A must-have for anyone thinking about next-generation financial services! A superb speaker for the opening speech of “Finance x Latest Technology EXPO ONLINE” has been chosen! |DMM Online Exhibition Press Release

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■ The opening speech “Finance x Latest Technology EXPO ONLINE” has been decided!

“Finance x Latest Technology EXPO ONLINE” will feature webinars by top industry runners on the latest FinTech-centric technologies in the financial industry. If you are interested in next generation financial services, please take this opportunity.

① “Now for the financial innovation that FinTech sages talk about”
March 30 (water) 10:00~

Chairman of the Fintech Association of Japan / Director representing Nudge Inc.
Takashi Okita
While attending Hitotsubashi University, he launched a Japanese subsidiary of CyberCash, Inc. of the United States, and served as its CEO until 2015. In 2016, he became a representative director of SBI Ripple Asia Co. ., ltd. He was also an executive of Ripple Inc. of the United States and tokopedia Inc. of Indonesia.

(2) “The revolutionary era of the financial ecosystem – What is the strategy of the banking and insurance sector?”
March 31 (Thursday) 10:00 ~

Senior Managing Director, Seven Bank, Ltd.
Masaaki Matsuhashi
An IT Enterprise Architect who promotes data usage and enterprise reforms in addition to service development and systems development. After establishing the convenience store ATM business, we are promoting new services such as smartphone ATM transactions and 10-minute account opening, as well as startup collaboration. Introduce a new service approach that makes full use of technology, such as administrative services and ATM authentication services.

President of Rakuten General Insurance Co., Ltd.
Hasitani Yuzo
After working as President of American Home Assurance, joined Rakuten, Inc. (currently Rakuten Group, Inc.) in 2015. Served as President of Rakuten Life Insurance Company. Currently Chairman of Rakuten Insurance Holdings and Chairman of Rakuten General Insurance.

③ “Great liberation of financial services! The era of integrated finance has arrived”
April 1 (gold) 10:00 ~

President and CEO of Infucurion Co., Ltd.
Managing Director of the Fintech Association of Japan
Mr Hiroki Maruyama
After graduating from Keio University, after working for JCB Co., Ltd., founded Infucurion in 2006. In 2015, he established the Fintech Association of Japan and became Chairman of the Board ( currently Managing Director). In 2018, he became a director of the Cashless Promotion Council.

Each conference moderator:
Nikkei BP Nikkei FinTech Managing Editor Kazushi Okabe

■ Many exhibitor seminars will be given!
You can gain insights that lead to new business advice using new financial services, DX accounting finance, and blockchain.

Infucurion Co., Ltd./CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd./Credify LLC / DONUTS Co., Ltd./HashPort Co., Ltd./Money Forward Kessai Co., Ltd./RACCOON FINANCIAL Co., Ltd./ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd./…

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Event Name: Finance x Latest Technology ONLINE EXPO
Date: March 30 (Wednesday) – April 1 (Friday) 2022
Location: Fully Online
Cost: Free visit
Seminar (special seminar) cooperation: Nikkei TV University of Tokyo https://www.youtube.com/c/keizailabo
URL: https://exhibition.showbooth.dmm.com/events/fintech2203/

Bringing together payment, finance, blockchain and fintech technologies

With the spread of computing, the use of FinTech and the DX of finance is accelerating. “Payment”, “remittance” and “asset management”, which are closely related to consumers, have become even more convenient, and “funding/investment” and “accounting/finance” are becoming more automated and smarter through the power of computing. and AI… And with the advent of virtual currencies and tokens substitutable for the evolution of the blockchain, finance itself is about to enter a new era.

This exposure is now a hot topic such as “Settlement/Remittance”, “Asset Management”, “Lending/Investment”, “Accounting/Finance”, “InsurTech”, blockchain and virtual currencies and tokens using them. It is an exhibition where FinTech blockchain products and technologies are gathered. Please come to this exhibition where you can get the latest information on finance and currencies which are undergoing major changes at a time.

・ I want to know the latest information on FinTech and blockchain
・ Finding a partner to collaborate with our service
・ Consider DX conversion of financial activities
・ I want to integrate financial services into my business

Financial institution
Bank / Securities / Insurance / Non-Banking / Credit Card / Asset Management / Investment / Other Financial Services
Retail/Communication/IT/EC etc. Site Application Providers.
Company accounting and financial staff
Those who are interested in the application of blockchain technology

Communication / IT / Manufacturing / Manufacturer / Retail / Social Infrastructure / Logistics / General Contractors / Security / Medical / Welfare / Media / Gaming / Energy / Government / Local Government

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