AMD USB4 Host electrical test availability notice with the cooperation of Allion, AMD and Kandou:

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・ AMD USB4 Host electrical test is now available with the cooperation of Allion, AMD and Kandou.
・ Summary of Electrical Testing Precautions for AMD USB4 Host Platform

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Allion Labs, the corporate headquarters of Allion Japan Inc. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Hideaki Nakayama, hereinafter referred to as “Allion”), which provides comprehensive third-party verification solutions for certification testing by third party, quality verification, and consulting. Inc. (Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan, CEO: Summer Chien) is Advanced Micro Devices (US Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, President and CEO: Lisa Sue), a leader in today’s computing industry standards. In collaboration with AMD ), an innovative semiconductor manufacturer, Kandou Bus SA (Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland, President and CEO: Amin Shokrollahi, hereinafter Kandou), we have started today to offer electrical tests for the AMD USB4 Host platform.

USB standards are becoming faster and more complex, and USB certification testing requirements are increasing accordingly. Allion worked with AMD, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, and Kandou, a Re-timer equipment supplier, to provide electrical testing for the AMD USB4 host platform right from the development stage. Based on our know-how and experience, in electrical testing, we need to pay attention to such things as USB4 ETT parameter settings and control PC settings on AMD USB4 Host platform. Not only does this affect the communication between the microcontroller and the AMD USB4 Host platform, but it is also a major factor in passing the USB4 electrical test.

The public version of the AMD USB4 Host platform has undergone an electrical test of USB4 and passed all test items.

Figure: AMD USB4 Host Platform Test Results (Partial) Allion is Thunderbolt(TM) Certified Test
As an accredited Thunderbolt™ test institute, Allion also tests Thunderbolt™ 40.6GT/s and 20.6GT/s electrical signals for EV (electrical verification) testing, as well as 40GT/s and 20GT/s USB4 testing. We also provide services. Allion, which has accumulated experience in the field of certification and verification for more than 30 years since its inception, will continue to support its customers in obtaining Thunderbolt certification.

If you are interested in electrical testing for AMD USB4 host platform, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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AMD Insight

AMD has been revolutionizing high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies for more than 50 years. AMD technology is leveraged by billions of consumers, Fortune 500 companies and leading research institutions around the world to change people’s lives, jobs, learning and the way they play. Rooted in a culture of innovation, AMD employees develop adaptable, high-performance products that push the limits of their potential.

Company Name: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. ((Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.))
Address: 2485 Augustine Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Representative: Lisa Su
Created: May 1, 1969


Founded in 2011, Kandou is an innovative leader in fast and energy-efficient chip-to-chip bonding solutions and is integral to the development of the electronics industry. Kandou enables a superior connected world by providing cutting-edge technology through IP solution licenses and standard products to enable smaller, energy-efficient and cost-effective electronic devices.

Company name: Kandou Bus SA.
Address: EPFL Innovation Park, Building I, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Representative: Amin Shokrollahi
Creation: 2011

Introducing Arion Co., Ltd.

Since its inception, Allion has focused on certification and verification, including IT and appliances. It has been certified as an official lab by USB-IF and has many USB-related certification records such as Type-C and USB2.0/3.2 in addition to USB PD. We also offer various certification tests such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Allion can perform the necessary logo certification. While keeping up with the latest technology trends, we offer the best quality improvement and development support services in the industry.

Company name: Arion Co., Ltd.
Address: Head Office: Sumitomo Realty & Development Takanawa Park Tower 1F, 3-20-14 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Test Center: Tokyo SRC Building B 4th Floor, 1-1-1 Katushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0012
Representative: Hideaki Nakayama
Created: April 2002

Commercial content:
● Provide comprehensive third-party verification solution
● Various logo certification tests for companies and standards organizations (USB, HDMI, HDR10+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZETA, etc.)
● Quality assurance testing and related information services for all hardware and software products
● Development and sale of verification tools related to product development and quality assurance

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