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Creation of a business group specializing in Accenture and Metaverse to promote an experience that combines real and virtual

[De New York : 16 mars 2022]
Accenture (NYSE: ACN) released the latest global technology trends research report, Accenture Technology Vision 2022. In “Technology Vision 2022”, the metaverse is pervasive in the digitalized society, lifestyle and business model , and the business and organizational management mode and the way of connecting with customers are recreated.

This report, titled “Meet Me in the Metaverse: The Continuum of Technology and Experience Reshaping Business,” is augmented reality, blockchain, and digital twins. As technologies such as edge computing change the way people live, businesses are beginning to compete for a future that is completely different from traditional business plans.

Accenture has created a new organization, the Accenture Metaverse Continium Business Group, to support business growth in this competitive environment. The business group includes Paul Daugherty, Group Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of Accenture, and David Droga, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Chairman of Accenture Interactive.

Paul Dorty of Accenture said, “The rise of the next-generation Internet called the Metaverse will accelerate the flow of digital transformation to an unprecedented scale and dramatically change our lives and work styles. At Accenture, unlike the general metaverse in a narrow sense, we see the metaverse as a technology that is pervasive in society. If companies do not act now, they will be forced to compete in the business environment that other companies have created for themselves.”

Accenture surveyed more than 4,600 business and IT executives from 23 industries in 35 countries, including Japan, to create Technology Vision 2022. Suddenly, at this point, who is at the dawn of the Metaverse , 71% of respondents answered that “the Metaverse has a positive impact on the company” and 42% “the Metaverse is disruptive or innovative”. He will be. “

Accenture’s David Droga said, “Accenture has 600 Metaverse patents and over 10 years of experience in providing advanced Metaverse services. The new business group will offer Metaverse and Accenture Interactive. By combining the power of creativity that we have, and collaborating with talented people to create innovation and creativity, we will create new applications in a world where the metaverse is omnipresent.”

Accenture operates its own metaverse, the Nth Floor, which is used for new employee orientation, immersive training, team meetings, and socializing. This year, more than 150,000 new employees are expected to work on the metaverse on their first day at the company.

Paul Dorty of Accenture adds: “As the line between real and virtual in our lives becomes increasingly blurred, for enterprises, the reliability and durability of the Metaverse, the security of people, privacy, access and responsible use, diversity, etc. Building a responsible metaverse while addressing these challenges is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Actions and choices today will drive future growth.”

“Technology Vision 2022” outlines four technology trends that companies need to keep in mind in this business environment.

・WebMe ―― “I” in the Metaverse
(WebMe: put the me in the metaverse)

As companies develop strategies based on current Internet technology, platform interoperability and data portability in the digital world are not always sufficient. But with the Metaverse and Web3, the Internet is changing shape. Metaverse is not a collection of different sites and apps, but a cohesive 3D space that lets you move from place to place as easily as walking from room to room. In this survey, 95% of business executives and IT managers said, “Future digital platforms must provide a consistent experience and enable customer data interoperability across different platforms and spaces.” ..

・ Programmable World ――Customize the world
(Programmable world: Our planet, personalized)

As emerging technologies such as 5G, ambient computing (computers that blend into the environment), augmented reality and smart materials (smart materials) evolve, the digital environment will become increasingly woven into the real world. In such an environment, people will not only change the way they connect to the world and its content, but they will also renew their senses, their ways of interacting and controlling them. In this survey, 92% of respondents said, “As advanced enterprises break down the barriers of the virtual world and bring it closer to reality, the need for consistency between the virtual world and the real world will increase.”

・ Unreal ――Artificially creating a real world
(The unreal: making synthetic, authentic)

Businesses and industries are further encouraging the use of AI (artificial intelligence) generated data that mirrors the real world. As businesses and consumers worry about whether their content, algorithms, and brands themselves are believable and authentic rather than real or fake, the use of AI is more relevant than ever. Leaders must prepare now for the unreal world of non-existence becomes a reality. In this survey, 96% have already answered that they are “working on the source of data and evidence of real use of AI”.

・ Computing that makes the impossible possible ――New machines open up possibilities
(Computing the Impossible: New Machines, New Possibilities)

With the rise of new machines, the limits of the capabilities of IT solutions are expanding in various industries. Techniques such as quantum computing and biology-based computing have allowed companies to solve difficult problems where traditional computing was not at all cost-effective or efficient. Competition, value creation and collaboration will change dramatically as what was a big initiative becomes a mundane task. In this survey, 94% said that leveraging next-generation computing to solve seemingly esoteric problems determines long-term success.

Foresighted companies are beginning to compete in the ubiquitous metaverse, in the face of today’s market uncertainty. For example, Mars, a major US food company, is working with Microsoft and Accenture to use digital twins, one of the cornerstones of the metaverse, to reduce waste, speed up and increase capacity in operations and supply. do through the chain. Mars is now extending these efforts to product development, with digital simulations that incorporate variables such as weather and disasters for deeper visualization from origin to consumption.

Accenture has spent 22 years systematically examining all areas of the company’s business to identify evolving technology trends that are disrupting business and industry. For more information on this year’s report, visit or search for the #TechVision hashtag on Twitter to follow the thread.

About the survey method
This survey is based on findings gathered from Technology Vision’s External Advisory Board, which consists of more than 25 experts from public institutions, private companies, research institutes, venture capital firms and corporations. venture capital. .. The Technology Vision compilation team also interviewed technology experts, industry experts and Accenture executives. At the same time, Accenture Research surveyed 24,000 consumers worldwide and 4,650 senior managers and executives from 23 industries in 35 countries, including Japan.

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