title: “Kondoru? – Traffic Jam Information Receiving System”
  • [佐世保工業高等専門学校] Team Name: Iha_labo Job Title: “Otode Miru ~ Forest Observation System Using Sound Analysis Technology”
  • [沖縄工業高等専門学校] Team name: Churaumi Petrilers Title: “Pontos”

▼ Click here for details on the final team

In the final round, each team will work to refine their business plan under the guidance of advisors who guide the development of work and mentors who are entrepreneurs, and challenge the presentation in the final round.

During the final selection, in addition to the technical review by the technical auditor, the final work will be presented by the auditor whose business plan is an active investor. Awards and rankings are determined by the company’s valuation value, which incorporates technology and business valuations.

Three companies have already been created from the teams that participated in the past, and entrepreneurs based on their ideas have also been born. Please look forward to this year’s participating teams!

  • Preview of the 3rd National College of Technology Deep Learning Competition (DCON2022) commemorating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the technical college system

(*Person name and company name are listed in alphabetical order)

This year, DCON won the “4th Japan Open Innovation Awards Selection Committee Special Award”!

◆ Schedule
Registration deadline / Thursday, September 30, 2021
Announcement of the results of the first screening / Friday, October 15, 2021
Secondary exam submission deadline / Friday 14 January 2022
Announcement of the results of the second screening / January 31, 2022 (Monday)
Final Judging (Final Selection Technical Judging) / Thursday April 28, 2022
Final screening (final selection) / April 29, 2022 (Friday)

◆ Summary:
This is a competition in which technical college students create works that use the “manufacturing technology” and “deep learning” they have cultivated daily, and compete for “commercial potential”. created by these works to the business appraisal value.

◆ Organizer:
Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA)

◆ Co-sponsored:
Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Operation:
DCON Executive Committee

◆ Backup:
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, National College of Technology, NHK

◆ Special sponsorship:
Aing Co., Ltd., Western Digital, AGC Co., Ltd., NEC Solution Innovators Co., Ltd., QUICK Co., Ltd., KDDI Corporation, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Marui Group Co., Ltd . .

◆ Sponsor:
Iris Ohyama Co., Ltd., Cognivision Co., Ltd., SoftBank Corp., Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Co., Ltd., Macnica, Inc.

◆ Cooperation:
ISGS Investment Works Co., Ltd., ABEJA Co., Ltd., 17LIVE Inc., Management Co-creation Infrastructure Co., Ltd., Co., Ltd., Sakura Internet Co., Ltd., Shiftall Co . ., Ltd., Co., Ltd., Deep Core Co., Ltd., Edge, University of Tokyo Capital Partners (UTEC), Neural Pocket Co., Ltd., Fujisoft Co., Ltd., Fuller Co. ., Ltd., Brainpad Co., Ltd., Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Liaro Co., Ltd., RABO, Inc.

◆ Judge
Tofuku Kawakami (General Manager, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.)
Tomotaka Goji (President and CEO of University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC))
Makiko Sato (Director/Partner Representative of iSGS Investment Works, Inc.)
Katsumasa Niki (President and CEO of Deepcore Inc.)
Masanao Matsumoto (WiL, LLC Co-Founder / General Partner)
[Juge technique]
Yutaka Matsuo (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)
Tetsuya Ogata (Professor, Department of Expression Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University/Specific Fellow, Artificial Intelligence Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

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<À propos de l'Association japonaise d'apprentissage en profondeur>
The Japan Deep Learning Association was established with the aim of linking deep learning technology with Japan’s industrial competitiveness, focusing on companies whose business is deep learning. For the healthy development of the industry, such as the promotion of industrial utilization, the development of human resources, proposals to public institutions and industries, international cooperation, dialogue with society, etc., carried out by enterprises and experts whose business is deep learning. necessary activities.

Creation date: June 1, 2017
Location: 1-1-1, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Sumitomo Realty & Development Onarimon Tower 9F
Chair: Yutaka Matsuo (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)

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